Aglaia Manesi

Nationality: Irish / Greek
Tel: 0030 693 404 5379


!Professional and proactive individual seeking a career in International humanitarian / development

projects. Open minded and adaptable with good interpersonal skills. I am keen to push my boundaries
and pursue new challenges.
!Nov 2013 Bioforce, Lyon, France
Security & Safety Management
Humanitarian Programme Cycle Management
Modules include: Project Assessment, Design, Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation
!Jan 2007 Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Postgraduate in International Affairs
Modules include: UNDP and Millennium development goals; Poverty Reduction
Strategy; International History and Law; Arab world; Chinese Foreign Affairs; Peace and

! Conflict.

Jun 1999 Brunel University of London, UK
B.A. in European Business Studies and Modern Languages
Modules include: EU history & law; Project Management; Human Resources;

! Exchange semester in: Scuola di Amministrazione Aziendale of Turin, Italy

Jun 1995 Third Lyceum of Corfu, Greece
Pan-Hellenic Exams; Maths, History, Economics
Sep16 - Mar17 Reception & Identification Service of Migration Ministry / NORCAP, Athens, Greece
Administration Coordinator
Provide administrative support and capacity building to the Coordination Department
which supports the camps around the country.
Sep14 - Jan16 International Committee of the Red Cross, Wau & Juba, South Sudan
Administration Manager
Supervision of Finance, HR and the management / maintenance of Premises.
Despite an understaffed and under-qualified department, I put emphasis on staff
recruitment, training and empowerment, re-attributing tasks and reinforcing the team.
We kept up with growing operations and responded well to last-minute changes in
operations, requiring our rapid response.
Jul14 - Aug14 Médecins Sans Frontières, Ndjamena, Chad
Temporary support to Administration & HR Coordinator
In the rapidly growing operations, I supported the Administration team, by putting
systems in place, introducing new or adapting existing follow-up tools, re-attributing
tasks, updating procedures. It was a short yet highly rewarding mission, having
boosted the team’s morale and improved their performance.
Feb14 - May14 Médecins Sans Frontières, Conakry, Guinea
Administration & HR Coordinator
I was assigned to fill-up a gap and improve the poor performance of the Admin team.
Our major achievement was the initial rapid response to the Ebola outbreak.
Nov12 - Jul13 Médecins Sans Frontières - All Sections, Kinshasa, DR Congo
Office Manager
I initially focused on restructuring and reinforcing the protocol department that dealt
with a challenging local bureaucracy relating to visas, increasing its efficiency and
reducing the fines. Then, a number of logistic management rules were put in place,
and the office management gained self-sufficiency despite gaps in key positions.
May11 - Sep12 Ilios Travel Agency, Corfu, Greece
Area Coordinator for French Tour Operator
• Coordinated holiday package related activities
• Built +/ maintained a good partnership with local suppliers
• Dealt tactfully with any miscellaneous disturbances.

Oct08 - Oct09 Médecins Sans Frontières, Monrovia, Liberia
Administration & HR Coordinator
I participated in the closure strategy of one project and the gradual reduction of
activities in the second project, with delicate handling of HR and other legal issues.
• Thefts, burglaries, legal complications and staff disputes
• Budget follow-up and Interim Finance Coordinator (Jul/Aug09)
• Negotiated +/ collaborated with Ministries, Local Authorities and local
• Field visits.
Oct07 - Sep08 Médecins Sans Frontières, N’djamena, Chad
Administration & HR Coordinator
In addition to the job described above:
• Introduced & implemented HR policies and guidelines for new projects
• Participated in planning and closing-down the mission in just four months
➢ Evacuation and set up of a Chadian refugee camp in Cameroon.
Jun07 - Sep07 HELLENIC ISLAND SERVICES, Corfu, Greece
Area Coordinator for Spanish Tour Operator
Managed the local office and was in charge of the entire island operations,
coordinating travel, transfer & accommodation logistics, responding to client needs
and cooperating with local partners.
Jan05 - Transtec S.A., Brussels, Belgium
Jan06 Assistant in International Development Project Management
Assisted in international development project management, from conception to
completion, with parallel assistance to field teams.
May02 - Oct04 Mancan Travel Shipping Agency, Corfu, Greece
Assistant Coordinator of multiple shipping operations for international cargo and
passenger ship companies, as well as developing partner relations.
May01 - Jan02 Olympic Airways, Madrid, Spain
Assistant Coordinator of airline airport operations. I participated in the supervision
of the handling process and applied interpersonal and communication skills to
resolve extraordinary passenger issues and grievances.
Feb98 - Jul98 Assicurazioni Generali, Trieste, Italy
Management Internship in the Claims Dept. of an International Insurance
!Languages Fluent in English, Greek, French, Spanish and Italian.
Understanding of Portuguese.

!Computing Beginner of Arabic.

Competent user of Microsoft Office and other specialized HR & accounting tools.
!I enjoy travelling and interacting with people of different cultures. I have been to Europe, America,

!I prefer team-sports such as volleyball and sailing and I have participated in various competitions. I also

!I appreciate arts, literature, social events and debates.
enjoy tennis and water sports.

!Available upon request.