Hermetic Christian Principles

On page 385 he says that it is in such hermetic symbolism that the Virgo-Pisces symbolism emerges
from the Christian Mysteries. What he is trying to suggest is that Christian symbolism is equivalent to
the symbolism of the Mysteries. He writes of Isis and Ceres. He says that Virgo and Pisces represent
Eve and Adam, separated and gazing at each other across the cosmos, or the Virgo (Mary) and Jesus as
archetypical male and female. You can see that this is close to the Catholic view and was derived from a
time when God was a woman and the male figure was her son, lover and husband. I am sure few
Christians could agree with that view.
Ovason appears to be straddling the line between a literal and an allegorical view of scripture. If you
are a literalist, Mary, the mother of Jesus, is not equivalent to pagan images. If you want to go full
blown 'allegorical' and claim that the characters in the Bible are not historical OK. But you can't have it
both ways.
When you read of Black Madonna statues, you see that many are interpreted as being visions of Mary,
which some may be, but the Madonnas that resided in the crypts below churches were not
representative art, they were archetypical. When you see an image of Isis with Horus you don't imagine
that it is predicting Jesus and Mary, but that it has cosmic significance because that is how Egyptians
thought. Later, when you see an image of Mary holding baby Jesus, you can see the same symbolism
(which transcends the Christian interpretation).

Fulcanelli writes, that "formerly the subterranean chambers of the temples served as abodes for the
statues of Isis, which became those of the black Virgins". He points out that the Virgo is the 'first
matter' of Alchemy, and is represented by the vesica and the rhombus grid. Stirling points to the
rhombus and cross as the foundation of the Milan Cathedral plan, as metaphorical representations of
the masculine and femine influences. This is not Christain symbolism but the phallic symbolism that
underlies Kaballistic Teachings.

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we shall not debate. You can call this the mystic/pagan branch of Christianity which I am calling kabbalistic." Albert Pike Morals and Dogma page 204. If it be a legendary myth you must find out for yourself what it means. I existed from all eternity. the planetary spheres and the zodiac signs. It has been determined that the regulating lines that we see over the west portal depicts a 'pitch' of 7/6. as in Hermetic Christianity. What this means is that when you look at Gothic Cathedrals you see thinly veiled pagan poetry. Did you know that the 365. or seven and 12. We see a mixing of sixes and sevens. The zodiac signs are depicted in the west portal also. The rhombus forms the regulating lines for the designs. It is understood that both the stories and the interpretations that are being dealt with will be allegorical and not literal or historical in the SR. which he tries (and fails) to connect to a triangle of stars in the sky. When he laid the foundations of the earth. If you read Striling's Canon you see that he talks about crosses and vesicas used in the foundation plans of cathedrals. I remind you that Hermetic Christianity is a system of correspondences with a heavy emphasis on mathematics. There were 28 kings of Israel and Judah. disciples.25 day year with a leap day every four years repeats every 28 years? You only need 28 calendars. before the earth was created.From the Mass of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin: "I existed before he formed any creature." Note the building language. geometry and astronomy.com . In the Scottish Rite the 28th degree is called the Knight of the Sun. or 49. Across the front of Notre Dame we see the 28 kings. John Michell points out that Christian churches were built on foundatons of previuosly located 'power points'. This is how Pike introduces his discussion of the 13th Degree of the Scottish Rite. I was with him and I regulated all things. Behind Mary are Jesus and the disciples (12 around 1). the numbers of days in the week and the number of classical planetary bodies (including the sun and the moon). In the west panel we see seven disks under Mary and the angels. and that they would adapt their saints to the attributes of the local pagan legendary figures. Between the disks we see six dividing lines representing overlapping circles that would bring the total to 13. We learn that the new comers would even adopt the same alignments as buildings that they replaced.2 degrees. Consider the west face of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. This is the Hemetic Christian philosophy that Ovason says underlies the design of DC. Try this. 28/4 = 7. tribes. The Royal Arch Degree. converted by W eb2PDFConvert. "Whether the legend and history of this degree are historically true or but an allegory containing in itself a deeper truth and more profound meaning.

