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Operating Instructions

CD Stereo System

Model No. SC-AK580

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System SC-AK580
Please keep this manual for future reference.
Main unit SA-AK580
Speakers SB-AK780

Please check and identify the supplied accessories.

1 x AC mains lead 1 x FM indoor antenna

2 x Remote control 1 x AM loop antenna
1 x Remote Control

Operations in these instructions are described mainly using the remote control, but you can perform the operations on the
main unit if the controls are the same.
Your unit may not look exactly the same as illustrated.


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user manuals 2 on 5/6/09 10:58:19 AM 5/6/09 10:58:22 AM .... ESPAÑOL RQTX0271 3 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB.... indicators fail to light................................. Grasp the plug firmly when unplugging the lead... disconnect the AC mains lead and contact your dealer or an authorized service centre.. They contain flammable gases which can ignite if sprayed into the unit........ 4 ENGLISH conditions can damage the cabinet and other components........... 20 Do not handle the plug with wet hands.............. 7 Discs ......... 5 Place it at least 15 cm away from wall surfaces to avoid distortion DEMO function................. Placement of speakers.. Extend operating life by disconnecting the unit from the power source if it is not to be used for a long time... Do not let liquids get into the unit............ 18 Poor connection and lead damage can cause fire or electric shock.................................... thereby shortening the unit’s service life... These Preparing the remote control . high humidity.... If sound is interrupted. or place heavy items on the lead.................. 11 Do not use high voltage power sources....................... Service Do not attempt to repair this unit by yourself.......................................... Do not place heavy items on the unit........... Making the connections.......... smoke appears...indd user manuals 3 on ManualsBase........ immediately disconnect the unit from the power supply and contact your dealer....................................................... 19 Do not pull.... Troubleshooting guide . This can overload the unit and cause a fire... or any other problem that ESPAÑOL is not covered in these instructions occurs................. Specifications ..... Pulling the AC When moving the unit .... Maintenance .............. 16 ESPAÑOL Using the microphone..... Check the source carefully when Using the timers .... This can cause electric shock... 17 Ensure the AC mains lead is connected correctly and not damaged.................. 19 mains lead can cause electric shock... and excessive vibration................. 4 high temperatures............. 16 AC mains lead protection Using other equipments ......................... disassembled or reconstructed by unqualified persons...... This can cause electric shock or malfunction....... 9 Voltage Using the FM/AM radio..................... 6 and unwanted acoustical effects.......... 6 Overview of controls ........ If this occurs................................... Electric shock or damage to the unit can occur if the unit is repaired............ This can cause electric shock or malfunction....... Foreign matter ESPAÑOL Do not let metal objects fall inside the unit.... USB .................. Do not spray insecticides onto or into the unit..................... 15 setting the unit up on a ship or other places where DC is used......... 3 Set the unit up on an even surface away from direct sunlight. Safety precautions Table of contents Placement Safety precautions ........................................................................ Handling of the disc trays and discs ...... bend.................... 12 Do not use a DC power source............. Using sound effects ......

Using other speakers can damage the unit and sound quality will be negatively affected. • You can damage your speakers and shorten their useful life if you play sound at high levels over extended periods. apparent. – When adjusting the sound quality. and can cause fire. Do not place them near televisions. • Use the speakers only with the recommended system. ESPAÑOL Use only the supplied speakers. • Remove the batteries if the remote control is not going to be used for a long period of time. Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions. obstacles. • These speakers do not have magnetic shielding. AA influenced by magnetism. • Mishandling of batteries in the remote control can cause electrolyte leakage. Replace ESPAÑOL only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Placement of speakers Preparing the remote control Speakers are designed identically so that no left or right channel orientation is necessary.indd user manuals 4 on ManualsBase. sunlight for a long period of time with doors and windows closed. dark place. Aim at the remote control signal sensor (\ page 7). • Do not attempt to recharge alkaline or manganese batteries. Failure to do so can damage the amplifier and speakers. • Do not leave the battery(ies) in an automobile exposed to direct • Do not attach these speakers to walls or ceilings. which may cause a fire. at a maximum range of 7 m directly in front of the unit. Store in a cool. Insert so the poles (+ and –) match those in the remote control. • Reduce the volume in the following cases to avoid damage. Consult a qualified service person if • Do not use batteries if the covering has been peeled off. damage occurs or if a sudden change in performance is • Do not heat or expose to flame. ENGLISH You cannot take the front net off the speakers. • Do not take apart or short circuit the batteries. Note on using the remote control ESPAÑOL • Do not mix old and new batteries. Note: • Keep your speakers at least 10mm away from the system for proper ventilation. The combination of the main unit and speakers provide the best sound. ESPAÑOL RQTX0271 4 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. Caution • Do not use different types of batteries at the same time. CAUTION Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Use alkaline or manganese 5/6/09 10:58:23 AM . avoiding – When playing distorted sound. personal computers or other devices easily R6/LR6.

depending on the type of inlet used. Push Note: Do not screw too ESPAÑOL tightly.indd user manuals 5 on ManualsBase. Note: RQTX0271 • The included AC mains lead is for use with this unit 5/6/09 10:58:47 AM . the front part of the connector may jut out as shown in the drawing. You will need to reset some memory items after plugging in the unit. Otherwise. Making the connections Connect the AC mains lead only after all the other connections have been made. Do not use it with other equipment. etc. the screwdriver goes around Red White in circle and cannot be fixed. unplug it from the household mains socket. However there is no problem using the unit. ■ FM indoor antenna ■ AM loop antenna Adhesive tape Use a Phillips-head screwdriver. ESPAÑOL (L) (R) Speaker connections ESPAÑOL Connect the To household mains socket left (L) side in the same way AC mains lead connection Insertion of connector Even when the connector is perfectly inserted. Black Stand the antenna up on Click! Please refer to “Connecting to other its base. • Do not use an AC mains lead from other equipment. ESPAÑOL Appliance inlet Connector For your reference To save power when the unit is not to be used for a long time. 5 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. ENGLISH Antenna connections Place the antenna where reception is best. external unit” on page 17 for more information on the AUX connection.

