Yang ni, contoh refleksi subjek Bahasa Inggeris.

12 students were able to answer the questions correctly. Others reread,
re-check and re-do the questions

32 students had to be guided and explained thoroughly in order to
complete the task.

18 students were able to answer the questions and list out the points
needed. Lesson to be continued.

Students are able to take part in the conversation conducted in the class and respond to the questions
asked by the teacher.

Students are able to read and understand the text and answered all the questions given correctly.

Students are able to achieve the objectives of today’s lesson.

This lesson was completed. More than half of the students could not identify the errors in question 1.
However, question 2 was quite easy for them as they could identify the correct answers from the given
text. More exercises will be done in this class for these two kinds of questions.

This lesson was not complete. The teacher could not give any notes yet as she used a lot of time
reading important parts in the short story to the students and making them understanding the main
characters’ problems. This will be continued on Tuesday.

This lesson was not completed. The teacher found out that more than half of the
students have not completed their synopsis. Hence, they were told to use the one
period to work on their synopsis before the teacher can show them a sample synopsis.
This lesson will be carried out on Tuesday.

This lesson was not completed yet. The reason for this is the Form 3 block was in total blackout and
the classroom was dark. The teacher could not write anything on the blackboard. This lesson will be
continued on the following Tuesday. Nevertheless, the teacher commented on some of the essays that
she has marked.

This lesson was not thoroughly completed. The reason is the teacher did not have enough time to
write the sample essay on the board. The students will have to take it down again during Thursday
lesson. From the teacher’s observation of students’ work, almost all of them attempted the question
and had submitted their essays. Most of them were able to illustrate what happens in the novel from
the beginning to the end.

This lesson was completed. The students mastered the given exercises. They were able to correct
errors in the given short texts. However, they need not identify any errors as this has been simplified.
They will answer a simplified text where the errors have already been identified for them.

This lesson was not completed. The teacher has decided to do revision on the poem,

Most of the students could not correct the errors that the teacher has identified for them. Revision was conducted well. . This lesson was completed. The sample essay was given to them. This lesson was completed. Most of them could give the correct answers.“Mr. Once this was done. the teacher moved on to do revision on comprehension questions and 50-word essay (question 4) of the PT3 English paper. This exercise proved to be the most difficult after essay writing for these students. The comprehension questions were easy for them but they seem to need another revision on the 50-word essay. The students were given 10 comprehension questions to answer. This lesson was completed. Students were taught how to identify answers from a text using contextual clues and also to simplify sentences for the 50-word essay. Nobody”.