1) GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 13. Benazir Bhutto Assassination date?

1. Who is the writer of the Novel “Aag ka Ans. December 27, 2009
14. Chairman Senate?
Ans. Quratul ain Haider
Ans. Farooq H.Naik
2. Area Wise, the biggest and smallest
Provinces of Pakistan are respectively: 15. Bangladesh currency?

Ans. Baluchistan and Khyber PK Ans. Taka

3. Largest Cash Crop of Pakistan? 16. Hilary Clinton took which ministry
under Barak Obama regime?
Ans. Cotton
Ans. US Secretary of State
4. Saab-2000 manufacture with support of
which country? 17. US 30000 Troops would reach
Afghanistan in which half?
Ans. Sweden.
Ans. First half of 2010.
5. What is “Kirtik”?
18. Peace Noble Prize winner in 2009 was:
Ans. An area in Iraq
Ans. Barak Obama
6. Which of the following is the book
written by Charles Dickens? 19. UN Official Language?

Ans. “Hard Times” Ans. English/French

7. Who is Mike Mullen? 20. QuaideAzam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Birth day Anniversary in 2009 will be
Ans. US Joint chief of Army Staff the ____________ anniversary.

8. Russian Parliament name. Ans. 133th.

Ans. Duma. 21. James Cameron is not the director of
which film?
9. President has Amenity by which article
of constitution? Ans. True lives

Ans. Act 48 22. Volley ball Match total players are:

10. NRO decision on December 17, 2009 Ans. 6 players
reopened from which date?
23. Inflation increases?
Ans. October 5, 2007.
Ans. When cost of production decreases
11. NFC stands for?
24. Second OIC conference was held in
Ans. National Finance Commission which city:
Ans. Lahore.
12. Attorney Journal of Pakistan ?

Ans. Anwar ul Haq
25. What is Snow line?


NFC vertical distribution proportion of federation and Province? 38. Persevere Ans. Who announced monetary policy in 45. 56. Egypt has not border with which of the 33. Initiate 29. Pertinent Ans. Affront following country: 34. Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) 2) ENGLISH Synonyms of following words: [TEST OF TBO HELD ON JANUARY 2010] Page 2 . Snow line is the point above which 31. Prologue 27. Fatigued Ans. “Kot Diji” is located on which river bank? 43. Alien 26. Mortality snow and ice cover the ground throughout the year 32. Swine flu H1N1 virus what to do? 40. 44. Saudi Arabia 37. 42. River Indus. Content 28. Belligerent dettol Add. Three things to do mention in 41. Reluctant c) Saudi Arabia d) Israel) 36.66 39. Persevere Ans. Apprehensive Pakistan? Ans. Ans. Evident a) Sudan b) Libya 35. Curtail 30.