OPEN/CLOSE] to insert or remove • Insert one disc into the tray. DEMO OFF (off) DEMO ON (on) While in standby mode. you can show a demonstration by selecting “DEMO ON”. select “DEMO OFF” to reduce power 5/6/09 10:58:54 AM . The display changes each time you press and hold the button. convenient location. • Leave the loop antenna connected. Removing the mains plug Press [y/I] to turn off the unit and remove the mains plug only after all the displays have disappeared. –DEMO] (demo) on the main unit. Do not use the outdoor antenna during a lightning storm. Inserting a disc Tray caution ESPAÑOL • Place the disc correctly with the label facing up as shown in the diagram. • Run a piece of vinyl wire horizontally across a window or other • The antenna should be installed by a competent technician. Note: ENGLISH Disconnect the outdoor antenna when the unit is not in use. Note: DEMO function cannot be turned on when dimmer function is on. ESPAÑOL If the demo setting is off. FM outdoor antenna AM outdoor antenna AM outdoor antenna (not included) Rear panel of this main unit 5 to 12 m FM outdoor antenna Rear panel of (not included) this main unit 75 Ω coaxial cable Push (not included) AM loop antenna (included) ESPAÑOL • Disconnect the FM indoor antenna. 7. –DEMO ESPAÑOL Handling of the disc trays and discs Not doing the following will cause damage to the unit. Press and hold [7. • Always press [0. Making the connections (continued) Optional antenna connections Use an outdoor antenna if radio reception is poor.indd user manuals 6 on ManualsBase. 6 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. DEMO function When the unit is first plugged in. RQTX0271 • Do not push or pull out the tray by hand as this will cause an accident. a demonstration of its functions may be shown on the display. a disc.

Overview of controls Main unit Refer to the numbers in parentheses for page reference.indd user manuals 7 on ManualsBase. Volume control (16) Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones can cause hearing loss. the Disc tray open or close unit is still consuming a small (6. 19) Press to switch the unit from on to standby mode or vice 5/6/09 10:59:22 AM . Disc change (10) ! 6 Track skip function (9. Buttons labelled such as 1 function in exactly the same way as the controls on the remote control (\ page 8).5 mm stereo (not included) ESPAÑOL RQTX0271 7 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. 12) 2 ESPAÑOL 8 USB recording indicator (12) USB port (12) Disc direct play (9) 3 7 9 Manual EQ’s bass control setting (16) Remote control signal sensor 5 4 Microphone volume control (16) ESPAÑOL Music port jack (17) Microphone jack (16) Stop playback. In standby mode. 9) amount of power. ENGLISH Display panel (9. 13) Disc trays ESPAÑOL 1 Standby/on switch [y/l] (6. Headphone jack ( ) Demonstration function (6) Avoid listening for prolonged periods of time to prevent hearing damage. Plug type: Ø 3.

• The setting is maintained even if the unit is turned off. • Press the button again or adjust the RQTX0271 • Press the button to activate the function. 14. the unit in disc or USB mode only after left • Press the button to activate the function. 3 Music port selection (17) manual EQ setting (9 to 12. 12). 17) [OK] Preset EQ selection (16) Dimmer function ESPAÑOL Display function (9. 8 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. Confirm selection (10. • Press the button again to cancel. 17) Volume control (12. time adjustment. 15) ESPAÑOL Delete function (10) Muting function Program function (10. 12. unused for 10 minutes.indd user manuals 8 on ManualsBase. 10. check program content. • Press the button to activate the function.BASS selection (16) Tuning mode selection (11) ! [2 3].com 5/6/09 10:59:49 AM . 8 Disc play or pause (9) Repeat function (10) 9 AUX selection (17) 2 USB play or pause (12) ! Track skip or search. • Press the button again to cancel. 12) [5 ∞]. 15. tuning function. 13) CD to USB high-speed recording function (13) Edit mode function (13) 6 USB recording or pause (12) Recording mode selection (14) ESPAÑOL This auto off function allows you to turn off To dim the display panel. 11) 7 Tuner (FM/AM) selection (11) Play mode function (9. 11. 12) 4 Manual EQ selection (16) 5 D. Album selection (9. volume to cancel. ENGLISH Clock or timer setting (15) 1 Play timer or record timer setting (15) Disc selection (9) Sleep timer setting (15) Auto off function Numeric selection (9. timer operation. 11. To mute the sound. 16) ESPAÑOL RE-MASTER selection (16) Stop playback or program clear (9. Overview of controls (continued) Remote control Buttons labelled such as 1 function in exactly the same way as the controls on the main unit (\ page 7). preset channel selection.

