This thesis entitled "Efforts to Improve Students' Mathematics Learning Outcomes Using Jigsaw
Co-operative Learning Model On Cube And Beam Material". The problem in this research is
how to improve students' mathematics learning result by using Jigsaw type cooperative learning
model on Cube and Beam material. The purpose of this research is to improve student learning
achievement through Jigsaw type cooperative learning model on Cube and Block material.
The type of research used in this study is a classroom action research and carried out
through 4 stages of planning, implementation, oservation, and reflection. This research is done in
SMP N Opo in the even semester of the academic year 2016/2017. Subjects in the study were
students of class VIIIA SMP N Opo, amounting to 25 people. The data in this research are
primary data taken directly by the researcher from the research object by using the test.
The results of the test analysis showed that the percentage of mastery of class in cycle I
had 15 students who reached completeness (60%) and 10 students who have not reached mastery
(40%). This is due to a lack of student understanding of the material elements of cubes and
beams and diagonals of cubes and blocks. While on the second cycle there are 22 students who
achieve completeness (88%) and 3 people who have not reached completeness (12%). In the
second cycle, there is an increase due to the mathematics learning in the second cycle about the
material of cube and beam cube model, cube and beam nets, cube surface area and beams using
cooperative type jigsaw learning model can clarify the material presented by the researcher. Thus
it can be concluded that learning by using Jigsaw type cooperative learning model can improve
student learning outcomes of grade VIIIA SMP N Opo.

Keywords: Cooperative Learning, Jigsaw Cooperative Learning, Learning, and Learning

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