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    27163 - BOM explosion number from sales order, planning  
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Released On 19.10.1999
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Component PP-MRP-PR Planning Execution
Other Components PP-MRP Material Requirements Planning
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Materials planning (MD01, MD02, MD03, ...):
The lot size determination groups requirements together (through sales orders or planning) with
different BOM explosion numbers. The planned order, the purchase requisition or the delivery
schedule for the entire quantity gets the BOM explosion number of the first respective requirements.

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Reason and Prerequisites
Different BOM explosion numbers are specified during the planning (planned independent requirements)
or in the sales orders for a material.
The time intervals of the quantities are specified in a way that the quantities are grouped together
by the lot size determination (This happens, for example, for lot size 'Exact', if there are
requirements at the same date.).
For BOM explosion numbers, there is no separate materials planning and no inventory management as
for the make-to-order production.

For sales orders, separate planning and inventory management can be achieved by make-to-order
If BOM explosion numbers should be used for orders of the make-to-order production only (make-to-
order production, project make-to-order or collective order), a modification for Releases 3.0*, 3.1*
is possible (see below). The modification (test, maintenance, responsibility at customer's side)
leads to BOM explosion numbers being transferred in planned make-to-order productions only.

As of Release 4.0A, the function from the modification is available in the standard system. Here,
you can control by means of a flag in plant Customizing (Transaction OPPQ -> BOM explosion) whether
the BOM explosion numbers should be used for make-to-order production only.

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