Assignment 4 (Spring Boot + Hibernate


26 march 2017

A runnable war file (and compressed folder containing your code).

After acquiring skills from Spring MVC, hibernate, spring security and maven, the next step is Spring
No helping guide is provided for this assignment since you should now be able to setup (and search
for) any Spring project using maven as a base build tool.
For reference, please look at the lab session held by our class assistant, Usman (his lecture is also
uploaded on Fronter).


I want you to set up a simple web based application (using Spring boot) which queries the database
(in memory / physical) using hibernate.

The application should be able to do the following functions,

1. User login management (store user credentials in database and access using hibernate)
a. Successful login page
b. Error login page
2. After login, the user should see a page with a table
a. The table should fetch data from hibernate database (student info).
i. 5 columns (Student name, address, email address, class, phone)
3. Bonus (for your practice)
a. Make a form which inputs this data from the user instead of hardcoding it into the