ID 113 Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management
FIRST TERM, Academic Year 2013-2014 SECOND TERM, Academic Year 2013-2014 THIRD TERM, Academic Year 2013-2014
Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Course Title Units Prerequisites
COMALGE College Algebra 3 ACCTBA1 Fundamentals of Accounting 3 ACCTBA2 Accounting for Partnership and Corporation 3 ACCTBA1
LBYMKT1 Computer Package 1 for Marketing Majors 3 BUSANA1 Business Analysis 1 3 COMALGE DECSCI1 Decision Science 1 3 BUSANA1
TREDONE Humanity's Search for Life 3 ECONONE Basic Microeconomics 3 COMALGE HUMANBE Human Behavior in Organization 3 MANAORG
INTHROP Introduction to Anthropology 3 MANAORG Management of Organizations 3 ENGLCOM Basic Communication and Study Skills 3
POLISCI Introduction to Political Science 3 LBYMKT2 Computer Package 2 for Marketing Majors 3 LBYMKT1 FILKOMU Komunikasyon sa Filipinohiya 3
G.E. Natural Science New Materials Track - Chemistry
1 SCIMATP G.E. Natural Science New Materials Track - Physics Lecture 2 SCIMATB G.E. Natural Science New Materials Track - Biology Lecture 1

G.E. Natural Science New Materials Track - Chemistry G.E. Natural Science New Materials Track - Biology
LBYMATC Laboratory
1 FTTEAMS Physical Fitness and Wellness in Team Sports 2 FITWELL LBYMATB Laboratory

KASPIL1 Buhay, mga sinulat at nagawa ni Dr. Jose Rizal 3 PERSEF1 Personal Effectiveness 1 (2) FTSPORT Physical Fitness and Wellness in Individual/Dual Sports 2 FITWELL

FITWELL Physical Fitness and Wellness 2 NSTPCW1/R01 CWTS Formation Phase/Military Science 1 (3) NSTP101 NSTPCW2/R02 CWTS Community Service Phase/Military Science 2 (3) NSTPCW1/R01

LASARE1 Lasallian Recollection 1 (0) SAS1000 Student Affairs Services 1000 (0)
NSTP101 NSTP General Orientation (0)

Total Units 22(0) Total Units 19(5) Total Units 19(3)

FIRST TERM, Academic Year 2014-2015 SECOND TERM, Academic Year 2014-2015 THIRD TERM, Academic Year 2014-2015
Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Course Title Units Prerequisites
ACCTBA3 Fundamentals of Accounting 3 3 ACCTBA2 BCOMMKT Business Communication for Marketing Majors 3 ENGLCOM MARKCU1 Consumer Behavior/Research Application 3
DECSCI2 Decision Science 2 3 DECSCI1 MARKRES Marketing Research 3
MANSCIE Management Science 3 BUSANA1; DECSCI1

Law on Obligations, Contracts, Sales and other Business
ECONTWO Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 ECONONE BUSLAW1 Contracts
3 BASFIN1 Basic Financial Management 1 3 ACCTBA2

MARKET1 Principles of Marketing 3
ENGLRES Basic Research Skills / English For Specific Purpose 3 ENGLCOM HUMAART Introduction to Art 3 ENGLRES

INTFILO Introductory Philosophy 3 FILDLAR Pagbasa at Pagsulat sa Iba't-Ibang Disiplina 3 FILKOMU HUMALIT Introduction to Literature 3 ENGLRES
TREDTWO The Filipino Christian in a Changing World 3 TREDONE KASPIL2 Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas 3 KASPIL1 GREATWK The Great Works 3

FTDANCE Physical Fitness and Wellness in Dance 2 FITWELL SHURMAN Strategic Human Resource Management 3 HUMANBE CSRGOVE Corporate Social Responsibility and Good Governance 3 MANAORG