Example: 4 5 1 2 3. or turn [TRACK] even if the unit is turned off.indd user manuals 9 on ManualsBase. load a disc in the current tray with the label Preparation facing up. While in stop mode Press [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢] followed by ESPAÑOL [6. Note: You cannot use program mode together with “Play Mode function”.ALBUM RANDOM Pause play Press [6. have been played. Press [PLAY MODE] to select the desired mode. 1-ALBUM 1-ALB Display when in the stop mode: Play one selected album on the selected Example: “MP3” indicates the disc contains disc. CD] to start play. During 1-ALBUM and 1-ALBUM RANDOM Elapsed play time Remaining play time mode. you (during play only) (Artist) (Track) (Album) can search only within the track. When playback ends Skip tracks During play The current play mode will be retained in memory until it is changed Press [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢]. turn [TRACK] to skip and play Checking the track information your desired track. • Titles entered with 2-byte code cannot be displayed correctly on this unit. ALBUM] to select the album. ALBUM] to select the album. Press [5/∞. track skipping can only be done within the current album. 1 DISC RND 1. Press the numeric buttons to select the ESPAÑOL Stop playback Press [7] (stop) during play. • Titles containing text data that the unit does not support may be differently displayed. Search Elapsed Remaining Album Track through tracks play time play time name name Press and hold [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢] during play or pause to search. track in the current disc. 9 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. MP3 files.1). Total number Total number of albums of tracks 1-DISC RANDOM Play one selected disc randomly. Skip album Press [5/∞. 1-TRACK Play one selected track on the selected Current disc indicator 1-TR disc. 1-ALB RND Press again to resume play. Play all tracks in one selected album randomly. You can also press [3. Discs Play Mode function Basic play ENGLISH 1 Press [0. Alternatively. RQTX0271 • ID3 is a tag embedded in MP3 track to provide information about the track. • During random play (\ see right. ALL-DISC Play all loaded discs in succession from ALL DISC the selected disc to the final disc. Note: • “NO TAG” is displayed if titles with tags have not been entered. you cannot skip to tracks which panel. “Play Mode You can view the information of the current track from the display function”). 1-DISC Play one selected disc. ESPAÑOL • During program play (\ page 10).0 and 1. to skip to your desired 5/6/09 10:59:53 AM . Press [0. Press [DISPLAY] repeatedly during play or pause. ESPAÑOL Press [5/∞. track and artist name with MP3 ID3 tags (version 1. ALBUM] to select the desired album during play or when in stop mode. OPEN/CLOSE] to close the tray. OPEN/CLOSE] on the main unit to open the tray. Select and play your desired disc. 5] or [¶ DISC] and then 1 DISC [ ¶ 1] ~ [ ¶ 5] to select and play the other loaded discs. ALL-DISC RANDOM • This function does not work during 1-DISC ALL DISC RND RANDOM mode. • This unit can display album. or random Playing bit rate Tag Tag Tag play (\ see right. 1] ~ [3. CD] during play. 2 Press [6. CD] to skip and play your desired track. “Play Mode function”). Play all loaded discs randomly. You can listen to specific discs and tracks. The unit turns on.

CD] in the stop program mode. “REPEAT ON” and “ ” are displayed. 2 Press [PROGRAM]. Repeat steps 4 to 6 in the stop mode. Add to the program NOTE on MP3 Repeat steps 3 and 4 in the stop mode. press the numeric buttons after press [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢]. RQTX0271 • Some MP3s may not be played due to the condition of the disc or recording. only the format recorded in the first session can be played. Discs (continued) Changing multiple discs Clear the last Press [DEL] in the stop mode. “REPEAT OFF” is displayed and “ ” is cleared. You can repeat program play or other selected play mode. Note: Repeat steps 3 and 4 to program other tracks. • It may not be able to play some CD-R/RW due to the condition ESPAÑOL For two-digit track. • You cannot program more than one disc. ENGLISH Press [0. OPEN/CLOSE]. the disc tray. Replay the Press [PROGRAM] then [6. 10 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. • If the player is stopped. CD] to start play. EXCHANGE] repeatedly to check and change programmed “CLEAR ALL” is displayed. extended formats). 5 Press [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢] to select the track. • This unit can access up to 999 tracks. 4 Press the numeric buttons to select your desired track. CD] to start 5/6/09 10:59:58 AM .indd user manuals 10 on ManualsBase. To cancel Press and hold [– REPEAT] again. NOTE about using a DualDisc 2 Press [7] (stop). To close the remaining • The program memory is cleared when you change a disc or open trays simultaneously. • You cannot program CD-DA together with MP3 tracks. program mode • Do not write anything on the disc. CD] and then [7] (stop). ALBUM] to select your desired album. 255 albums and 20 sessions. • Do not use irregularly shaped disc. prefix the folder and file names with 3-digits numbers in the order you want to play them. all trays will open. “Play Mode function” (\ page 9). The digital audio content side of a DualDisc does not meet the technical specifications of the Compact Disc Digital Audio 3 Press [PROGRAM]. Cancel Press [PROGRAM] in the stop mode. NOTE on CDs 6 Press [OK]. Press and hold [– REPEAT]. press [0. The track number. 1 Press [6. The program order is displayed followed by the • Recordings will not necessarily be played in the order you album number and track number. Repeat steps 4 to 6 to program other tracks. multiple discs. For three-digit track. The unit will skip that track and play Track number Program order the next one. • Do not use disc with labels and stickers that are coming off or with adhesive exuding from under labels and stickers. program order and disc number are displayed: When “PLAYERROR” appears on the display. 3 Press [¶ DISC] and then [ ¶ 1] ~ [ ¶ 5] to select the disc. tracks Note: Note: • The tray with a disc being played will not open. “PGM” appears. an unsupported MP3 format is being played. ESPAÑOL 1 Press [¶ DISC] and then [ ¶ 1] ~ [ ¶ 5] to select the disc. of the recording. contents • To play in a certain order. (CD-DA) format so playback may not be possible. You can use repeat mode with “Program play” (\ see left) and 5 Press [6. Limitations on MP3 play • If you have recorded MP3 on the same disc as CD-DA. • Files are treated as tracks and folders are treated as albums. press [h10] once then the two digits. track By main unit only Clear all Press [7] (clear) in the stop mode. To select a track directly. Check Press [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢] when “PGM” is • Disc must conform to ISO9660 level 1 or 2 (except for ESPAÑOL program displayed in the stop mode. • This unit can access up to 99 tracks. 7 Press [6. • Do not attach extra labels or stickers on the disc. recorded them. • This unit can play MP3 files and CD-DA format audio CD-R/RW that have been finalised. Advanced play Program play Repeat play ESPAÑOL This function allows you to program up to 24 tracks. press [h10] twice then the three digits. 4 Press [5/∞.

