Soal Latihan UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

1. Teacher : Would you help me move this cupboard?
Seno : All right.

What does Seno mean?
a. He agrees to help the teacher
b. He refuses to help the teacher
c. He cannot move the cupboard.
d. He wants the teacher to help him.

2. Wati : You look cute with your new hair cut.
Manto: Thank you for saying so.

What does Wati mean?
a. She congratulates Manto.
b. She compliments Manto.
c. She does not like Manto’s new hair cut.
d. She wants to have a new hair cut.

3.Teacher : Congratulations on winning the Physics
Siti : ….
What will Siti probably say?

a. Thank you.
b. agree with you.
c. I don’t think so.
d. That’s not true.

4. Manto : I think all animals in the zoo should be locked up
in cages.
Wati : I don’t think so.

What does Wati mean?
a. She agrees with Manto’s opinion.
b. She disagrees with Manto’s opinion.
c. She thinks that all animals should be locked up in cages.
d. She thinks that all animals should have cages.

5.Anto: Will you come to my birthday party tomorrow?
Farid : I’d love to.

What does Anto mean?
a. He asks Farid to come to his birthday party.
b. He will have a birthday party.
c. He will go to the party.
d. He will not go to the party.

6.Anto : What do you think about our new teacher?
Wati : I think he is very talkactive

What does Wati mean?

a. She thinks that their new teacher is very active.
b. She thinks that their new teacher is very attractive.
c. She thinks that their new teacher needs to talk much.
d. She thinks that their new teacher talks too much.

7. Anto I heard you bought a new red car yesterday.

Susanto: That’s not true. I just repainted my old car.

What does Susanto mean?
a. He did not buy a new car.
b. He bought a new red car.
c. He did not like a red car.
d. He sold his old car.

Text 1
Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo is the major zoo in Australia. It is located in
Sydney, New South Wales. It occupies a 33-hectare location.
The name “taronga” is an Aboriginal name. It means “water
The Zoo has Australia’s finest collection of native Australian
animals and many exotic species. It has kangaroos,
wallabies, and koalas. Those animals can be seen from a
close distance. There are platypuses,echidnas, and New
Zealand kiwis in the Nocturnal House. There are also gorillas
in the new Gorilla Tropical Forest. All animals in the zoo are

Which of the following words is the synonym of “major”? a. Ordinary. It is located in New York. As a result. © 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation) 8.Which of the following statements is true according to the text? a. d. 10. conservation. Secondary..kept very well. The animals in Taronga Zoo cannot be seen in a close distance. Australia. c. b. c. Inferior. d. It also offers a range of educational and special interest tours. The name “taronga” is aboriginal for “water view”. It is located in New Zealand. I went there to visit Australian Volunteer English teachers in Maumere. In New Zealand.Where in Taronga Zoo can you find New Zealand kiwis? a. They are kept in the environment that is like their natural habitat. Significant. and education. c. d. It is located in the Aboriginal site. I also enjoyed the beauty of the island. (Adapted from: Microsoft ®Encarta ® 2006. b. 9. Ende and Bajawa. d. In the Nocturnal House. b. Taronga Zoo is the only zoo in Australia. b. In the south of the zoo. Taronga is usually used as a site for scientific research. . In the Tropical Forest. c.Where is Taronga Zoo located? a. Taronga Zoo only has native Australian animals. It is located in Sydney. 11. Text 2 My Holiday in Flores I went to Flores last month.

Where did the writer go on his first day? a. a. We woke up at 4 am to see the three different coloured lakes at dawn. I traveled to Ende to meet Sharon Kidman. We visited a new junior high school there. No. Ende has a great market with a lovely selection of traditional woven ikat cloth. My final trip was to Bajawa. I disagree d.I started my first day in Maumere with Jo Keating.The mountain village. b. d. He always gets the best mark. Yes 14. It was a very cold place. thanks b.Fredy: May I help you carry those books? Sanusi: …. I can do it myself. Yet my trip was fun and memorable. we took an amazing journey over the mountains to the south coast. I went there with Ginny Edwards.Tantri : What a clever boy! Do you agree with me? Andi : …. I don’t think so b. It is a small town high in the mountains. Sure c. It is a mountain village. It was truly inspiring. I would like to go back to Flores one day. Not really . c. Then. Ende. Maumere. a. After visiting several schools in the city. I do c. Of course d. My next trip was to Detusoko. and great seafood. 13. Detusoko is not far from Mount Kelimutu. December 2002) 12. Mount Kelimutu. (Adapted from: KangGURU.

