Distributed System

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Jenree Robert S. Pangan


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Prof. Rex Jason Cortez

It also makes information dissemination easier. . . World Wide Web (WWW) is the largest example of a Distributed System Features of a Distributed System . Price/performance ratio is much better. Compared to other network models. A distributed system allows resource sharing. . Goals of a Distributed System Resource Sharing . . The systems can be spread across different geographies. . . including software by systems connected to the network at the same time. . Components in the system are concurrent. A network of autonomous computers that are linked together to form one large system. The components could be multiple but will generally be autonomous in nature. .Distributed System . A global clock is not required in a distributed system. Alternatively called Distributed Computing. It is a piece of software that ensures that: a collection of independent computers appears to its users as a single coherent system. . it is easier for users to access remote resources and to share resources with other users. there is greater fault tolerance in a distributed model. With Distrubuted Systems.

Reliability . concurrency. Making the network easier to configure and modify. relocation. Distributed systems should be scalable with respect to geography. Compared to a single system. access.Transparency . Scalability . Performance . There is a possibility that several clients will attempt to access a shared resource at the same time. Compared to other models. failure. a distributed system should be highly capable of being secure. administration or size. consistent and have a high capability of masking errors. Concurrency . distributed models are expected to give a much-wanted boost to performance. persistence and resources to the users. Achieving the image of a single system image without concealing the details of the location. migration. Openness . .

. . Types of Distributed System Distributed Computing System . . A type of Distributed System which aims to disseminate information across several servers. Security is a big challenge in a distributed environment. Challenges for Distributed Systems . Coordination and resource sharing can be difficult if proper protocols or policies are not in place. . Here. Any object that represents a shared resource in a distributed system must be responsible for ensuring that operates correctly in a concurrent environment. Fault tolerance could be tough when the distributed model is built based on unreliable components. A type of Distributed System which aims to manage high performance computing tasks. Process knowledge should be put in place for the administrators and users of the distributed model. Distributed Information System . remote processes called clients access the server to manipulate information. . . especially when using public networks.

Distributed Pervasive System . wireless surveillance cams.) − These systems characterized by their “instability” when compared to more “traditional” distributed systems . wireless. Often associated with transaction systems like banks. portable ECG monitors. battery-powered devices (PDA’s. . Rent-a-Car. sensors. etc. These are the distributed systems involving mobile and embedded computer devices like Small. travel agencies. etc. smart phones.