When finished. To tune automatically Press and hold [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢] until the frequency starts CURRENT Tuning begins from the current frequency. 1 Press [OK] repeatedly to select either “CURRENT” or “LOWEST”. Each time you press button: BP2 BP1 3 Press [PROGRAM]. 2 Press [TUNE MODE] to select “MANUAL”. LOWEST Tuning begins from the lowest frequency. OR ESPAÑOL 1 Press [TUNE MODE] to select “PRESET”. When “AM” is selected Press and hold [TUNE MODE]. 2 Press [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢] to select the channel. press [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢] once again. 4 Press the numeric buttons to select a channel. 5 Repeat steps 2 to 4 to preset more 5/6/09 11:00:01 AM . • To cancel auto tuning. Preparation Press [FM/AM] to select “FM” or “AM”. 3 Press [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢] to select the frequency of the Automatic presetting required station. ESPAÑOL • Auto tuning may be interrupted when there is excessive interference. • Turn off “MONO” for normal listening. 1 Press [TUNE MODE] to select “MANUAL”.indd user manuals 11 on ManualsBase. stopping when it finds a station. 2 Press and hold [PROGRAM] to start presetting. the first station memorised is tuned in. RQTX0271 11 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. changing rapidly. For channels 10 to 30 press [h10]. The unit begins auto tuning. The tuner presets all the stations it can receive into the channels To improve the sound quality in ascending order. The station occupying a channel is erased if another station is preset to that channel. ESPAÑOL Manual presetting • MONO is also cancelled if the frequency is changed. 1 Press [FM/AM] to select “FM” or “AM”. Using the FM/AM radio Manual tuning Memory preset ENGLISH 30 FM and 15 AM stations can be preset. 2 Press [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢] to tune to the required station. ESPAÑOL Selecting a preset station Press the numeric buttons to select the channel. “ ” is displayed when a stereo FM broadcast is being received. To cancel Press and hold [TUNE MODE] again until “MONO” disappears. When “FM” is selected Press and hold [TUNE MODE] to display “MONO”. then the two digits.

Radio recording: Tune in the station (\ page 11). OR “REC” is displayed and USB recording indicator blinks. USB enabled device ESPAÑOL (not included) Basic recording 1 Connect the USB device. Record Program the tracks you want (\ page 10). specific mode (\ page 9). Note: 1 Press [6. or turn [TRACK] (\ page 9. Press [6. Stop recording Press [7] (stop). USB The USB connectivity enables you to record sound or music tracks from various sources to MP3 format and store into the USB mass Recording to a USB mass storage device storage device which can be played back. ALBUM] to select the desired folder’s name. It is not recommended to use a USB extension cable. Stop playback Press [7] (stop) during play. Pause play Press [6. Press the numeric buttons. CD] and then [7] (stop). USB] during play. USB] and then [7] (stop). 3 Press [¶¥8. programmed The current track will be memorised. Typically.mp3 format. “WRITING” is displayed for a few second. • Repeat mode will turn off when recording starts. album during play or when in stop mode. USB] to resume play. Depending on the memory. USB REC]. 2) Prepare the desired disc recording mode. Preparation Note: Before connecting any USB mass storage device to the unit. ensure • This function does not work during any “RANDOM” mode that the data stored therein has been backed up. selection. Playing a USB mass storage device 2 Select the source to be recorded. connected via the cable will not be recognised by this unit. USB REC] to start recording. MUSIC PORT or AUX recording: Connect and play the equipment (\ page 17). CD recording: 1 Reduce the volume and connect the USB mass storage 1) Insert the disc(s) you want to record. ENGLISH Panasonic will not be held responsible on the consumer’s action to record copyrighted music in the form of various audio files Connecting a USB mass storage device which results in copyright infringement. “RENAME” and “ALBUM” will be displayed when the system rearranges and renames the folders in ascending order. A track mark (\ page 14) is inserted every time you pause. 2 ESPAÑOL Press [6. Shows the time is 10 minutes Shows the time 20 hours and 15 seconds and 15 minutes RQTX0271 12 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. Skip tracks Press [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢]. “REC” blinks. OR Record Press [PLAY MODE] to select the desired Press [7] (stop) again to clear the position.indd user manuals 12 on 5/6/09 11:00:03 AM . “Basic play”). “REXXXXXX MAKING” is displayed. music port or AUX source (except in SYNCHRO mode). Checking the USB status Erase a (\ page 14) recorded track ESPAÑOL You can check the available recording time of the USB device. USB] to start play. where “REXXXXXX” is the ESPAÑOL Skip album Press [5/∞. device to the USB port. tracks Press [6. tracks Press again to resume play. • All tracks are recorded to . Pause recording Press [¶¥8. the album’s sequence may change once the recording has completed. • The recorded sound or music tracks are stored in a folder named “REC_DATA”. Press again to resume recording. USB memory devices (bulk only transfer). Note: Pause can only be performed during recording from the radio. Ensure the disc has stopped. The device • A new album is created each time you perform a recording. 2 Press [DISPLAY].