15 Wayan : Congratulations on your 13th birthday. That would be great c. a. Asep : …. It’s not correct d. I’m sorry. not really d. Sanusi : Adi told me that you won the ticket to see Noah’s concert. I would d. That’s it . it’s correct c. thanks b. a. Oh. We really need fresh air after a busy week. I think it’s very dirty d.Sanusi : Shall we go hiking to Puncak next Saturday? Asep : …. a. I think it’s very tidy c. That would make us busy 18. No.Andi : What do you think about our new classroom? Fredy : …. Well done 16. That would be great b. I can’t 17. We need to clean it. I think it’s very neat 19. I’m sorry. That’s true b. I have to visit my grandmother today. I’d love to b. a. Thank you very much c. I think it’s too cozy b. That would be tiring c. I’m afraid. I actually bought the ticket. Anto : ….Putri : Would you like to come for dinner at my house? Ida : …. I can’t d. a.

She wants to take leave. Dina : Well.20. c. What does Dina mean? a. I have to take my sister to school. She wants Leman to talk to Fredy. She wants to talk with Fredy on the telephone. b. Lina: Okay. b. Leman : Bye. b. Dian : Do you think you can help me clean this room? Edo : Why not? What does Dian mean? a. She is afraid that her sister does not want to go to school. d. 22. She wants Leman to hang the telephone. I’m using it at the moment. What does Natasha mean? a. Take care. I’m afraid I must go now. c. She wants Edo to help her clean the room. She will end the conversation on the telephone. She is afraid of her sister. c. Natasha : Hello? Can I speak to Fredy? Leman : Sure. She wants to speak to Leman about Fredy. It’s time for me to hang up. 21. What does Natasha mean? a. d. She wants to talk about Fredy. Gita : May I borrow your pencil? Andre : I’m sorry. . She does not want to help Edo clean the room. d. She wants to start a conversation. She will hang the telephone. She will not help Edo clean the room. d. 23. She will help Edo clean the room. b. c. 24. Bye. She has to take care of her sister.Natasha : Anyway. Wait a minute.

c. His son and his son’s wife were annoyed by this. they made the old grandfather sit in the corner behind the stove. his ears were deaf. His eyes were almost blind. the four year old grandson put some pieces of wood together on the floor. He can lend her his pencil. The little grandson said that he was making a little trough for his father and mother to eat from when he was big. However. Then. Once when they were all sitting there. He could only cry. They began to cry. and his knees shook. One day the old grandfather could not hold the bowl because his hands were too weak. he could not hold a spoon strongly. d. He spilled soup on the tablecloth. b. He sat there and looked sadly at the table. they did not say anything.What does Andre mean? a. They brought the old grandfather to the table immediately.” The man and the woman looked at one another. He does not want to borrow a pencil. The bowl fell to the ground and broke. The woman scolded. the old grandfather did not say anything. If he spilled a little. They gave him not enough food in a clay bowl. He wants to borrow a pencil. He cannot lend her his . Finally. He was almost crying. they always let him eat there. Besides this. some of his soup would run back out of his mouth. (Adapted from: http://www.pitt. When he sat at the table. Since then. they bought him a wooden bowl and made him eat from it. Text 3 The Old Grandfather and His Grandson Once upon a time there was a very old grandfather. His father asked him what he was doing.

b. d. b. They treated him like a child.What did the old grandfather’s son and his son’s wife do after they realized their mistake? a. The man and the woman.25. The man and the grandson. Feeble. 26. The wife of the old grandfather’s son. b.What does the word “he” in paragraph 2 sentence 4 refer to? a. He was always complaining about it. They did not say anything. They treated him very carefully. They treated him nicely. The old grandfather. c. c. He felt satisfied about it.What does the word “they” in paragraph 5 sentence 2 refer to? a. c. The four year old grandson. d. 27. They let their son eat at the table. . 28. The old grandfather’s son. 30 Which of the following words is the antonym of “weak”? a.How did the old grandfather feel about his son’s and his son’s wife’s behavior toward him? a. c. 29. They scolded their son. b. They treated him very badly. He felt very sad about it. b. The woman and the grandson. He was really angry with them. d. The man and the grandfather. They let their father eat at the table. d. d.How did the old grandfather’s son and his son’s wife treat him? a. c.

