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We pride ourselves on brewing the beers that we like to drink. Yes, Stone has won prestigious
awards and received countless accolades, however we choose to brew our beers the way we
do because we love them. They are unique, big-character beers featuring bold flavors that defy
traditional style guidelines and expectations. Our brewing decisions do not take into account
cost, or focus-group preferences. We reject lowest-common-denominator flavor profiles and the
vigorous pursuit of mediocrity. We treat beer as an art form, rather than as a commodity. In short,
our beers reflect our passion for brewing.

A 100 A- 99 A 100
Year-Round Releases
Stone Pale Ale - 5.4% abv
Stone Smoked Porter - 5.9% abv

Stone IPA - 6.9% abv
Stone Cali-Belgique IPA - 6.9% abv
Stone Ruination IPA - 7.7% abv
Stone Sublimely
Self-Righteous Ale - 8.7% abv
Stone Levitation Ale - 4.4% abv
OAKED Arrogant Bastard Ale - 7.2% abv
Arrogant Bastard Ale - 7.2% abv

special releases
Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine - 11.1% abv
Stone Imperial Russian Stout - 10.5% abv “Stone Brewing Co. makes aggressive beer—
Stone Anniversary Ale - abv varies good news for those tired of the fizzy yellow stuff.”
Stone Vertical Epic Ale - abv varies
Double Bastard Ale - 10.5% abv

A 100 A 100 B+ 99
A Leader in
Craft Brewing
We don’t just make beer; we make craft beer. That means we’re independently
owned, comparatively small, and use authentic brewing methods and
ingredients. We focus exclusively on making distinctive, high-quality beers
that taste nothing like international lagers. In the United States, craft beer has
been the fastest- growing segment of the alcohol industry for most of the last
decade, outgrowing wine, spirits, imported beer and major-brand domestic
beer. Regional, artisanal, and sustainable foods and beverages, embodied by
the Slow Food philosophy, have been reshaping the culinary landscape in the
US and Europe. US craft beer volume has grown 65% in the last 6 years, and its
momentum continues to increase, even during the current slow economy.

Stone has been recognized by the industry’s leading voices as one of the top
brewers in the world. BeerAdvocate Magazine, a highly respected craft beer
publication and website, named Stone “All-Time Top Brewery On Planet
Earth”—twice., a highly trafficked beer enthusiast website, has
named Stone Brewing Co. to their “Top 10 Breweries” in the world list 10 years
in a row—making Stone the only brewery to earn that honor.

Stone Brewing is one of the principle originators and leaders of the “West
Coast”-style of brewing, which is known for big-character and aggressive
hoppiness (bitterness). This style has inspired small brewers all over the world
to create similarly styled beers. We are honored by the recognition and have
often been inspired in return.

2008 & 2009

“Stone has one of the most advanced
breweries in the craft brewing industry,
reflecting our commitment to quality,
safety, and sustainability.”
Mitch Steele, Head Brewer
Stone Brewing Co.
A major contender in the United States craft beer market, Stone currently
employs 290 people. Our company occupies more than 115,000 square feet
(35,000 square meters) of brewing, packaging, warehousing, distribution, and
office space, which also includes a large restaurant and retail store. Due to ever-
increasing demand, our production capacity has been in a state of constant
expansion since our inception in 1996. Part of our success can be attributed
to an insistence on purchasing the most up-to-date and efficient brewing
equipment available.

Of the more than 200 craft breweries operating in California, we are one of
only two to employ a state-of-the-art brewhouse system manufactured by
Rolec of Munich, Germany. A major investment of several million US dollars,
this system has allowed for a significant increase in production and efficiency.
Using the Rolec system, we typically brew up to 500 bbls (585 hl), per day, an
increase of 270% over our brewing capabilities just four years ago.

“Stone one of craft brewing’s stars...

one of the 10 best breweries in the world.”