CD] and then [7] (stop). (analogue recording) (digital recording) Note: Press [DISPLAY] repeatedly during recording. USB remaining REC time REC mode ESPAÑOL RQTX0271 13 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. Erased a (\ page 14) recorded track ESPAÑOL Recording from CD using analogue format Note: • Some files may take longer to record. USB REC] to start recording. 1 Press [6. Recording of MP3 tracks Advanced recording functions ENGLISH You can record MP3 tracks stored in an album from disc to a USB device. 4 Press [¶¥8. Recording speed: 2 Press [6. “NO FILE RECORDED” • The sound is muted during high-speed recording. Checking the track information 2 Press and hold [EDIT MODE] to select “ANALOG-REC”. Example: 2 Press [6. • Depending on the condition of the disc. only the first three tracks will recording. 3 ESPAÑOL Press [PLAY MODE] to select 1-TRACK.indd user manuals 13 on ManualsBase. in the album. CD to USB device : Four times (maximum of 4x) the normal speed. Record the CD at normal speed. “NO. • High-speed recording is not applicable while using analogue Elapsed play time Remaining play time mode. CD-RW to USB device : Two times (2x) the normal speed. it may not be possible Example: If recording stops amidst the fourth to record at four times the normal speed or perform high-speed track. be stored. Each time you press and hold the button: While performing basic recording function (\ page 12). USB REC] simultaneously Recording stops at the last completed track to start recording. • The recording mode returns to the default “DIGITAL-REC” after ESPAÑOL Example: display during CD recording completing the analogue recording. is displayed if recording stops amidst the first track. 4 Press [CD HI-SPEED] and [¶¥8. • Depending on the condition of the disc or file. CD] and then [7] (stop). 1-DISC or ALL Album being recorded Percentage of the DISC. FXXX” which is the folder Note: name will be displayed. 1 Insert the CD you want to record. CD] and then [7] (stop).com 5/6/09 11:00:15 AM . 3 Press [5/∞. High-speed recording 1 Insert the disc you want to record. recording process Stop recording Press [7] (stop). you can ANALOG-REC DIGITAL-REC view the information of the current track from the display panel. ALBUM] to select the desired album. You can change your recording mode from the default digital recording to analogue recording. some MP3 files may not be able to record.

Press [REC MODE] repeatedly to select your desired setting. 14 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. some files may not work. easily.] • Depending on the sector 5/6/09 11:00:17 AM . than 999 tracks will be erased. TRACKDEL Erase single track Note: You cannot change the recording mode during recording. ESPAÑOL Supported format • Folders are defined as album. Recording mode Effect 3 Press [EDIT MODE] repeatedly to select your desired 128 KBPS Long play mode erasing mode. 6 Press [1. • Track must have the extension “. 2] to select “YES” then press [OK] to confirm the erasure. it charges all the time except standby mode. [Only FAT 12/16/32 (File Allocation Table 12/16/32) file system is supported. SYNCHRO Recording automatically starts when the other equipment starts to play. 128 KBPS 192 KBPS 320 KBPS 1 Press [6. MANUAL TIME MARK OR Press [1. 1. • USB devices that support USB 2. • CBI (Control/Bulk/Interrupt) is not supported.MP3”. Example: When recording from analogue source such as radio. you may want to separate the sound or music track at desired point during recording. 2 Press [5. only 999 tracks in albums which contain more recording.mp3” or “. Within 2 seconds or so. You can perform this separation by adding track marks using the various listed modes. Note: Press [OK] to add track mark during ESPAÑOL For “ALBUMDEL”. • Maximum album: 255 albums RQTX0271 • Maximum track: 2500 tracks • Maximum track in one album: 999 tracks When you connect your digital audio player to the USB port. music port or AUX.0 full speed. USB] and then [7] (stop). 2] to select your desired album or track.indd user manuals 14 on ManualsBase. Compatible devices • You cannot insert track marks manually in SYNCHRO mode. the five-minute counter will be reset. five minutes. the selected track to be erased is Adding track marks displayed followed by the “PRESS OK” display. Note: NOTE on USB • If you press [OK] or pause recording while using TIME MARK mode during recording. • Files are defined as track. USB (continued) Recording mode Erasing the recorded tracks ENGLISH You can select the desired recording mode before you start the This function allows you to erase unwanted tracks quickly and basic recording (\ page 12). • A device using NTFS file system is not supported. ALBUMDEL Erase one album FORMAT Erase all albums (format the USB device) 4 Press [OK]. ESPAÑOL Before recording Press [EDIT MODE] repeatedly to select your desired track mark mode. 2] to select “NO” then press [OK] to cancel the MUSIC PORT or AUX: erasure. MANUAL SYNCHRO Example: TIME MARK Edit mode Action MANUAL Track marks are inserted manually. Radio: “WRITING” is displayed. Recording pause when detects silence for approximately three seconds. Devices which are defined as USB mass storage class: • USB devices that support bulk only transfer. repeat TIME MARK Track marks are inserted automatically every steps 2 to 6. To erase the selected album. 5 Press [OK] again. ∞. 192 KBPS Normal mode TRACKDEL ALBUMDEL FORMAT 320 KBPS High quality sound mode Original display During recording Press [DISPLAY] repeatedly to display the current recording Edit mode Action ESPAÑOL mode.

