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il Brillicnfv6

lnstructions for use

' "t "l.'i',ltl: -:''n T'?l*1: el cotch i) Front lens with scole
**tfuc-fl$:tffifrspo rt sPoo | -P i n kl Adiusting mork for focussing
cl ibeniia'ft corrying- strop) re- t) Diophrogm odiustrnent
leose button of f ilm tro ns-
pert eotch m) Finder lens
dl Indicotor releose n! Frqme finder flop of finder

e) (ot reo rl window for f ilrn ccivF I

numbers o) Fin der hood cover with f rqme I

f) Shutter odiustment finder ,

gl Nozzle for shutter cqble re- pl Closing cotch for finder hood
leose ql Reor polel - with -viewing
h) Shutter releose operture for frome finder
.:i'n1 i'-
l. Finder:
Open the f inder hood cgver o by lifring
(preferobly with thumb).,,Look verticolly d
the finder hood ond view the subiect.
For exposures ot eye level use the fro*"ffiffi
Press bock the middle po rt n in the finder hood cover
untif it engoges under the boss on the reo4 ponel g.
Press the coff,fero.Tightly'ogoinst,the,l foce .*a view'
the picture, rhr:ough the ,rectongulor opening in the
reor ponel q. The f ront port of the f
shows the exoct 'ongle of view.
To close, pull bock the reor ponel q g
upon the middle por:t n springs bock into
close the two sides, then the reor ponel g o:',.-l
the cover o whicih holds the whole together.

2. Shutter.cnd- diiiFnfclgm i
'Your deoler .will be glod to ,exploin this importont
section to you in detoil. We give he,re th
The lever operoting the shutter od[ustment is
on the illustrotion bv "f". 50 meons tf5oth ,of
os the releose is pressed down, while for - "'
on the first pressure ond closes on the second
When releosing the shutter, hold the Brilliont firmly
in both honds, view
picture ond press the releose
lever h gently down. Do not ierk, oi the pictuie *iil
a?EjlF'F:/-r .-F!.qffi

For long iime exposures fix the comero on o tripod.

ew-bush is,on the bose of the Brilliont. Releose
with wire releose ottoched to g.
gm odiustment I is olso on the sh
bg* controls the time of exposure o
of focus. {Reod up this point in o good tex
The greoter the number, the smoller the dio gm
opertu re. i

Double the time of exposure When the diophrogm

operture is set to the next smoller volue.
lf '3A fe.\ l*l TYJ,#t^
Wr? S{g.t$s*i. _f
{t,trtt t t-r 1*1 ltei
'=i|}t,*/ /'fi't''t/" , *
sing z^
^y ft"_{r'if , /r/8!,
r,,;;iK f"*"K'o{'#,35,1ns.
the oppropriote word (Londscope
Portroits) beneoth the indicotor mork

ot Lonciscopes iire shorpness -extend*1fro-g ...2_p" feet

to infinity tinfinity, i. e. onything over 100-ffffi'-..'''-'*'
ps the shor,pness extends f rom 7 feet to.

its the shorpness extends fro

4.FilmChcrmber: tR O $"{*^
Hofd the front port of the Brilliont in the left hond.
Press togetherthe knobs a -ond -ep,en bock ,PoFQl:..*
Remove empty spool from lgwer chomber.
lorge film trronsport knob b ond keep it in tl"
tion by turning it o quorter woy round. O
he film protecting cover by the hondle on
ploce, th'e em$ty spool ,on' the pin, so, thot the slot
filnor winding'key. Turn the lqtter untll it
the slot. ' ,

the, full spool in the bottom chomber, hold

d teor off ond remove the odheslvt strip.
the sp,ool gently in the chomber ond pull out
the protective pgper with, the blo,gk side downwords,
lhe *r;a+ slif ,pn tfire en':pty spor2,l.
.^"end;S ert fhe,,4r;nffiin
Turn the film key twice ond moke sure thot the poper
is being gripped. The poper must , wind exoctly
.he two spool flonges. Close the comero.

mero in the left hond, os obove, ond pull
F-Th" knob c by the index finger'. Now observe on
i the reor ponel the red film-window whlch when c,loge,d l

bg .o"n9p.q4,6bv*.ti l rnjngtlp q' r"{;l t@cl'"f;nef1 ; c ;n e .i eft, l

snd{F{ilm kriob b until (ofter honds ond dots}


ttTtt oppeors. Let go knob c ond press

.owords the number window e until the figure
o visible there. When using ponchromotic
d film-window hos to be cilosed by turning
kriob to the right. The Brilliont is novv
reody for the fir:st exposure.
N. ke it o rule to turn on irnmediotely sfter
FBt ,.

to tur'n the film oh, the knob c must be

nce more. Without consulting the film

the'Knob will go ond then moke the second exposure.

This procedure is repeoted up to th" t$elfth exposu re.
The number window e indicot'es how r"dony
hove been mode.
After the twelfth exposure there is o thirt
which is olso overcome by lifting knob
on until the protective poper is no longen visiblE
ihe red film window.
Now open thelreoli podei; ienloo"'W,,&,fulFspobl ond
secure it by meons of the odhesive bond. Hoid it
securely while doing so, to prevent it from unwinding,
6. The "Hold-qll"
This comportment is built into the side of
not showh in the illustrotion. lt is provided
which opens br7 pulling fhe smoll hondle bock. Tfil3
comportment is intended to occommodote yellow filters,
portroif {en{t*s oqnd,Jfie 4excoUe$t RS,il|Lg.!,f
,.i_9p._rrl"_ ,
meter. These occessories ore ploceo on Tne_^ cttscs 06"-"*
the cover ond secured by turning to the right.

7. Accessories:
Yellow filters ore indispensoble for wel
pictures with correct tonql volues, ond
for ottroctive londscopes.'Voigtlonder moke o light
filier lMgment, 2)(l ond o dense filter t l, 4X),
both of speciol gloss ond*obsolutely_ pfo
Size requiied , 29 mm. diometer.
Por:troit lenses ore olso ovoilobie for
nomely Portroit-Focor No.57 ond Neor-F;ff
* Neor-.Focor No.30 connot be occom,modoted in the "hofdjoll"
g7 which moke it possible to opprooch very closelrT fhe
subiect to ken. TL
The^ r^
' -tr^r ^-
^-. -:- -- disfonces
following ' ,
(very F.T: i; "j .c-;':l
meosuredl ore possibl: :

The Vqigtlo!d3.t Lgnt .t1qe.ds. imporJ u biillioqce ro

pictures;' icrs tff'etr cut 'off oll disturbing side light.

for exposures ogoinst the light
quite indispensoble"
t Exposu re fvleter is the rn
for you r co mero. lt meosu res
d occurotely the correct time of exposure.
rything demonstrote,d to you by your
deoler, .ond in porticulor
hg orthochromotic llllustro" tl8/100 DIN) ond the
otic "Bessopon" llg ll 00 DIN) ore ovoiloble
use two films which hove gr:eot lotitude
ure ond, obove oll, give brillionce ond
of tone to rTou r pictu res.
No. 361 9/738 en l.