There was one more. Correct. Five. He was certain that he had lost one. After that. The stupid man answered that he bought six cows.b. 31. his wife asked him how many cows he bought. he rode one cow home and made the others walk in front of him. d. d. He was afraid that he would be scolded by his wife. However. d. Text 4 A Stupid Man and His Cows One day. His wife was waiting for him in front of their 32. Which of the following words is the synonym of “enough”? a. (Adapted from: http://www.pitt. Strong. Many. a stupid man went to market. Seven. He did not know how it could happen. he could only see five of them. How many cows did the stupid man buy? a. c. Frail. but he could only see five cows. c. As soon as he saw her. . He bought six cows. He was very careful. She said that he was very stupid. Fragile. c. b. There was not one cow less. On the way he counted them. Six. He counted them again and again. he said sadly that he had lost one of their cows. One. Adequate. Less. His wife looked at him and laughed. b. Then.

What does the word “them” in paragraph 1 line 2 refer to? a. b. c. Five. c. d. 34. The stupid man thought that he had lost one of his cows. Arrange the following utterances into a good dialogue between Adi and Sanusi 1. 36. Diligent. Six. 35. The others.Which of the following words is the antonym of “certain”? a. Clear. c. The cows. c. b. The stupid man lost one cow on his way home. how many cows did he see? a. Unsure. One of the cows. The stupid man spent much money on cows. On his way home. Sure. Which of the following statements is true according to the text? a. Seven.33. d. b. One. d. 37. The lost cows. Hello? Who is calling please? . Is that you. Bright. d. d. b. Positive. I’m Sanusi.Which of the following words is the synonym of “stupid”? a. c. Dull. Adi? 2. 38. b. Unlucky. The stupid man was scolded by his wife.

Bye. I think you are right 42. 2 – 1 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 7 c. is there any business? 7. a. The correct arrangement is … a.3. I do not like sugar 40. Do you have it? 6. 1 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 3 – 4 – 7 39. Would you like me to help you? Adi : … I must do it by myself. please? Sanusi: … Here you are. What do you think about that? Sanusi: … He often forgets where he puts his keys. Okay.Fredy : What do you think about this building? Wayan : … It looks fragile. I don’t think I would b. thanks for the information. Yes. I think this building is very beautiful 41. It’s 021641667. I don’t think I could reach it d. Asep: Would you pass me the sugar. 4. there is. Of course. a. I want to know Angelina’s phone number. a. I think it is new c. 5. By the way. Anyway. 1 – 2 – 6 – 5 – 3 – 4 – 7 d.Asep : You look very busy with that assignment. I think this building is very old b. I think it is dirty d. it is. Yes. I don’t think so c. I think that’s wrong d. I’m sorry. . I’ll hang up now. Sure c. 2 – 1 – 6 – 5 – 3 – 4 – 7 b. Bye. I cannot feel that it is right b.Andi : Fredy is very careless.

She should not have watched the movie. I would b. I’m not sure c. He wants to offer the woman a drink. please. I really need a help 43. a. He will not meet the woman tomorrow morning. d. He declines the woman’s offer. He will tell her the news tomorrow morning. He asks the woman to meet him tomorrow morning. please. c.a. 46. . c. He accepts the woman’s offer. b. I hate sad endings What does the woman mean? a. yes. He is very thirsty. Thank you. c. What does the man mean? a. That would be very nice c. He lets the woman meet him tomorrow morning. Yes. Woman: Do you agree if I meet you tomorrow morning? Man: Yes. Angel : Fredy is a nice person. You’re right b. What does the man mean? a. I do. She hates movies. I will need you to tell me more about the news. She missed the ending. Man : What do you feel about the movie we watched last night? Woman: I feel sad that it ended tragically. but it’s an individual assignment d. b. That’s wrong d. I really don’t think so 44. 45. She does not like movies that end sadly. d. Woman: Can I offer you a drink? Man: Oh. That’s very kind of you. b. Don’t you think so? Alice : … He always likes to help anyone in need. d.