Using the timers To activate the timer Setting the clock 5 Press [ ˚PLAY/REC] repeatedly to turn on your desired timer. timer (\ page 11) or select the music port or AUX source (\ page 17). The time is displayed for a few seconds. 5/6/09 11:00:19 AM . Turn the unit on and set the clock. the finish time setting will not be activated. 4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 to set the finishing time. radio. Play timer and record timer cannot be used together. ˚ PLAY ˚ REC ENGLISH No display (off) This is a 24-hour clock. ESPAÑOL Displaying the clock Cancel Press [ ˚PLAY/REC] to clear the timer Press [CLOCK / TIMER] once when the unit is on or in standby indicators from the display. CLOCK ˚ PLAY ˚ REC Change the Repeat steps 1 to 4 and 6 (\ see left and Original display settings above). Using the sleep timer disc number (1 to 5). Using the play or record timer • The record timer will start 30 seconds before the set time with the volume muted. ESPAÑOL 3 Press [CLOCK / TIMER] to confirm. 6 Press [y] to turn off the unit.indd user manuals 15 on ManualsBase. Press [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢] to set the time. • The timer comes on at the set time every day if the timer is on. Play timer Prepare the music source you want to listen to. Press [SLEEP] repeatedly to select your desired time. Change the 1) Press [ ˚PLAY/REC] to clear the timer 2 ( Within 8 seconds or so ) source or indicator from the display. 30 MIN 60 MIN 90 MIN 120 MIN OFF 1 Press [CLOCK/TIMER] repeatedly to select the timer function. USB device or other equipments and set the volume. 1 Press [CLOCK / TIMER] to select “CLOCK”. check that the correct disc is loaded before turning the Note: unit off. Note: • The play and sleep timer or the record and sleep timer can be used together. If you use the unit after the timers are set After using. • The sleep timer always has priority. Changing the remaining time Start time Press [SLEEP] to show the remaining time and press [SLEEP] again to select your desired time. volume 2) Make changes to the source or volume. Reset the clock regularly to maintain accuracy. CLOCK ˚ PLAY ˚ REC ESPAÑOL Original display ˚PLAY : to set the play timer Sleep timer indicator ˚REC : to set the record timer (Proceed to the next step within 8 seconds ) To cancel Press [SLEEP] repeatedly to select “OFF”. (play timer) or to record from the radio or the other equipments • If you turn the unit off and on again while a timer is functioning. 2 Press [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢] to set the starting time. You can set the timer to come on at a certain time to wake you up • The unit must be in the standby mode for the timer to function. 3 Press [CLOCK / TIMER] to finish setting the time. This function enables you to turn off the unit automatically after the Record Insert the USB device and tune to the radio station set time. Finish time RQTX0271 15 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. Check the Press [CLOCK/TIMER] repeatedly to select settings ˚PLAY or ˚REC. ESPAÑOL (record timer). Each time you press the button: The unit must be turned off for the timers to operate. Note: • The play timer will start at the preset time with volume increasing gradually to preset level. 3) Perform steps 5 and 6 (\ see above). Be sure not to overlap timer Play timer indicator Record timer indicator settings.

HEAVY CLEAR SOFT VOCAL DISCO Press [RE-MASTER] repeatedly to select either “ON RE-MASTER” or “OFF RE-MASTER”. ESPAÑOL OR By main unit only 3 Adjust the volume with [+/–. MAX/MIN]. Turn [BASS CONTROL] to either increase (+) or decrease (–) the Note: pitch. the re-master effect is analogue. FLAT (off) HALL LIVE Note: Setting Effect • During CD (MP3) or USB selection. • As for MUSIC PORT selection. radio. ESPAÑOL RQTX0271 16 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB.BASS”. or turn down the • The level of the pitch is between -3 to +3. and turn down the microphone volume level to “MIN”. BASS MID TREBLE Enjoying the microphone mixing Setting Effect You can enjoy microphone mixing from various music sources ( 5/6/09 11:00:21 AM . • If a strange noise (howling) is emitted during use. the re-master effect is digital. move Note: the microphone away from the speakers.indd user manuals 16 on ManualsBase. disconnect it from the next time you select “MANUAL EQ”. VOLUME] and Setting the BASS. [MIC VOL. Using sound effects Changing the sound quality: Changing the sound quality: Preset EQ RE-MASTER ENGLISH Press [PRESET EQ] repeatedly to select your desired setting.BASS DISCO Produces sound with the same kind of lengthy ESPAÑOL reverberations heard at a disco Press [D.BASS] repeatedly to select either “ON D. Plug type : Ø 3.BASS” or LIVE Makes vocals more alive “OFF D. • The changes you make are stored and automatically recalled the • When you are not using the microphone. USB device or other equipments). microphone volume. This feature reproduces the frequencies lost during recording (original soundtrack) to give you a sound closer to the original.5 mm monaural 2 Press [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢] to adjust the level. HALL Adds an expansiveness to the sound to produce the atmosphere of a great concert hall FLAT No effect Changing the sound quality: Using the microphone Manual EQ The buttons described for “Using the microphone” are mainly using the main unit unless indicated otherwise. lower the volume with [MIC VOL. MAX/MIN] and sing along. HEAVY Adds punch to rock CLEAR Clarifies higher frequencies SOFT For background music VOCAL Adds gloss to vocal Enjoying the bass: D. microphone jack. BASS For lower pitch sound MID For middle pitch sound 1 Firstly. connect the microphone (not included) to the microphone TREBLE For higher pitch sound jack. 2 Start playing the music source. ESPAÑOL 1 Press [MANUAL EQ] repeatedly to select your desired setting.

