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(Farming System)

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Ms. Joanna Mae C. Vallesta

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Mr. Deony S. Marino, MS
Subject Professor

Barbarona decided to have a restaurant named “Ronron Restaurant” which they get meat on their own farm. Although there is a limited answer given. He is the owner of the FMB Farm. the caretaker of their business. they also have a barbecue stand in Brgy. Daganas. Yannie Barbarona. Felix M. they also have a gasoline station “The Eon” and an ice plant as part of their business. Barbarona is a native from Bohol. perseverance . Catarman Northern Samar with the owner of the FMB Farm but unfortunately. Yannie Barbarona. its exactly thirty-two (32) years from now. Mr. Catarman.000) heads of chicken broiler six thousand minimum of they produce of eggs everyday and two hundred (200) sow level heads of pigs. was the one who answers the question in the interview.INTRODUCTION Mr. Old Rizal. He remembered before when they start the business a year in 1984 to this present year. After a few hours of interrogation. when they have enough money to make a big business and at the same time manage their family business. they started a small business farm with a twenty-five (25) heads of broiler chicken and two (2) heads of pigs. Before. Northern Samar. he is very busy so that his younger brother Mr. continuing their poultry and piggery farm makes him proud and happy to all the achievements of his brother Mr. Later on. he also let us to see and take pictures of their farm. passion and love to his business. they are now raising up to one hundred thousand (100. . was succeeding in his poultry and piggery farming. we enjoy the warm welcome and accompany of their workers to tour us and give some information. According to Mr. Felix Barbarona with his hard work. Aside from that. From the twenty-five (25) heads of broiler chicken. He let us know the history of their business and the questions needed to be answered in the interview. I. and together with my co-classmates conducted an interview in Brgy.

2 On leading and relating with people/community  They accepting sponsorship and community sharing and lectures from different farm businesses like them related to chicken and piggery farm production. or eggs of a chicken) and heads of pigs within Northern Samar.00 each. . Felix M. Old Rizal. Yannie M.  The FMB Farm has a total land area of 8.3 On improving farmer’s welfare and the rewards  Mr. Key Insights Gained/ Lessons Learned II.  The FMB Farm is a family business owned by Mr. II. dressed.I.  They also sell an ice block/ cube for ₱300. Northern Samar. Barbarona said that they have no project funding involved. Barbarona has a gasoline station named “Eon” located in Brgy.3 Project Funding  Mr. Catarman.1 On building and sustaining partnerships  There’s no partnership or any assistance from the government.  Awards for Participation. II. Northern Samar.  Mr.  There are no other details. Catarman.  For more inquiries.1 Contact Person/ Details  Mr.000 sq. Barbarona is a college graduate.4 Services  The FMB Farm sells different types of chicken (broiler. Old Rizal.2 Training/ Non-Degree  He does not undergo training or any activities on considering in the farm. I. I. He based for the daily practices and learning in chicken and pig production. I. (No other specific details)  Their farm is located at Brgy. II.  There are no other details. m. Barbarona received some plaque and certificate of appreciation. you can contact him on this number 09176020607. Felix M. The main source of fund is from the owners/ family money. Barbarona and their profit will come to the needs and all expenses of the family. List of Available Opportunities and Services I.

Three New/Useful Information Gained III. II.6 On championing agriculture  They used techniques and new technologies to maximize the number of heads of their chicken and pigs and to produce and raise more for their production. II. III.5 On improving one’s competence  He manages his time and money very well. II. a chicken is best grow when it is in cold temperature. II. II.7 On handling failures/ disappointments  Mr.  There are no other details.  There are no other details.  He makes sure that all the activities of the workers are reported and must update.  He makes sure that there is a cooperation and teamwork among their workers.8 On problems in extension that must be seriously address  There are no extension workers visiting on their farm. Barbarona said that the most unforgettable failures and disappointments that they encountered is when the typhoon Nona “washed away” all.”  When there is a high percentage of mortality of both chicken and pigs. They have to start a new and have lawns to recover and build it again.  He is one of the suppliers of the Bounty Fresh for he gets a dressed chicken and sells it again to the market or used the meat as food in their restaurant. including their house and farm.  There are no other details.4 On work values  Mr.1 The chick is best grow when it is in heat temperature however.  There are no other details. he said that they improved and so much care them to avoid a high range of mortality rate.  When he sees that a worker is industrious and doing right in his/her jobs. vaccine and take of medicine are applied in the chicken and pigs. “A total disaster after the calamity. III. he gives some incentives to that worker like a cash and full package roundtrip back to their place in Bohol and sometimes a long vacation. .2 The chicken will be healthy if a proper temperature. Barbarona was very strict in handling business but he is so kind-hearted and down to earth person.

he becomes success in Agriculture as a business.1 On Agriculture as a business enterprise  The family of Mr. III. perseverance and support of his family. One of these is the plucker machine on which it helps to easily remove the feathers of the chicken. Barbarona starts a small farm in Brgy. He inspires us to engage into the world of agricultural business.  They have 12-15 trucks used in delivering products in different places in Northern Samar. Barbarona uses different technologies in raising poultry and piggery farm.  With all his hard work. And a carbonized rice hulls as the beds of the chicken to maintain the heat temperature of the chicken. he continued to serve other people until he became the owner and boss of his farm and restaurant.3 Mr. IV.2 On Production technology  He said that they mixed the “iti” of the chicken to the commercialized feeds as a source of food of the chicken and pigs. IV.  From having a small farm into become a large farm with a restaurant.  They have a digital weight machine to measure the weight of an object especially of the pig. Key Insights Gained/ Lessons Learned IV. Barbarona said that you have to work hard and have passion and love on your work to be able to achieve your dreams on business and also help others who want to be like on your direction. iceplant and gasoline station. As he exposed his life and has skills in farming on Agriculture.  Mr. . Daganas and having a small barbecue stand.