MultiMedia Tools

Lesson Idea Name: What’s Your Holiday?
Content Area: Social Studies
Grade Level(s): Kindergarten
Content Standard Addressed:
• SSKH1 The student will identify the purpose of national holidays and describe the people or events
a. Labor Day
b. Columbus Day (Christopher Columbus)
c. Veterans Day
d. Thanksgiving Day
e. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
f. Presidents Day (George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and the current President)
g. Memorial Day
h. Flag Day
i. Independence Day

Technology Standard Addressed:
• 6. Creative Communicator
b. create original works or responsibly repurpose or remix digital resources into new creations
d. publish or present content that customizes the message and medium for their intended audiences.

Selected Technology Tool:
☒ Movie (list application): iMovie
☐ Audio (list application):
☐ Other: (list)

URL(s) to support the lesson (if applicable):

Bloom’s Taxonomy Level(s):

☒ Remembering ☒ Understanding ☒ Applying ☒ Analyzing ☒ Evaluating ☒ Creating

Levels of Technology Integration (LoTi Level):

☐ Level 1: Awareness ☐ Level 2: Exploration ☐ Level 3: Infusion ☐ Level 4: Integration

☒ Level 5: Expansion ☐ Level 6: Refinement

Lesson idea implementation:
For this lesson, I chose to focus on Thanksgiving for my video, however, students will get a choice from the
list above. The teacher will go over the idea of national holidays and why they have meaning in our culture. I
would explain to my students that I chose to focus on Thanksgiving, and then I would show them the video I
made. once the students have viewed the sample video, they will be split into groups, pick a topic from the
list, and make a video like the one they viewed. When the students are done with the video, they will be
posted on the classroom blog for other students and parents to view. The lesson conclusion will be a viewing
of some of the videos (randomly picked) to view in front of the class. Feedback will be given to each group of
students based on their participation in the group and following video making directions.

Summer 2017_SJB
MultiMedia Tools
Importance of technology:
Technology is very important in this lesson and there is not one part of this lesson that does not require
technology. Using a multimedia tool was also important for this lesson as it cut back on a lot of the harder
aspects of making a video. Students were able to find pictures and videos, bring them together and publish
their work for others to see. this would not have been able to be done, especially with this age group, had the
students have to do this all themselves. If the multimedia tool were not used, I think it would have taken the
fun out of this lesson. we chose to focus on making a movie for this lesson, but students could have also made
a podcast. This would result in a different product, but be just as fun for the students.

Internet Safety and Student Privacy:
It is important to remind students of internet safety before doing this lesson. The students will be using
Google and Youtube to find the resources they need to make their videos. One of the biggest things that have
to be monitored is when students try and find their resources. They will have open access to both of these
sites and need to know that they should only be looking for things that relate to their topic. The teacher
should let the parents know of the lesson beforehand, and should assure parents that proper internet safety
rules are being taught. The school district restrictions will be helpful in ensuring that students are staying safe
while on the internet.

Summer 2017_SJB