Starting Date of Class: 19 July 2017
Last date of class: 13 Sept 2017
Total No. Of Lecture: 21-23
No. Of Assignments: 5 (total marks=10)
Part I:
1. Review of wave mechanics,
Radiation, wave-particle duality, group velocity, uncertainty principle, wave
mechanics and equation of continuity, Schrödinger equation
2. particle in a box in different dimensions, potential step and barrier,
tunneling and nuclear alpha-decay,
3. quantum harmonic oscillator,
4. quantum theory of the Hydrogen atom,
5. normal Zeeman effect, radiative transitions and selection rules
6. Electron spin, Stern-Gerlach experiment,
7. spin-orbit coupling,
8. exclusion principle,
9. symmetric and antisymmetric wave functions,
10. electron configurations in many electron atoms,
11. total angular momentum
12. LS and jj couplings
13. one and two electron spectra, X-ray spectra
Part II : Molecular formation, electron sharing, H_2^ molecular ion and H_2
molecule (qualitative), rotational and vibrational energy levels, electronic
spectra. Maxwell--Boltzmann statistics, molecular energies in an ideal gas, the
laser, quantum statistics (Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac), photon gas, specific
heat of solids, free electrons in a metal, density of states. Crystalline and
amorphous solids, crystal defects, ionic and covalent crystals, van der Waals
forces, metallic bond, Ohm's law, band theory of solids, Brillouin zones and
forbidden bands, effective mass, semiconductors and semiconductor devices.

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