In Samson’s house c. He will accompany the woman to go to Putri’s birthday party. My parents will not let me go out alone after 7 pm.It will be safe to use gloves when you hold the chemical substance b. He asks the woman’s parents to let her go to Putri’s birthday party. He does not want to go to Putri’s birthday party with her.It will not be dangerous to touch chemical material without gloves 49. Man: I see. He tells the woman to ask her brother to go with her to Putri’s birthday party. c. b. . I’ll be waiting at the bus station at 07.It is not necessary to use any protective instrument when you touch chemical substance c. Use the gloves to avoid the dangerous chemical substance What does the notice mean? a.47 Woman: I think I cannot go to Putri’s birthday party. d. 48. If you are free. My friends and I are going to go camping in Bandungan tomorrow.00 a.It will be unsafe for you to use eye protectors d. In Budi’s house b.Dear Samson. At the bus station. In Bandungan d. What does the man mean? a. Maybe you should ask your brother to accompany you. See you Budi Where will Budi and his friends wait for Samson? a. please join us.m.

a. To give information about going camping.asking for information 53.Asking for direction d.Can you finish it? c. expressing inviting someone bAsking for a permission d. Intan : It is a nice story. d. Intan : It is a good story. b. Dinar :What do you think of Babu? Intan : How brave he is ! The underlined expression is … a.Nina : Have you finished typing your report? Linda : Not yet. ……. To explain how to go camping. expressing agreement b. To ask Samson to go camping with him. Dinar :Have you read the story of The Beauty and the Beast.50 Why did the writer write the text? a. Let’s use your paper.? Intan : Yes it is a nice story. Could you finish it? d. c. Here you are ! The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is . Lola :What do you think of Mantu? Intan : What a brave boy is ! . To ask permission to go camping. expressing appreciation 54.Expressing opinion c. I have no paper left. b..Can you give me some? 52. 51. Expressing opinion c. Dinar : What do you think of Beauty? Intan : I think she is a good girl. Lola : I have read the story of The Mantu and the Elephants. Dinar :I have read the story of The Babu and the Lion. The underlined expression is … a. Nina : Of course.

In the park c. Thanks. not to show ability 57. he is sick. We are allowed to take animal food . I’ll be there for about two days.responding opinion c.Nina : Niko. expressing inviting someone b. expressing inviting someone b. and the bird from Papua what’s its name? Roni : Oh. emus. right? Restu : Yeah. Niko : I’d be very happy to take care of your cat. Nina : Great. in the parking lot b.The underlined expression is … a.DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS What does the sign mean ? a. what can I do for you? Nina : Would you be so kind as to take care of my cat? I’m going to Bogor tomorrow to visit my uncle. giving appreciation 56.Is an ability to fly d. that’s right. a.expressing opinion c. I love cats.asking for a permission d. The underlined expression means . We are allowed to give food to theme c.. Is not able to fly c.In the safari park to show on the air b.DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS Where do you find the sign? a. ostriches. We are prohibited to feed the animal b. asking for a permission d. We are forbidden to eat animal food d. can you help me? Niko : Of course. in the mall 58. giving appreciation 55. Roni : Do you know birds that can’t fly? Restu : Hmm. The bolded expression is … a. cassowary.

haven’t you? Wira: Yes. The girl notices that a woman is getting off.leaving her wallet.please ! Students: Yes.The teacher is checking the students’attention c.this picture is so beautiful.Sir.Maam What does the underlined sentence mean? a. The girl : Excuse’am. ………? Aziz: That’s great ! a.59. 60. d. d. 61. We understand It.What do you think? d. You’ve sold it.The teacher is checking the students’attention c. The teacher is checking the students’understanding.Azis : I don’t see your old handphone.The teacher is checking the students’answer.Giving compliment d Getting someone’s attention 62.Farah :Wow.Teacher : Attention.Will you buy a similar handphone? 63. Here’s the new one.It’s my sister’s work What does the underlined sentence mean? a. What does the underlined sentence mean? a.On the train.thank you very much ! . Asking permission b. Teacher : Is that clear ? Students: Yes. Woman : Oh. I think you have left your wallet behind.Can you operate it? b.Giving opinion c.The teacher is checking the students’attendance b.What’s about yours? c.The teacher is checking the students’attendance b. It’s great ! Ida : Yeah. The teacher is checking the students’understanding.The teacher is checking the students’answer.

