236 BBA Fifth Semester (Research Methodology) MU




Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 75

PART - A (10×2=20)

Answer any Ten questions.
1) What do you mean by business research?
2) List the various components of research problem.
3) Define hypothesis.
4) What is exploratory research design?
5) What is primary data?
6) What do you mean by schedule?
7) What is multivariate analysis?
8) Give an example of hypothesis testing.
9) What is target population?
10) Define report.
11) What is summary report?
12) What is tabulation?

PART - B (5×5=25)

Answer any Five questions.
13) Describe the needs of business research.
14) Explain the types of hypothesis.
15) Write a note on cross-tabulation.
16) Explain the types of descriptive analysis.
17) Highlight the functions of reports.
18) What do you mean by observation? Explain its evaluation.
19) Highlight the importance of scaling.

PART-C (3×10=30)

Answer any Three questions.
20) Discuss in detail the research process.
21) Discuss the various sampling techniques in detail.
22) Discuss the methods of collecting primary data.
23) What are the elements of hypothesis testing? Explain the procedure of
hypothesis testing.
24) Discuss the process of writing research reports.

* *

II RESEARCH METHODOLOGY BBA . 23) What do you mean by regression analysis? Explain in detail. 24) Explain the stages involved in report presentation. 18) List the importance of report writing. 4) List the advantages of random sampling. 1) Define research. 13) What is role of research in business? 14) Differentiate between random and non-random sampling techniques 15) Differentiate between schedules and questionnaires. PART-C (3×10=30) Answer any Three questions. 2) What do you mean by sampling design? 3) Define research design. 19) “Data is a Life Blood of Research. 9) What is importance of the tests of hypothesis? 10) What is bibliography? 11) What do you understand by demonstration? 12) What is meant by empirical research? PART-B (5×5=25) Answer any Five questions.FIFTH SEMESTER EXAMINATION Time: 3 Hours Max. 16) Describe Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation. * * . Differentiate between correlation and regression analysis.A (10×2=20) Answer any Ten questions. 17) Explain the types of research report. 20) Describe the process for formulation of research problem.237 BBA Fifth Semester (Research Methodology) MU MODEL PAPER . 22) Write a detailed note on graphic presentation of data. 21) Discuss the formulation of hypothesis.” Explain. 5) What does survey means? 6) What is randomised block design? 7) What is scatter diagram? 8) List the techniques of univariate analysis. Marks: 75 PART .