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Here’s another double is es and photos to
sending book reviews, st Five free
What d occupations
Name these four
Free theatre at
The Scoop

I do?
throughout the summer at
Fill in all the London’s ­riverside outdoor theatre.
spaces, so
that when it is
finished, every Wildlife Fundraising Day
row, column This Saturday, Bath Pet Centre is
and each part
running an event in aid of the BBC’s
of the eyes and
smile contain Wildlife Fund, featuring Darius, the
all the numbers world’s largest rabbit, a treasure
from 1-9. hunt, face painting and wildlife talks.

In the Impressionist Garden

Edinburgh’s Clore Education Centre
invites kids to create their own im-

Word pressionist garden. Until 29 August.
Word Crack
Teddy Bears’ Picnic and Craft Fair
Bring your bear to Thwaite Mills in

ladder the code Leeds for the best-dressed teddy com-

petition. Free boat rides, a bouncy
Can you go lake Can you work out the name castle and more. Sunday 8 August.
from top of the well-known treat
to bottom represented here?

puzzles by clarity media

making new Wild Wild World
words at Get up close and personal with tropi-
each rung
by only
BAN ANA How many words (of three letters or more)
cal animals, make wild masks and
listen to stories about magical plants
POND you can make using these letters? You must at World Museum Liverpool.
one letter? For all the answers, see always include the ‘B’ in the middle. Can you
Monday’s G2
spot the nine-letter word?
Reni Eddo-Lodge

Short story A day

in the life
sticky gunk. I wonder if it’s edible.
SLUUUURRRRP! Strawberry flavour,
I think.
over to Tim’s dad and he handed me
over to the referee. “Could you give
these to Tim please, he has put the
ello, I’m Freddie the
­football boots and I want
of some We reached the park, with me feel-
ing rotten because I was covered in this
wrong shoes on,” he said.
I was sure Tim was panicking
to tell you about how I got football pink gunk, but I soon cheered up when ­without me, but he was sitting in the
mixed up. I saw a football and goal. WAHOO! It changing rooms calmly. And there was
I was sitting in the shop boots was football training and Tim’s team worse to come: there were two Tims
window, looking absolutely ­gorgeous, By Eliza (all thanks to me) won 4-0. and I got handed to the wrong one.
thinking that I was the ­perfect pair of I was looking forward to the evening “These aren’t mine,” he said. “Well
shoes, when a little boy came along
Sarson- because it was the actual match. your dad dropped them off.” So Tim 2
and stared straight at me. “What do Diment, I watched Tim as he packed his kit and put them on.
you want?” I felt I should say. A couple aged 10 put his shoes on . . . but they His feet smelt, his socks were a
of ­minutes later I found I was being put were other shoes. ­terrible colour and he wasn’t my
in a shoe box and being carried out of “TIM! TIM!” I tried calling, owner. He was on the other team and
the shop. but he would not look – either he Tim 2’s team won 5-0. I felt great for
When I was finally taken out couldn’t hear me, or he was being the first time since the game began.
of the box I had a headache. incredibly rude. I panicked. What By the end of the day it had all been
I was placed in the boy’s room. was I to do? sorted out and I was back with Tim 1.
I was put next to a bin; I did not I tried pacing up and down I heard him talking to his parents. “We
feel like royalty. Later, the boy but could not. Shoes have lost and the other Tim’s team won, but
(whose name, I discovered, was minds of their own, but he was wearing my boots. I’ve been
Tim) put me on – success! they still need legs to lucky in those every time I wore them,
He was going to football training. move them. so they must have helped Tim. I think
He walked down the road and we Luckily, Tim’s mum noticed they’re magic.”
were nearly at the park, when all of he had brought the wrong shoes and I was magic! This was the best day
a sudden he stepped in some pink, drove me to the park. She handed me of my life.

14 The Guardian
The giggler
Q: Why was Cinderella bad at football?
Across A: She ran away from the ball.
1 Daniel ___ : plays Q: Why did the biscuit cry?
Harry Potter (9) A: Because his mum was a wafer so long.
5 Vision (5)
7 Ton (anagram) (3) Did you know?
8 Cry (3)
9 Have faith in (5) Over half of the world’s popula-
10 Small red fruit (9) tion has never used a telephone.
By contrast, in the west, each
Down person spends an average of
1 This falls from clouds (9) two years on the phone during
2 Far away (7) the course of their lifetime.
3 Illuminates a room (9)
4 All people (9) Book club
6 Use this to cook bread (7)
Beast Quest, Series 1, by Adam Blade
These books are about a boy called Tom

Your A mummified Robert

Tower (9) says: “Toilet
who has to face six beasts. The beasts
used to be good, but a wizard called

pictures roll is a very important

piece of a dressing-up
Malvel put a spell on them that turned
them evil. Some of the beasts are:
Young scientists box.” Ferno the fire dragon, who breathes
Maya (8) and Theo terrible fire; the sharp-toothed sea
(4) Reid-Cain on our ­serpent, Sepron; Tagus,
­balloon ­experiment: Remember to send in the speedy horse man; and
“It was amazing to see pictures of any of the Nanook, a snow monster
the ­balloon blow up. activities you attempt, with an incredible punch.
We then let go of it and and tell us how they went. These books are exciting
it rocketed around the Email g2kids@guardian. ­because you never know
room. It was funtastic!” what’s going to happen,
or if Tom will succeed.
Review by Robert
This bread is quick to make as you t­ able knife to mix it together. Using ­Galletti, age 8.
friday food don’t need to knead the dough or wait one hand (try to keep the other clean), Tell us about the book you’re reading at
challenge for it to rise. It is yummy with soup as grab all of the dough into a ball. Use
Bake a filling meal, or piled high with butter the dough like a dishcloth to wipe
simple but and jam at teatime, and is best eaten your bowl clean. The riddler
scrumptio us straight away. 4 Place the dough on a lightly floured
baking tray and shape it into a 20cm My first is the letter that comes after ‘A’
soda bread What you need circle. Cut a cross through the dough, My second is not in beam but is in ray
• 450g plain flour almost to the base. This will divide the My third is found three times in ‘banana’
• 1 level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda bread into four. My fourth is in Mali but not in Ghana
• 150ml sour cream 5 Bake for 20–25 minutes until the My fifth is in novel and in new
• 150ml milk bread has risen and is golden. Turn Which part of the body is hidden in
• Extra flour for dusting the bread upside down and tap it. this riddle?
If it sounds hollow it is done! Leave
What to do on the cooling rack until it is cool
1 Set the oven at 350F, 180C, 160C if enough to eat. Yesterday’s answers
it has a fan, or gas mark 4. Spot the difference Flower missing in window,
time on clock different, inside of pillow not
2 Sift the flour and bicarbonate Tip showing, Gary the snail missing spot, Gary
of soda into a mixing bowl. If you want a soft crust, rub a piece of
s s

back to front on bowl, tentacle missing

s pie id

Carefully push the flour to the butter over the top of the bread when
ge co 2k

on mobile
pa e /g

sides of the bowl to leave a hole it comes out of the oven and wrap the Number sequence 39: add six to
e or uk
es m o.

in the centre. loaf in a clean tea-towel. the previous number each time
th ut n.c

3 Put the sour cream and milk into Crack the code Head over
of t o dia

Recipe by Kids’ Kitchen author Fiona Bird heels

in r

a measuring jug. Pour the liquid

pr ua

for The Beechgrove Garden (Tern TV) and The riddler petal
to to g

into the hole in the flour and use a the Scottish government

The Guardian 15