Both of these present 3x5 rectangles. Noah was 600 years old. The 1:3 (2:6) ratio is half Noah's Ark and represents 60 degrees wide at the equator. The ark was described as being 300x50x30.5x1. That converts to 5x3x3. Mercury. If we replace fives with sixes we get 360x60x36. The side view of the ark is of ten 30x30 square units. From the side they present two squares (3:6). the most erratic planet moves to 31 degrees. The square of the sun is a 6x6 grid featuring the first 36 numbers. The diagonal of the 3x5 rectangle produces 31 degree angles. The altar in front of the tabernacle was 5x5 and 3 tall. The end view presents us with a 50x30 rectangle. We recall that the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant were given as 2. One tenth of Noah's Ark is 50x30x30 and the double Ark of the Covenant is 5x3x3. from the top they present three squares (2:6). The Star of David touches the circle at 30 degrees. just outside this line.In Genesis 6 we had read of Noah's Ark. 60x360 is a belt 30 degrees wide at the equator around the globe (two hemispheres).5x1.com . and on the end they present 4:6. Both the Tabernacle and the Temple were 2x6x3.5. From the top we are presented with a 1:6 ratio (300x50). one hemisphere wide. converted by W eb2PDFConvert. Three hundred long and thirty tall is the 1:10 ratio .

Request URL Too Long . The animals are the zodiac signs in pairs like the shew bread in the Tabernacle (6 above. The double dimensions of the ark are 5x3x3. In the story of Noah we see that the rain prevailed to 15 cubits for 150 days. The 3x3 end is the square of Saturn which contains the first nine numbers. the Ark and Saturn. Noah had seven passengers and brought the clean beast in by sevens (planetary spheres). column and diagonals in the Saturn square add to 15. which total to 45. All rows. As to the vesicas. The cross in the center represents the male half. If you look at the west portal of the cathedral you can see what looks like to be a stone on a throne that has three rows of five circles on it. That is half an equilateral traingle. Adam. 3x5 = 15 and 3x3x5 = 45. Below we see this rhombus and cross used to form the regulating lines of the Milan Cathedral plan (1522). In a magic square. which in this case is 3. and 6 below the equator). so 45/3 = 15. the number of the Hebrew name of Adam. the constant is the total divided by the square number. The vesica is accepted as a symbol of the female half of things. 3x3 = 9. you will note that they are composed of four of the triangles above.

the number of the name Zeus was 612.5 of it.5 days each is 354 days.5 the number of the name of Hermes. 153/2 = 76. 17/16 = 1. The number of the name of Athena was 76.732. We know that the 31 degree latitude line is 6/7's the length of the equator. Mercury rules the sign of Virgo. The number of Hermes name is one quarter of the square root of 2.866 the diameter of the circle and the short axis is . we know that the circle has a diameter of 306. In Greece. (4x88 = 352). As the real square root of 3 is 1.5. which is (5x5)x(7x7). that is 8+ degrees wide. Doubling that yields 1224. The closest and most famous is 153:265 (1. Twleve lunar months of 29. Request URL Too Long .733) in The Canon. associating him with that and the square. Half that is . 265 times four yields 1060. a diameter across two hemispheres. the number of the name of Zeus. one less that the total of the square of Venus.732) but Stirling uses 15:26 (1.7071. As the long axis of the vesica is . Three times that is the number of Apollo (1061). Half that is 353. people looked for whole number ratios that they could use to represnt that. The square root of 2 is 1. 265x4 = 1060. The planet Mercury has an 88 day period and orbits the sun four times a year.4142. A circle centered on a line just inside 30 degrees produces a small circle 1/7 of the diameter. Four times 153 yields 612. The number of Hermes name is 353.062.

Sophocles added three more. 1:2 is the middle half of a square area wise. that for some purposes 5/3 works for the sqrt of 3. The 15 members of the chorus were entering the orchestra in rows ( usually face=3. while the sine of 31 is . The diagonals of the half squares locate the blue rectangle. for 31 it is .5x1. The vesica locates 30 degrees on the circle and on these lines. This means. The last reminds us of the description of the placement of the stones on the breastplate of the priest in the Bible.862. 60 degrees by 180 degree represents a 1:3 ratio. The Greek name parthenos (virgin) adds to 515. "Up to this point the chorus had 12 members. and we recall that the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant were 2. That would give you 150x250 (multiplying by 30). the court yard was 1:2. and recommend that the 3x5 rectangle can easily be substituted for the 153:265 rectangle. The 3x5 rectangle is one degree taller than these lines so it is a little narrower than a rectangle at 30 degrees. These diagonals are at 26. and is the latitude of the Greenwich Observatory. 36 degrees is half the internal angles of the pentagram.4 is 360/7. 360/10 is 36. We recall the concept of the colel. This means that a 3:4:5 triangle is within a degree of locating the points of a pentagram inscribed in a circle. The cosine of 30 degrees is . depth=5 ).5x1.866. The sine of 30 is . as well as the grouping of the tribes in the desert camp into four groups of three. Consider this statement about early Greek tragedy. the arks were 3x5. you can't see the difference.5. in ancient theater the chorus was making rectangles. Request URL Too Long . being half the 3x4 rectangle. which means that although in old dithyramb the chorus was making a circle.5 degrees. The diagonal of a 3x4 rectangle is just about 37 degrees. 51. The blue rectangle is at 30 degrees as are the lines of the hexagram. and a rectangle with 12 people would be 3:4:5. But all in all." a 3x5 rectangle is 31 degrees.515. The 3:4:5 triangle has a perimeter of 12 and an area of 6. The tabernacle and Temple were 1:3.5 cubits.

