Critical Thinking vs.

Critical Pedagogy

Discussion #2

Evangelina Madrid-Kerr

Pacific Oaks

HD 363
If critical thinking “the mental process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing,

applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or

conclusion” ('s 21st Century Lexicon), and “critical pedagogy seeks to

support the dynamic interactive elements, rather than participate in the formation of

absolute dichotomies or ridged polarizations of thought or practice.” (Pg 11.) When I

compare critical thinking and critical pedagogy one for me is using my thoughts critically

to formulate a conclusion, and critical pedagogy would be learning in a classroom setting

the effects of what is going on currently around me. How it could affect me in my

community. Which helps me to formulate thoughts in ways that I could be involved in the

democratic process. When thinking about the future of my children and how the current

administration is changing spending and how these certain changes could affect their

lives. I am both devastated and frustrated that people could be so uncaring of the people

in need.

Being a single mom of 6 who struggles everyday to make ends meet, these type of

change have both good and bad repercussion. It hurts the people who live below poverty

level, and cuts the services to help them become self-sufficient. Which in the long run it

will cause more poverty, more crime, less education for all. Now I don’t know about

anyone else but for me that isn’t helping America. When I drive anywhere in L.A. today I

see tents, and if we defund vital programs that assist the general American public. We

will have more homeless, than we have currently which we are already to many homeless

in the America. I also am looking at the current situations where are school will be loss

funding for program that help children get the resources they need, because there parent

can’t afford the alternatives. I have two children right now that struggle with disabilities
and they lose the funding which help pay for services such as therapy, tutoring, etc. I

wouldn’t be able to afford to him the help he needs in order to compete in today’s

educational system.


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