PERSEF2 Personal Effectiveness 2 (2) PERSEF1
QLY-MKT Dummy Qualifying (0)
LASARE2 Lasallian Recollection 2 (0) LASARE1
Total Units 20(2) Total Units 21 Total Units 21

FIRST TERM, Academic Year 2015-2016 SECOND TERM, Academic Year 2015-2016 THIRD TERM, Academic Year 2015-2016
Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Course Title Units Prerequisites Course Course Title Units Prerequisites
MARKRET Retail Marketing 3 MANSCIE;MARKCU1 MARKPUB Public Relations 3 MARKCU1 MARKEL2 Marketing Elective 2 ** (see table 1) 3
Salesmanship and Sales Management for Marketing MARKCU1; MARKRET;
MARKSAM Students
3 MARKET1 MARKPRU Product Management 3
MARKEXP Export Marketing 3 MARKCU1

Principles and Tecniques of Print and Non-Traditional
MARKEL1 Marketing Elective 1 ** (see table 1) 3 MARKAD1 Advertising
3 MARKCU1 MARKSEV Marketing of Services 3 MARKAD1;MARKSAM;MA

BASFIN2 Basic Financial Management 2 3 BASFIN1 STRATMA Strategic Management 3 BASFIN2;OPEMANA QUALMAN Total Quality Management 3 OPEMANA
Principles of Taxation, Income and other Transfer and
OPEMANA Operations Management 3 MANAORG BUSLAW3 Business Taxes
3 BUSLAW1 SPEECOM Oral Communication / Advanced Speech Class 3 ENGLCOM
Law on Business Organizations (Partnerhip, Corporations
BUSLAW2 and other Business Organizations)
3 BUSLAW1 TREDTRI The Christian and the Word 3 TREDTWO TREDFOR The Christian Vocation of Life 3 TREDTRI

Total Units 18 Total Units 18 IPERSEF Integrating Course on Personal Effectiveness (0) PERSEF2
LASARE3 Lasallian Recollection 3 (0) LASARE2
Total Units 18(0) - Con't. at the back -

HILARIO S. MARKEL1 and 2 (Marketing Electives) Pre-requisites Course Course Title Pre-requisites MARKSOC Social Marketing MARKCU1 MARKCOM Marketing E-Commerce MARKCU1 MARKNET Network Marketing MARKCU1 MARKAD2 Principles and Techniques of MARKAD1 Broadcast Advertising MARKEVE Events Marketing MARKCU1 MARKHOS Hospitality Marketing MARKCU1 INTELAW International Trade and Law ECONONE Prepared by : DR. Academic Year 2016-2017 Course Code Course Title Units Prerequisites ALL MARKETING THSMKTG Marketing Practicum/Thesis 3 SUBJECTS Total Units 3 Total Academic Units 179 units Total Non-Academics (10) units TOTAL 189 units Table 1. SANTIAGO Dean. Ramon V. Please be guided accordingly. Marketing Management Department ENTRY INTO THE MARKETING PROGRAM REQUIRES THE COMPLETION OF THE FOLLOWING COURSES: BUSANA1. CARAAN Vice Dean. del Rosario College of Business THSMKTG (THESIS) CANNOT BE ENROLLED DURING SUMMER TERM AND CANNOT BE TAKEN WITH OTHER SUBJECTS TO THE STUDENT: Please take note that courses should not be enrolled without having passed their respective pre-requisites. COMPUTER AND ECONONE. ANDREA L. del Rosario College of Business NOTE: COURSES IN ITALICS ARE MAJORS. Ramon 2 ID 113 MKT Course Checklist FIRST TERM. DECSCI1. DR. MA. Courses taken without having passed the pre-requisites will be INVALIDATED. 2013 ID # _____________________ . NAME: _________________________________________ * as of July 9. ONLY 3 (THREE) MAJOR SUBJECTS ARE ALLOWED EACH TERM Approved by: DR. LUISA C. DELAYCO Chair. MA.