We have long been committed to promoting craft beer culture by making
our brewery a destination. Fans visit from all over the world. Brewery Tours
at Stone have fast become one of the most popular tourist activities in the
San Diego region. Our entertaining and informative tours, conducted several
times daily throughout the year by energetic guides, showcase craft beer
production and craft beer culture while leading visitors through the heart
of the brewery.

In 2009 alone, over 35,000 guests enjoyed complimentary guided tours of

our facility, complete with tasting sessions afterward (touring a brewery is
thirsty work!). Additionally, hundreds of craft beer enthusiasts visit the Stone
Company Store daily to purchase takeaway beer and shop from our vast array
of distinctive, contemporary merchandise.

“Stone has America’s

Top Brewery Tour!”

Since our founding in 1996, Stone Brewing Co. has been the fastest growing brewery in America over the last 13 years.*
From 2,100 barrels in our first full year of operation to well in excess of 100,000 barrels projected for 2010, we have
had to work diligently to keep up with strong demand for our beers. In addition to the brewery, we also operate as a
beer wholesaler in Southern California, delivering beer in 16 trucks to over 3,500 pubs, restaurants, hotels, markets &
grocery stores in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino & San Diego counties.

Reflecting our commitment to collaboration, growing the craft beer category, and mutual economic benefit, Stone also
distributes beer from over 30 US and import craft breweries, providing crucial access to market for these valuable small
and medium businesses. For example, Stone is the 4th largest US wholesaler for Munich’s famed Paulaner brand, and is
the 1st or 2nd largest US wholesaler for respected breweries such as AleSmith, Lost Abbey, Russian River, The Bruery,
Avery Brewing, and Bear Republic.

* Year-over-year annual percentage growth

Revenue $4,008,715


1996 2001 2003 2005

Stone Brewing Co. established New 72-head bottle filler increases We begin distributing to New We relocate to our new Citracado
packaging capacity and speed by York, our 17th state; today we Parkway facility with 8 times more
• 3 employees
20 times; today we have 19 pack- distribute to 35 states and employ floor space; today we have 48 Stone
• Available in San Diego only aging and QA employees 34 sales representatives nationwide Company Store and office employees
• 400 bbls brewed


“Stone Brewing Co. [is] considered

one of the industry leaders...”

2005 2006 2010 2010 Projections

Installation of our modern Rolec Stone Brewing World Bistro Our new 58,000 sq. ft. warehouse • 300+ employees
brewing system more than quadruples & Gardens opens, more than triples our refrigerated storage • Available in 35+ states
our brewing potential; today we have doubling our number of area; today we employ 43 people
• 100,000+ bbls
21 people on our brewing team employees; today our restaurant in warehouse and distribution
provides jobs for 127 people

Our rooftop photovoltaic system is among
the largest such solar arrays in California,
producing approximately 35% of our total
electricity needs, preventing the release of
160 metric tons of CO2 annually.

Our in-house recycling program helps

reduce office and restaurant waste.

We maximize water efficiency in

our offices and restaurant by using
low-flow & waterless fixtures.

A biodiesel blend is used in Numerous salvaged and repurposed

all of our delivery trucks. materials were used in the construction
and furnishing of the Stone Brewing World
Bistro & Gardens, from bricks to tabletops.
We maximize water efficiency in our brewery,
leading to overall water consumption levels well
below industry standards.

Spent grain from the brewing process is

used as animal feed by local dairy farmers
(99%), and mulch in our gardens (1%).

The Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens is

the largest restaurant purchaser of local, small-
farm, organic produce in San Diego County.

Our one-acre gardens are maintained

using 100% organic methods.

The Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens attracts visitors from all over the
world. Out-of-town guests frequently plan entire holidays around a visit to
our brewery and restaurant. The building encompasses nearly 12,000 square
feet of beautiful indoor dining and outdoor dining and bars patio space, which
adjoins a lush one-acre garden. Our award-winning architecture has been
described as “industrial-becoming-organic,” and embodies our affinity for
melding organic features of wood, stone, plant life, water, fish, and fresh air
with the fundamental industrial elements of metal, concrete, and glass. The
San Diego Architectural Foundation, in awarding the Stone Brewing World
Bistro its coveted Orchid Award, described the structure as “a bold symphony
of concrete, stone and steel.” These combine to create a compelling and unique
environment that reflects our culinary and ethical philosophy. We serve food
that complements the harmonious nature of the physical surroundings—our
Bistro restaurant specializes in locally grown and organic ingredients, and
features an eclectic menu of world-inspired cuisine. As ambassadors of the
craft beer movement, 32 taps at our bar proudly feature an array of exceptional
craft and specialty beers from all over the world. An outstanding bottle
selection of nearly 100 more craft beers and wines round out our world-class
selection of artisanal beverages.

“Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido...The

grounds rival any winery in Napa Valley.”

We are proud supporters of the international Slow Food movement. We
have hosted many of our local chapter’s events in our Bistro, but even more
importantly, we make sure that every dish we prepare in our kitchen is made
from ingredients adhering to Slow Food’s principles of good, clean, and fair
food. We insist that the food we serve is healthful and full of fresh flavors, and
it is important to us that we support local farms and lessen our impact on the
environment. Owing to our dedication to environmental responsibility and
high-quality food, we are now the largest restaurant purchaser of local, small-
farm organic produce in San Diego County.

We staunchly refuse to use high fructose corn syrup and other processed
ingredients because of what we believe to be their considerable negative
environmental, social, and health impact. We go so far as to create our own
ketchup in our kitchens using local, organically grown tomatoes and unrefined
cane sugar. Our commitment to the craft brewing industry is evident in our
32-tap draft system and extensive bottle list, both of which prominently feature
beers from small breweries all over the world, and are completely devoid of
mass-marketed beers. We play a positive role in both of our communities: our
local community, and the larger worldwide community of craft brewers.

“Not for the faint of heart, [Stone’s] bold brews

have a strong and fast-growing fanbase.”

Creating a culture of social enrichment, community outreach, and
connoisseurship, the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens has become
a center of diverse community activities since opening in October 2007. We
believe in being more than simply a tourist destination and restaurant; in
addition to providing upscale dining experiences based on our environmentally
conscious philosophy, our restaurant is a hub for private and community events.
We proudly offer meeting space for community-oriented gatherings such as
fundraisers, homebrew club meetings, mixers for environmental groups, and
screenings of educational and socially responsible films.

In our efforts to promote awareness and appreciation of the craft brewing

industry and local businesses, we provide numerous recreational and
educational opportunities for patrons. Each month we hold “Beer University”
classes and beer pairing events that educate guests while they sample various
beers paired with such diverse foods as sushi, cheese, chocolates, and
desserts. At our pairing events and dinners, we customarily feature foods and
goods produced within our region, such as gourmet chocolates from local
chocolatiers and olive oils pressed fresh from local orchards. Our very popular
“FRESH! Dinner” series has become an icon of the Slow Food movement,
showcasing food harvested in the morning from local farms and served that
evening for dinner. During the summer, we show classic movies outdoors in
our gardens, promoting a convivial and relaxed atmosphere where hundreds of
local residents congregate for entertainment and socializing.

“In addition to being the largest restaurant

purchaser of locally-grown organic produce,
Stone supports innumerable local craftsmen
and artisanal food makers.”
We are dedicated to supporting our community and promoting a culture of
social responsibility. We have raised over $750,000 U.S. on behalf of local
charitable organizations through our annual ”Stone Anniversary Celebration
& Invitational Beer Festival.” In addition, we made beer donations exceeding
$250,000 U.S. in value to more than 300 charitable fundraisers in 2009 alone.
We focus our philanthropic efforts primarily on local groups so that our money
goes back to the community where we live and work. In addition to direct
donations, we also host numerous fundraisers at our restaurant, and provide
meeting space for local environmental, social, and community groups.

Taking social responsibility personally, members of our ownership and

management team sit on the boards of several local charitable organizations.
Since Stone’s founding in 1996, we have contributed a total of $1.5 million
U.S. to charity.

