Morning Basket (Fall 2016

Daily Loop
 Prayer (Draw card, take turns praying  Joy prayer card printables
for items suggested on card)
 Songs/ hymns  Song printables/hymn 
 Family nature calendar ­ Each person book
tells something noticed the day before/on  Family nature calendar; 
morning walk in nature. pen
 Poem
 Books of Bible bookshelf 
 Recitation (Use cards made for phonics
chants for recitation.) printable
 Books of the Bible intro & bookshelf
(Intro one new book of the Bible
w/summary, kids hang book printable up
or add to paper chain)

Da Materials

Supplies Hymn book as needed Memory verse printout Hymns/music player Bible memory verse Lunch Snack Loop  Composer: Read from a living book introducing the life of a composer. .story  Worship songs/hymns: Sing one review song.  Poetry: Each person chooses one poem to read from his selection. Fairy/ folk tales  Fairy/folk tales: Uncle Remus. Sketch/ Picture study/ art cut out picture & add composer to timeline. Grimm.  *Alternate playing composer/classical music.) needed  Folksong: Listen to several versions. play hymns in background while eating. etc. Add Poetry nursery rhymes/ Mother Goose for Josiah. (See suggested list of which Composer intro as stories to read for younger kids. AO schedule . hymns and folksongs during snack time.Breakfast    Sing "This is the Day" and/or "Rise and Shine" Bible Loop  Pray AO schedule . Listen to recommended pieces and Folksong works from the composer throughout day.reading  Bible/devotion (Occasionally Toddlers' Devotion book) (  Bible memory verse (one currently working on)  *For rest of breakfast. Spanish.

Recommended Uncle Remus stories for pre­k: Uncle Remus Initiates the Little Boy Wonderful Tar­Baby Story Why Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Fox Story of the Deluge Mr. Rabbit Grossly Deceives Mr. Bear How Mr. Rabbit Bags the Game Old Mr. Rabbit was Too Sharp for Mr. Possum Loves Peace How Mr. Fox is Again Victimized Mr. Rabbit Finds His Match at Last Mr. Rabbit Meets His Match Again Mr. Rabbit. He’s a Good Fisherman Mr. Rabbit’s Astonishing Prank The Story of the Pigs How Mr. Fox Goes a­Hunting But Mr. Fox Failed to Get His Grapes . Fox and Miss Goose Mr. Rabbit Lost His Fine Bushy Tail Mr. Fox Mr. Fox Tackles Old Man Tarrypin Mr.