Common enemies Type  Unholy
Inventory requirement  Holy water

Damage Heal(st)

Stress heal 30

 Skeleton key/Shovel

 Medicinal herb

Special notes  Bookshelf: scout/positive quirk vs
stress/negative quirk
Boss  Unholy
 Eldritch

Cove Common enemies Type  Eldritch Inventory requirement  Medicinal herbs Purge Neg. Quirk  Extra shovel  Other str. Boss  Unholy  Eldritch . Heal/heal Special notes  Bandages for high DPS bleeds  Thrall Explosions  Traps debuffs (Stress buff/damage/speed) H. water (damage buff) DO NOT SHOV.

P. bring shovels Boss  Human . Quirk  Medicinal herbs RABIES  Shovel Special notes  Lot of diseases and DOTs  Lot of Blokages. Weald Common enemies Type  Human  Eldritch Inventory requirement  Bandages  Antivenom Keys too  Holy water Stress Heal .

Warrens Common enemies Type  Human  Beast Inventory requirement  Bandage  Medicional herbs Damage buff  Holy water Special notes  Backrow damage projection  Scout bonus Buff – Torch(purge) 50/50 Boss  Beast  Eldricht .

Town events Relevant Text Explanation A Job Well Done Upgrade armor A Ray of Sunlight Less stress Abscent Abbot Discount Church stuff x All Saints Day Church stuff free xx Caregivers Sanitarium free Convention Cell Cleaning Discount Church stuff Daylight Robbery Discount Bar stuff Empty Kegs Discount Bar stuff xx Labour Force Free Upgrade Building Laundry Day Discount Bar stuff Lost and Found Upgrade weapon Medical Medical device free Breakthrough Noisy Repairs Discount Church stuff x Nomad New Year Trinkets discount x One Good Week Bar stuff free xxx Town Fair Sanitarium/Stress Revive Building Wolf misión From Beyond / Brigan Incursion Stolen trinket Rescue trinkets A thief in the Night / Shrieker’s prize .

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