“As a philanthropic leader in the community,

Stone Brewing Co. has raised the bar for other local
businesses to get involved in making an impact on
the lives of others.” Shelly Anguiano Figueroa, CEO

GIving Back
charities we have Donated to in the Past year

A Reason To Survive Entreprenurial Management Center - SDSU

Ability First Escondido Arts Partnership
AIDS/Lifecycle Escondido Children’s Museum
Pedal For Kids
Albert Einstein Academies Escondido Creek Conservancy
Poway Unified School District Founation
All Children Great & Small Escondido Education Foundation
Quail Botanical Gardens Foundation
Alzheimer’s Association San Diego Escondido Humane Society
Rady’s Children’s Hospital Foundation
American Institute of Wine & Food Escondido Rotary Club
Redwood Elderlink
American Lung Association Evergreen Earth
Rescue Task Force
Aquarium of the Pacific Father Joe’s Village
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
Art Reach
Ronald McDonald House
Arthritis Foundation of San Diego
San Diego Archaeological Center
Awakenings Health Institute
San Diego Ballet
Boy Scouts of America
San Diego Brewer’s Guild
Festival of Children Foundation
Fight ALD!
Fresh Start Surgical Gifts
Golden Hill Community Development Corp.
Grantville Allied Gardens Kiwanis Club
San Diego Burn Institute
Breast Cancer 3-day Habitat for Humanity - Inland Valley
San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau
California Center for Sustainable Energy Institute on Violence, Abuse & Trauma
San Diego County Parks Society
California Institute of the Arts Interfaith Community Services
San Diego Film Festival
Carlsbad Education Foundation Intermountain Volunteer Fire and Rescue
San Diego Humane Society
Carlsbad Rotary Club Keep A Breast Foundation
San Diego Mountain Bike Association
Children’s Tumor Foundation La Jolla Playhouse
San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project
Citizens Against Law Abuse Lakeside River Park Conservancy
San Diego Symphony
Lance Armstrong Foundation
San Diego Veterans Service
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
San Diego Youth & Community Services
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
San Elijo Lagoon Conservation
Los Angeles Police Department
Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County
Lux Art Institute
Slow Food San Diego
Classic 4 Kids
Slow Food Urban San Diego
College Students for New Orleans
Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation
CSUSM Foundation Mainly Mozart
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Mama’s Kitchen
Dehesa Charter School Muscular Dystrophy Association
Easter Seals - Southern California Museum of Contemporary Art/ TNT Gallery
So Cal German Shepherd Rescue
Educate! Museum of Making Music
TED Conferences
Elder Help of San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts
Temecula Valley Slow Food
Elfin Forest Harmony Grove Town Council Native Amerians Council
The Zoological Society of San Diego
Elizabeth Smider Foundation Neighborhood Healthcare
Tijuana Convention & Visitors Bureau
Encinitas Educational Foundation North Coast Repertory Theater
Tony Hawk Foundation
North County Health Services
Toys for Tots Foundation
Outdoor Outreach
Women’s Resource Center
Palomar Family YMCA
Youth Services Network
Commitment to
the industry and
the community
G r eg Ko c h is a recognized leader in the craft brewing
industry. Greg is on the Board of Directors of the Brewers
Association, the 1,000 member US craft brewer trade association
whose mission is to promote and protect America’s small and
independent brewers. Greg gave the Keynote speech at the 2009
Craft Brewers Conference entitled “Be Remarkable: Collaboration
Ethics Camaraderie Passion.” Greg is the Chair of the Brewers
Association’s Event Committee, which produces such events as
the “Great American Beer Festival” and “SAVOR: An Craft Beer
& Food Experience.” Greg also sits on the Board of Directors of
Slow Food San Diego, a position that reflects his commitment to
quality and sustainability. Greg gave the Keynote speech at the
2010 inaugural San Diego Green Chamber of Commerce.