Good dance 72.Giving opinion c.thank you d. Putri wants to apply for a job.Giving opinion c. I think she needs new ones.What does the underlined sentence mean? a. Asking for permission b.please What does the underlined utterance mean? a. Now the manager is interviewing her. 69.No.boys and girls ! May I have your attention. Nina : That’s good.I know you 70.The teacher is checking the students’attendance b.Yes.what are we going to buy for mom? Father: Let’s go to the optician after school. .The teacher is checking the students’attention c.tomorrow is Mother’s Day.The teacher is checking the students’answer. Really? b.Giving compliment d Asking someone’s attention 71. The teacher is addressing the group. The teacher is checking the students’understanding. At a student’s meeting.Nina: Dad.I don’t think so b. Via : What do you think of my new bag? Edo: …… a. c. Asking for permission b.I think it’s a beautiful bag.Giving compliment d Getting someone’s attention 68. Manager: What foreign language can you speak? Putri : English and French. Anto : Can you dance traditional dance? Rio : …… a. We can buy her a new glasses. The teacher : Dear audience.I don’t understand you d. What does the underlined sentence mean? a. I can c. d.

6 3 1 5 8 4 7 2 9 10 b. Ajeng : Happy birthday. I can’t join in your party because my grandma will come to my house at the same day..Asking an ability d Getting someone’s attention 76.Can you help me? c. a.s do homework together b. Will you come to my party tonight? Ajeng : Of course.French.3 6 8 5 4 1 9 7 2 10 75.Ayu ! Ayu : Thanks.Stating ability c.Can you operate computer? 73. Arrange the jumbled words into a good sentence.Dutch and even Japanese Iwa : Wow ! What an awesome man is .6 3 5 8 1 4 9 7 2 10 c. Iwa : I heard your brother worked as a tour guide.Let’s make same party 74.Can you type? b. Yani : Right ! He can speak many languages like English.Manager: ….? 7 8 9 10 The best arrangement is … a.fifty words a minutes.1 3 8 5 4 9 7 2 6 10 d. I will The underlined sentence is expression of … a.Let’s go there d.Let.Let’s come to my party c. Putri : Yes. Sarah : I am sorry. Asking for permission b..Regina : …. Come – tonight – you – my – like – would – 123456 party – to – dinner.Would you type this letter? d. a.

I can’t do it 82.. What is the best instruction for her? . Jim : Can you do this math problem? Joe : Sorry.Can you lend me a piano? 81. I can do it c.The weather is cloudy. He’s been in Australia for about five years.Can you tell me what it is? d.The underlined sentence is expressing ….Ability c. You don’t b.1 3 2 4 5 6 d. can 80.I understand it b. I think he is great ! He … speak English well. Your little sister wants to go out. 3 5 2 4 6 1 b. a. I start to practice piano since I was 8. Secretary : I have typed the letter. a.Ability c. Joe : …. can not b. Dio: Really? Ria: Yes. What do you think.Can you c.Dio : What do you think about the new student? Ria : Wow. a. certainty b.Can you buy a piano? c.Have you d. … write it into English letter? a. You won’t 78. afternoon – the – please – flowers – water 12345 – this 6 The best arrangement is .Able d. a.Pleasure d. permission 77. ………… a. 5 3 2 4 6 1 79.1 2 3 5 4 6 c. Bob : Yes.Can you play a piano? b.Sir? Boss : I think it’s good. I will not do it now d.

a.Bring your umbrella d.The room is too hot.What will the teacher ask the students? a.Open the book on page 12 b.Wear your shoes c.Turn on the fan c.Need food? d. Take your medicine b. Put your shoes on the table 83.Sorry I come late .

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