The word triangle is not in the Bible. The triangle is the first plane geometric figure. Fulcanelli points to the symmetry of the patterns on the seven disks. The numbers relate to the Magic Squares of the planets. due to a prohibition against using the name of God. you can see that the two trianlges have different pitches. and that the 3x5 rectangle was substituted for the rectangle produced by the hexagram in a circle and the rhombus. We all know that the lines of a pentagram produce phi realtionships with one another as they cross. The stone represents half an equilateral triangle and the vesica. I am suggesting that the 3x4 rectangle and the 3:4:5 triangle were a whole number substitute for the 36 degree triangle. then Mars and Venus next to the sun. the 3x5 rectangle has been substituted for half an equilateral triangle and the vesica. The Master's Square represents the ad quadratum. Again 51.4 is 360/7 and the location of the Greenwich Observatory. He puts the sun at the center. and follow the order in which they appear on the Tree of Life. and the ad triangulum. which the equilateral triangle represents. and the other is the 51+ degree triangle like the cross section of the Great Pyramid. Below we see the days of the week and the planets dispalyed on a heptagram. and the most important of the gods were the seven planets. the Master's Square. next he has Jupiter and Mercury. Request URL Too Long . Just as the name Adonai (Lord) is substituted for the True name of God. and suggest that there is a logic behind that. The equilateral triangle is the symbol of the 'hidden divinity' while the 30-60-90 triangle is the symbol of the revealed deity. with the moon and Saturn on the outside. In the image above. The lower one looks to be a 45 degree isoceles triangle. The names of the gods were numbers. The latter forms the vesica.

(318/3 .0. Gematria is essentially related to Geometry. We also know that 4x153 = 612 the number of the name of Zeus. 250. Chronos' wife's name is Rhea. and has the same letters as Hera. if we take one quarter of the original circle we get an approximation of the circumference of the earth. On page 32 of The Canon William Striling points to the names of the gods as given by Plato in the 'Epinomis'. and Hermes (353). DC Symbols Homepage Request URL Too Long . just like in the Washington. If we halfen the sides.) This circle produces a vesica that is 159x275. Aphrodite (993). The circle in this square will have one quarter the circumference of the original circle.414/4 = 353. If we total these seven we get 3976.3. and 4x265 = 1060 the number of the name of Apollo.866 of the diameter of the circle that produces them. As you can see.5. we know that this ratio derives from a circle that has a diameter of 306. These are Chronos (1090).5 and .788 for a radius. As C = Pi D. The number of the name of Helios (the sun) was 318. As the sides of a vesica are . we get a square that is one quarter the original square.57 for a diameter and 39. we know that this circle has a circumfernce of 961. and the symbolism involved in Hermetic Christianity is mainly Masonic and Kabbalistic. DC map layout. The numeber of the name Hermes if one quarter the sqrt of 2 (1.5. At any rate. If we use a circle with a C of 1000.) The altar in front of the Tabernacle was 5x5 while the one in front of the Temple was 20x20 (a four times increase). 306/2 = 102. Zeus (612). Ares (309). The number of the name Hera is 109. Above it was pointed out that one whole number ratio that closely approximates the sqrt of 3 was 153:265. We recall that the names of Zeus and Apollo were 4 times 153 and 265. we get a diameter of 318. 153/2 = 76.106. The sun was Helios (318) and the moon was Selene (301).2. Athena is 77. Dividing 25 by Pi we get 79.