K Guru Vamsi Krishna ASSIGNMENT: - Village Volvo


1. Describe Village Volvo’s Service package?
Actually, there are five types of service packages. There are
1. Supporting Facility
2. Facilitating goods
3. Information
4. Explicit Services
5. Implicit Services

In supporting facility, they have been occupied, a new butler building
which consists of four work bays and they have an office, waiting area, and

In facilitating goods, they have television, comfortable chairs, coffee set,
soft drinks machine and newspapers.

Information the customer can talk directly with the mechanic and they
can solve the problems. In addition, there is another source Customer Care Vehicle
Dossier (CCVD). They will give the cost estimation of the problem.

Explicit Services they will call the customer soon after finishing the work
and they will say about the pickup time.

Implicit Services they will give a specific time for the people for oil

2. How are the distinctive characteristics of a service firm
illustrated by a village Volvo?
Distinctive characteristics by village Volvo are.
They have been implemented some service packages which makes customer
more comfortable.

In village Volvo, they have three distinctive characteristics they are trust,
comfort and respect to customers.

3. Characterize village Volvo in regard to the nature of the
service act, the relationship with customers,
customization and judgement, the nature of demand
and supply, and the method of service delivery.
There are some characteristics in village Volvo. They are nature of service act. It
provides the unique services for the customers with a reasonable price. It provides
customization in services and information about the services.

4. Hoe could village Volvo manage its back office like a
Village Volvo manages back office as if they were using the line flow production
because every mechanic will works on their work bays only and that too which
they have been specialized. By this, it will move from one stage to another stage.
Soon after finishing the work they will prepare sheet and recorded in CCVD.

5. How can village Volvo differentiate itself from Volvo
This Volvo will give a quick delivery as compare to the Volvo dealers. In
addition, they gave a customization option to the customers and giving comforts to
customer. It gives the pickup option to the customer and delivery option to the
customers. Moreover, by assigning same mechanic for the same customer so that
the mechanic can understand the problem easily.