S t e v e Wag n e r is a longtime supporter of community

groups and charities, as well as a leader in California’s brewing
industry. He is Chairman of the Board of the San Marcos Boys &
Girls Club, a charitable organization to which Stone Brewing Co.
has given over $235,000 due to Steve’s leadership. Steve has also
chaired the Trails Advisory Committee of the City of San Marcos,
reflecting his passion for local community and the environment.
Demonstrating his commitment to the craft of brewing, Steve
serves as President of the California Small Brewers Association,
which is a non-profit trade association representing the craft and
specialty brewing industry in California.

Community Leaders
“Stone Brewing Co. is a valuable asset to the San Diego County business
community. For the last six years, the San Diego Business Journal has ranked
Stone Brewing Co. as one of the fastest growing private companies in San Diego
County and Stone has seen their employment rise from 80 employees in 2005 to
more than 285 employees in 2010.
Not only are they a reliable source of employment, Stone Brewing Co. has
shown a consistent commitment to the community and philanthropic organizations.”

Brian P. Bilbray
Member of United States Congress

“Stone Brewing Co. takes sustainability to new levels: Stone engages in

sustainable marketing practices – their customers become loyal fans. Stone
operates its business as a sustainable entity – it is profitable and a leader for
environmental practices. And, Stone supports community sustainability – Stone
Brewing is one of the gold threads in our community fabric.”

Lori Holt-Pfeiler
Mayor, City of Escondido

“Stone’s targeted
contributions have “On behalf of the San Marcos
improved the lives of Chamber of Commerce, I
literally thousands of would like to extend my
kids, teens and families appreciation to Stone
in North County San Brewing Company on being
Diego. The Palomar Family YMCA alone has a premier example of being a
been the recipient of over $100,000 of direct community leader and supporter. I have had the
contributions over the last five years and we honor of working closely with Mr. Greg Koch and
represent only one of many organizations Stone Brewing Company on many events, and
benefiting from Stone’s humanitarian have witnessed their continued support both to
endeavors. During a time of economic our Chamber and the San Marcos Community as
uncertainty, Stone continues to flourish, to a whole. Their willingness to participate in various
provide critical employment opportunities and ways shows that they are truly a valuable asset to the
operates as a responsible community asset.” San Diego & North County business community.”

Alfredo Velasco Joanie Priest

Executive Director, San Marcos
CEO, San Marcos Chamber of
Palomar Family YMCA
“Stone Brewing Company has been a long time valuable asset to San Diego
and to the North County business community. The Escondido Chamber of
Commerce honored Stone Brewing Co with its prestigious Business of the
Year Award in 2008.
Equally important to the Escondido Chamber of Commerce is the fact that
Stone Brewing Company is a consistent, generous, and loyal contributor to many community
events. They truly are solid citizens.”

Harvey Mitchell
CEO, Escondido Chamber of Commerce

“Stone Brewing Company “Stone Brewing Co. is a

is one of San Diego’s respected member of our
County’s best run local business community,
companies. They not and I have personally
only are a leader in known co-founders Greg
sustainability and Koch and Steve Wagner
environmental practices they are a good for more than ten years.
corporate citizen. Stone Brewing and its I would recommend Stone Brewing Co. to any
employees are active in community and community, as they have proven that they are
philanthropic activities. Having such a strong, ethical and responsible corporate citizens.
progressive, involved business as Stone Their new facility is a significant attraction for
Brewing in the area not only supports visitors and has quickly become one of the most
economic development but they also motivate reputable restaurants in our region.”
others to do likewise. We are fortunate to have
such a business located here.” Jim Desmond
Mayor, City of San Marcos
Dr. Dennis Guseman
Dean College of Business
Administration California
State University San Marcos

““Stone Brewing Co. is one of the fastest growing craft brewers in California,
and through their vision and leadership in sustainability, philanthropy and
innovative branding, they have become a leader in the industry both here in
California and across the country”
Tom McCormick
Executive Director, California Small Brewers Association