2 Press [MUSIC P. 1 Plug the audio cord into the MUSIC PORT jack. • When units other than those described above are to be connected. The main unit and remote control must be set to the same mode.] (main unit: [MUSIC PORT]) to select “MUSIC PORT”. 3 Play the portable audio equipment. Connecting to a portable audio equipment Note: • For details. repeat both steps above by replacing [2] with [1]. Otherwise.) RQTX0271 17 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB.indd user manuals 17 on ManualsBase. refer to the instruction manual of the unit which is to This feature enables you to enjoy music from a portable audio be connected. (R) 1 Press and hold [MUSIC PORT] on the main unit and [2] on the remote control until the main unit’s display shows Analogue player “REMOTE 2”. (See the portable audio ESPAÑOL equipment’s instruction manual. ESPAÑOL • Sound distortion may occur when you use an adaptor other than the one supplied. Using other equipments Note: All peripheral components and cables are sold 5/6/09 11:00:22 AM . equipment. Portable audio equipment (not included) Audio cord (not included) ESPAÑOL Playing a portable audio equipment Switch off the equaliser function (if there is any) of the portable audio equipment before you plug into the MUSIC PORT jack. (L) (not included) ESPAÑOL 2 Press and hold [OK] and [2] on the remote control for at least 2 seconds. Other Panasonic audio or video equipment may start functioning when you operate the unit using the supplied remote control. Playing an external unit 1 Press [AUX] to select “AUX”. Rear panel of “LINE OUT” this main unit You can operate this unit in another mode by setting the remote position control operating mode to “REMOTE 2”. Connecting to other external unit ENGLISH Avoid interfering with other Panasonic You can connect to an analogue player with a built-in phone equipment equaliser. 2 Start playback from the external source. To change the mode back to “REMOTE 1”. sound from the speaker may be distorted. please consult your audio dealer.

or if the solutions indicated in the chart do not solve the problem. insert it correctly. Distorted sound or no sound. 4 control buttons are pressed. — ESPAÑOL • Switch to either BP 1 or BP 2 when in AM tuner mode. ENGLISH ■ Common problems Page When the unit is in standby • Turn off the demo function. the display lights up and changes continuously. 6 mode. ESPAÑOL RQTX0271 18 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. away from the unit. Turn the unit on again. • Turn the volume up. — displayed is incorrect. consult your dealer for instructions. Distorted sound is heard. insert one it can. ESPAÑOL A “humming” sound can be • An AC mains lead or fluorescent light is near the unit. Keep other appliances and cords — heard during play. 6 heard. Troubleshooting guide Before requesting service. — • USB devices with storage capacity of more than 32 gigabytes may not work in some — instances. Turn it on again and the — tray(s) will initialise to the previous tray(s) condition. 11 A low hum is heard during AM • Separate the antenna from other cables and cords. Slow operation of the USB • Large file size or high memory USB flash drive takes longer time to read. If you are in doubt about some of the check points. — The disc cannot be read. unplug the AC mains — even though it has been lead and plug it in after a lapse of a few seconds. and using the unit in a hot environment. ■ Discs Incorrect display or play will • You have not inserted the disc correctly. ■ USB The USB drive or its contents • The USB drive format or its contents is/are not compatible with the system. warped. Alternatively. ESPAÑOL Disc tray(s) cannot open. 14 cannot be read. — ■ Radio Distorted sound or noise is • Use an outdoor antenna. or non-standard. • The USB host function of this product may not work with some USB devices.indd user manuals 18 on ManualsBase. make the following checks. • Press [y/I] to release the jammed tray(s) as the unit will switch off. please consult the dealer. • You have inserted a disc that has not been finalised or completely formatted. Wipe it clean. No response when remote • Check that the batteries are installed 5/6/09 11:00:29 AM . then turn the unit on again. No response from the unit • Press [y/l] for more than 10 seconds to turn off the unit. • Disc may be dirty. The stereo indicator flickers or does not light. • Turn the television off or move it away from the unit. — • Replace the disc if it is scratched. — broadcast. • If this still does not fix the problem. — • Condensation has formed: Wait 1 to 2 hours for it to evaporate. — • Turn off the unit. 6 not start. turned on. — device. determine and correct the cause. — The total number of tracks • You have inserted a disc the unit cannot play. A beat sound is heard. — It may be caused by straining of the speakers through excessive volume or power.

