(20 marks)

Questions 1 to 5
Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.

1 How ________________ sugar would you like to put in the coffee?
A much
B some
C many
D a few

2 “________________ much is the book?” Daniel asked the shopkeeper.
A How
B What
C When
D Where

3 What is the distance _________________ Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur?
A to
B for
C at
D from

4 Last Saturday, there ______________ an accident near my school.
A is
B are
C was
D were

5 Madam Irene is a doctor. _________________ works in a hospital.
A He
B She
C We
D They


Preeta is picking up ____________ (8) of papers and paper cups.” said Aiman. 7 A pollute 8 A some 9 A in B pollution B few B on C polluted C piece C out D dirty D pieces D up Question 10 Choose the word that has the opposite meaning of the underlined word. A greasy B straight C fluffy D smelly Question 11 Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.” said Aiman. 10 Kudin has curly hair and thick eyebrows. no! The beach is so dirty.” said Aiman. Ah Chong is pulling fishing net ___________ (9) of the sand. No! The beach is so dirty.Question 6 Choose the most suitable simile. B “Oh. Siti. D “Oh. C “Oh. Preeta and Ah Chong are collecting rubbish on a _____________ (7) beach. Daniel is picking up aluminium cans. 3 . Daniel. no! the beach is so dirty. A as strong as an ox B as soon as possible C as quick as lightning D as good as gold Question 7 to 9 Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows.” said Aiman. 6 Rosemary flew ________________ through a secret tunnel and escaped. 11 A “oh. no! The beach is so dirty. Siti is collecting plastic containers from the beach.

4 . 12 A is 13 A pools 14 A holding 15 A cycle B are B puddles B putting B cycles C was C ponds C taking C bicycle D were D drains D bringing D bicycles Question 16-18 Read the passage and answer the questions that follow. A lady was ____________ (14) an umbrella. The shoemaker became very ill and could not afford to make shoes. He sold the shoes and had money to buy food. The ground was full of __________________ (13) and everyone had to walk carefully. They cut and sewed many pairs of beautiful shoes for the shoemaker. Some pupils in raincoats pushed their _______________ (15) out of the gate. C He was scared. Pupils of SK Bandar Uda 2 ____________ (12) in a hurry to get home. It was about the elves and the shoemaker. D He was surprised. He made beautiful clothes for the elves to repay them for their kindness. The next morning. One night. Rosemary read a book last night. It rained very heavily last Monday. They put them on the shoe rack for the shoemaker to see.Question 12-15 Based on the picture. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows. the shoemaker was surprised to see the shoes. two elves came to make shoes. 16 Why the shoemaker cannot afford to make shoes? A He was ill. B He was lazy.

: Anything else. the antique vase. the television set. 19 Below are the things missing from the living room except for? A iPad B television C vase D laptop 20 Who do you think the cap and the slippers belong to? A Inspector Mazlan B Mr Yusof C Mr Yusof’s daughter D burglar BAHAGIAN A TAMAT 5 . My daughter’s iPad is also gone. my 24K diamond ring and bracelet in the Inspector Mazlan bedrooms are missing. a cap and slippers. Inspector Mazlan came to investigate. : Well. Inspector Mazlan : Please tell me what is missing from your house? Yusof . A shoe rack B shoes C clothes D money Question 19-20 Read the dialogue below and answer the questions that follow. Yusof? : Oh yes. 17 What is the opposite meaning of the word beautiful in the paragraph? A pretty B ugly C nice D dull 18 What did the shoemaker gave to the elves to repay for their kindness. Yusof : What about the bedrooms? : My husband’s wallet. and the laptop in the living Inspector Mazlan room are missing. we found two things that do not belong to us. Mr.

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