As of March 21, 2016 - Subject to Additional Changes

YEAR I (Class of 2020) YEAR II (Class of 2019)

Orientation Block 5-Host Defense and Host Response
Wed 7/6 - Fri 7/8 Start date: Mon 8/1
End date: Fri 11/4
White Coat Ceremony Clinical Immersion Week: Mon 10/17-10/21
Sun 7/10 Musculoskeletal Week: Mon 10/24-Fri 10/28
Structure Exam: Tue 11/1
Block 1-Becoming a Doctor SSEQ Exam: Thu 11/3
Start date: Mon 7/11 NBME Exam: Fri 11/4
End date: Fri 8/12 Labor Day: Mon 9/5 (No Classes)
Structure Exam: Thu 8/11
SSEQ Exam: Fri 8/12 Block 6-Cognition, Sensation, and Movement
Start date: Mon 11/7
Block 2-The Human Blueprint End date: Tue 2/28
Start date: Mon 8/15 Clinical Immersion Week: Mon 2/20-Fri 2/24
End date: Fri 10/28 Structure Exam: Tue 1/17
Clinical Immersion Week: Mon 10/17-Fri 10/21 SSEQ Exam: Mon 2/27
Structure Exam: Tue 10/25 NBME Exam: Tue 2/28
SSEQ Exam: Thu 10/27 Thanksgiving: Mon 11/21-Fri 11/25 (No Classes)
NBME Exam: Fri 10/28 Winter Break: 12/19-Mon 1/2 (No Classes)
Labor Day: Mon 9/5 (No Classes) MLK Day: Mon 1/16 (No Classes)

Block 3-Food to Fuel Block 8-Foundations of Clinical Medicine
Start date: Mon 10/31 Year 2 Summative OSCE: Jan 23-Feb 13
End date: Fri 2/3
Clinical Immersion Week: Tue 1/17-Fri 1/20 Clinical Rotations
Structure Exam: Tue 1/31 Bridge Week: 6/26-6/30
SSEQ Exam: Thu 2/2
NBME Exam: Fri 2/3
Thanksgiving: Mon 11/21-Fri 11/25 (No Classes)
Winter Break: Mon 12/19-Mon 1/2 (No Classes)
MLK Day: Mon 1/16 (No Classes)

Block 4-Homeostasis
Start date: Mon 2/6
End date: Fri 5/19
Clinical Immersion Week: Mon 5/1-Fri 5/5
Structure Exam: Tue 5/16
SSEQ Exam: Thu 5/18
NBME Exam: Fri 5/19
Spring Break: Mon 3/13-Fri 3/17 (No Classes)

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