14 Alternatively. (Wait at least 3 minutes before proceeding to step 2. — • Only MP3 format files can be played. Change to a USB device which has the appropriate recording time and perform the recording again. consult the dealer. All the settings are returned to the factory preset. — “– –:– –” (during standby • You plugged the AC mains lead in for the first time or there was a power failure recently. — ENGLISH • Disconnect the USB device. RQTX0271 19 MoreRQTX0271-B_GB. Stop the recording function. 14 “VBR–” • The unit cannot display the remaining play time for variable bit rate (VBR) 5/6/09 11:00:30 AM . When moving the unit ESPAÑOL 1 Remove all discs. “DEVICE FULL” • You cannot perform recording because the total USB remaining REC (recording) time of 12 the USB device is less than the total time of the music source. “F61” • Check and correct the speaker cords connection. 3 Disconnect the AC mains lead. — “ERROR” • Incorrect operation performed. 2 Press [y/I] to turn the unit off. — ESPAÑOL mode) • Set the time. • Before using chemically treated cloth. 5 If this does not fix the problem. Memory reset (Initialisation) When the following situations occur.) or press 12 [4 / 1] or [¡ / ¢] during recording. Turn the unit off — ERROR” and then back on. — • Select a suitable recording mode (128 KBPS or 192 KBPS) and resume recording. “– – – – – – – – –” appears on the display panel. reconnect the AC mains lead. refer to the instructions below to reset the memory: ESPAÑOL • There is no response when buttons are pressed. • Disconnect the USB device. Disconnect the USB device. ESPAÑOL Maintenance If the surfaces are dirty To clean this unit. “HI-SPEED CAN’T REC” • You cannot use high-speed recording while using analogue mode. ■ Unit displays Page “NO PLAY” • Check the content. Change to digital mode 13 or use normal recording. Turn the unit off and then turn back on. Read the instructions and try again. USB and etc. format the USB device and record the desired tracks again and playback the device. Turn the unit off and then turn back on. • You want to clear and reset the memory contents. • You are not able to open the disc tray when recording from AM source. 15 “USB OVER CURRENT • The USB device is drawing too much power. wipe with a soft. • Never use alcohol.) 2 While pressing and holding down [y/I] on the main unit. dry cloth. To reset memory 1 Disconnect the AC mains lead. — “ERROR” (during recording) • You are not able to select other playback source (example: radio. paint thinner or benzine to clean this unit.indd user manuals 19 on ManualsBase. You will need to reset the memory items. 3 Release [y/I]. read the instructions that came with the cloth carefully.

mp3) Total RMS stereo mode power 500 W USB device file system FAT 12. 2) Total harmonic distortion is measured by the digital spectrum analyzer.2 kΩ Dimensions (WxHxD) 250 mm x 414 mm x 298 mm Terminal Mono.B) FM/AM TUNER. Specifications AMPLIFIER SECTION USB SECTION RMS output power stereo mode USB port Front Ch (both channels driven) USB Standard USB 2. Panasonic Corporation En Web Site: RQTX0271-B L0509CH0 RQTX0271-B_GB. TERMINALS SECTION USB recording Recording file format MP3 (*. 50 Hz (1) CD-Audio (CD-DA) Power consumption 112 W (2) CD-R/RW (CD-DA.indd 20 5/6/09 11:00:30 AM . 1 kHz.0 m) Output level (CD. –20 dB) 32 Ω (Max) Frequency range 49 Hz to 21 kHz (–16 dB) Mic jack 68 Hz to 20 kHz (–10 dB) Sensitivity 0. FAT 32 USB port power 500 mA (Max) Bit rate 16 kbps to 320 kbps (P.0 full speed 250 W per channel (6 Ω). Mass and dimensions are approximate.5 mm jack Output sound pressure 87 dB/W (1.5 W (approximate) FL = Front left channel FR = Front right channel Note: 1) Specifications are subject to change without notice.5 mm jack Impedance 6Ω Headphone jack Input power (IEC) 250 W (Max) Terminal Stereo. FR) 0.3 kg DISC SECTION GENERAL Disc played (8 cm or 12 cm) Power supply AC 220 to 240 V.00 MHz (50 kHz step) Antenna terminal 75 Ω (unbalanced) SPEAKER SECTION Amplitude Modulation (AM) Frequency range 522 kHz to 1629 kHz (9 kHz step) Type 2 way. 4. 1 kHz Media file format support MP3 (*.6 kg * MPEG-1 Layer 3.7 kΩ Woofer 20 cm cone type Terminal Stereo.50 MHz to 108. max 4x (CD only) Frequency Modulation (FM) Frequency range 87. FAT 16. 3. 2 speaker system (Bass reflex) AUX input RCA pin jack Speaker(s) Music Port (front) jack Tweeter 6 cm cone type Sensitivity 100 mV. 1. 3.7 mV. MPEG-2 Layer 3 Operating temperature range 0°C to +40°C Pick up Operating humidity range 35% to 80% RH (no condensation) Wavelength 795 nm Audio output (Disc) Power consumption in standby mode: Number of channels 2 (FL. MP3* formatted disc) Dimensions (WxHxD) 250 mm x 333 mm x 326 mm (3) MP3* Mass 4.mp3) Preset station FM 30 stations Bit rate 128 kbps / 192 kbps / 320 kbps AM 15 stations USB recording speed 1x.5 mm jack (1 system) Mass 5. 3.