The target for “PENETRATION” is 40 people consist of pregnant and reproductive

age women in Penggalon Lor, Genuk, Semarang, which have 5 case of maternal death.
(Source : Semarang Health Profile 2014). Pregnant and reproductive age women in
Penggalon Lor lack are still lacking knowledge about ANC schedule, evaluation and health
care in it. (Source : RSD CIMSA UNISSULA).

Before intervened, our Research Supporting Director Team (RSD Team CIMSA
UNSSULA) gave questionnaries to 40 respondents (pregnant women in Penggalon Lor,
Genuk, Semarang). This questionnaries consist of 27 question about ANC, how people think
and respond to public health care program and counseling especially ANC. This process,
distribution and filling out the questionnaries, was approved by local officer and help by local
people in each area. This questionnaries then processed by RSD Team CIMSA UNISSULA
and became the background for CIMSA UNISULLA to do “PENETRATION” project.

These are the result for questionnaries of people in Penggalon Lor, Genuk, Semarang.
There are a lot of women who is not familiar with ANC schedule. 90% of respondents (36
Pople) said that ANC perfomed at 0-3 month old pregnancy and 10% (4 people) said ANC
performed at 4-6 month old pregnancy. 67% of respondentsunderstand ANC perform at least
4 times during pregnancy, 33% know ANC done less than 4 times. 90% of respondents said
ANC performed once in every month, eventhough according to national guidline ANC
performed at least once in the first trisemester, once in the second trisemester and twice in the
third trisemester of pregnancy. Another concern of these result, those women did not know
what kind of evaluation and health care they should get in ANC. Many women did not
undesrtand what is tetanus toxoid and its function which is on of the component of ANC. As
for the idea of public counseling, women in Penggalon Lor like the idea of public counseling
and are grateful for that, but they give some suggestion for the public counselling such as
picture or props and question and answer session. We can conclude that people in Penggalon
Lor know the benefit of ANC but they need some more understanding about the ANC

Women and children are need to be prioritized for health care because they are
sensitive to the family and environtment condition/issue in general. That is why medical
examination for children and women are important. Other than that one person health
condition can affect other family member health condition and one person immunity affect
community immunity/ herd immunity. Neonates that have a good medical examinationand

which is member can understand more about one of SCORA field. vital sign examination.exclusive breat feeding. weight and height measurement. . orginizing committe consist of SCORA member and SCO. Member who accompany midwife can have extra experience to do pregnancy examination. Children and maternal health is one of the most important issue for the country development and also an improvement for better human resources in the future. in “PENETRATION” we can apply the theory that we got in class. Also as a medical student. 6 month full breast feeding without giving any other food to the baby. Member also improve their organizing skill and have an experience in orginize a community development project. This will prevent communicable diseases in that area. Member did antenatal care consits of pregnancy anamnesis. maternal health. Member can learn how to interact with a community through antenatal care. fundal height measurement and fetal heart examination. CIMSA UNISSULA has gain a benefit from “PENETRATION” project. will provide a great immunity. Other than fulfilling target. Healthy mother and children is needed for building a healthy generation and strong country.