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To build a versatile dynamic career with good exposure to different working environments and there by honing
existing skills while working and offer the best to the organization.


Course Institution Year of Completion Percentage
B.tech CMR Institute of 2018 72.63
(ECE) Technology, Medchal.
Higher Narayana junior 2014 87.80
Secondary College, Ecil.
Secondary Jawahar Nagar Pinion 2012 76.00
School High School,Balajinagar.


 Operating System : M.s dos, Linux
 Languages : C, Java
 Experience Building Software Applications.
 Passion for Developing Engaging Consumer Experiences.

 C Programming.
 Signals and Systems.
 Very Large Scale Integration Design.
 Microprocessor and Microcontroller.


 Represented my school at the national level for the project MODERN HOUSE FOR THE FUTURE
GENERATION conducted by the science fair govt of India in 2012.
 Got 1st prize for ELECTROFREAK at Illuminate 2015.
 Got merit certificate for technical presentation on LDR sensor.
 Got good photography award at Illuminate 2015.


 Acted as a class coordinator for the team ARISE department of ECE.
 Organized an event TALENTO 2K16 at CMRIT, Medchal.
 Giving seminars on different topics in the class.

ACADEMIC PROJECT: Project: 1 Title : AUTOMATIC COLLEGE BELL SYSTEM (on going). it gets the time through the keypad and stores it in its memory.  Making YOUTUBE videos. It uses Real Time Clock (DS1307) which tracks the real time.  Worked as a CAMPUS STAR at FANTONN MEDIA in the month of March 2017. . Also it can be made password protected so that no unintended person can operate this system except for the operator. When this programmed time equals the real time then the bell is switched on via a relay for a predetermined time. Responsibilities:  Involved in coding. Project: 2 Title : CMRITIAN ANDROID APPLICATION Description : Cmritian is an android application in which it includes cmrit college information. The bell ringing time can be edited at any time. INTERNSHIPS:  Worked as a BRAND MANAGER at INTERN THEORY from Jan 2017-March 2017. automation is employed in every sector whether it is home or industry. The scheduled time results are compared with that of a clock. Here a new and inexpensive design is being presented.  Involved in project designing.  Organizing social events. so that it can be reused again and again at normal class timings as well as at exam times. Team size : 4 Role : Team Leader Description : The world over the decades has made considerable advancement in automation. The advantage of this design is that the bell rings at the start of each period without any human intervention to a great degree of accuracy and hence takes over the manual task of switching on/off the college bell with respect to time. This design finds a tremendous use at colleges where the teaching sections can span over periods including breaks. student login page and chating option. The microcontroller 8051 is used to controller the functions.  Involved in document preparation.  Involved in unit testing.EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:  Member of STUDENTS FEDERATION OF INDIA.

Chakrapani Nationality : Indian Date of Birth : 20th January 1996 Languages known : English. M. Telugu. Writing Reviews. Medchal (D). Doing Projects. Kapra (M). Permanent Address : Hno: 5-125/1. Ex-Service Men Colony. Teaching.SAINADH) PLACE: . DATE: (M. Photography and Dancing.PERSONAL PROFILE: Father’s Name : Mr. Making Short Films. Hacking. Hindi (understand). Audio and Video Editing. Telagana-500087. DECLARATION: I declare that the information stated above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Balajinagar (V). Hobbies : Surfing internet.