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What book should I read to gain knowledge about
finance, the stock market, and investing topics?
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Pratik Parthe, Trader, Investor, Adviser
Written Mar 10

Hi I’ve already wrote an answer to a similar question you can read here.

These are a few recommended books on trading:

The first book is called “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”

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Last Asked Dec 29, 2015

This biography of Jesse Livermore, known as one of the greatest speculators there 1 Merged Question

ever was, has insights that have inspired generations of investors. One review said, Edits
“Nothing changes! I’m into reading historical books and this is a classic. It was
originally published as a series of newspaper interviews in the 20’s about a fictional
trader (based on real life trader Jesse Livermore) and how he earned his living trading
the markets. Even though things were drastically different 80 years ago than they are
today what’s even more shocking is how little things have actually changed in the
stock market. The game is the same now as it was then and human nature never
changes. From the beginning to the end the book is entertaining, informative, and
engaging. I will say it takes a bit to get used to the language and you’ll have to read
passages a few times to really understand what he’s saying (the language was just
different back then) but it doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the book. Pump
and dumps are just as legal now as they were then, suckers will still lose all their
money, and hope and greed will always rule the markets. Great book.”

The second book is “Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street’s Champion

The third is. trading expert. so it’s interesting to daydream about buying million-dollar paintings. One helpful review says. One reviewer said. but he bought some really nice stuff. But some patterns are . but it’s one of those inspiring books that everyone needs to read. with new statistics that are useful in both bull and bear markets. Second Edition” Tom Bulkowski. “Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns. This edition contains updates and expansions upon the first book. get it”). following the path of Schwartz becoming the best of the best. and I’m pretty obsessive too. I have yet to see a head-and-shoulders. If you love speculation. Actually I don’t know that Schwartz had the ‘enjoy life’ part down. don’t give up. I don’t know that this did much for my technique (I never had much luck with the approach he likes: having a girl beside you to say “if you like it. I have been using statistical techniques for many years and thought most “patterns” are mostly in the eye of the beholder. “Fun inspirational book. and enjoy life. Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Achint This book is a true story. hone your skills. Get intelligent at it. authored this book. “Essential Reference Material.

” The fourth book on our list is about Jesse Livermore. Dubai Written Nov 27 #1 The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John C Bogle . This guy is freaking amazing. Imagine being so powerful (because you are such an amazing trader) that the top banker in the world begs you for help to save the Amercian economy. One reader said. Sad life.Holistic Financial Planning Services. but what a story. how much you are likely to make from it. CEO of Holborn Assets . “Fact is usually much more amazing than fiction.. and the Reshaping of American Business. It’s not a trading book but the stories of banking. “Jesse Livermore: World’s Greatest Stock Trader” is the true-life story of one of the best traders in history. Power. Jesse Livermore is probably only known by a few in the investment/trading world but his mark is assured in history. Well in this case that is exactly right. money. It will be the most dog-eared book since Edwards and obvious that recently I have looked for definitions and explanations.. but also has done the heavy lifting of testing 500 securities over 5 years in order to say how often each pattern is successful. the topic of the number one book on our list. This author Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Achint not only provides them. etc. (more) Upvote 4 Downvote Comment Robert Parker. “Encyclopedia” went to my top 10 technical analysis list in the first ten minutes I had it. power are. If you liked this book you might like to check out: The Biography of Andr Meyer: A Story of Money. This has never been done before and is very useful.

Don’t under-estimate the power of costs. It never works out to pay for performance with high fees because performance averages out whereas fees stay high! Forget about market expectations – what matters with stock-picking is dividend yields and growth in earnings. Fees last forever: performance comes and goes. but don’t forget about compounding costs. Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Achint Main Ideas of the book: Cut out the costs of active management and let the market do the work. Compounded returns are great. taxes and inflation to turn a decent portfolio into a turkey. Gain exposure to publicly-held businesses at as low a cost as possible and hang onto them. #2 A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel .

“The intelligent investor is a realist who sells to optimists and buys from pessimists. This means that all known information is priced into the market at any given time. This means that stock prices cannot be predicted because all known information has already been factored into them. Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Achint Main Ideas from the book: The market is super-efficient. #3 The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham Main Ideas of the book: You can’t beat the market. It works like a hive mind. Hence stock prices are random. but you can tip the odds sensibly. Being meticulous with details and margins means you can minimize the odds of getting it all catastrophically wrong and maximize the odds of repeatable gains.” .

” “Truth 7: The Most Likely Way To Achieve Above Average Returns Is To Stop Trying To Beat The Market. 2015 Originally Answered: What are the most fundamental books to read about the stock market for a person who is interested? Thank for A2a Daniel Kalish! To understand investing psychology: The Most Important thing Illuminated by Howard Marks.” “Truth 3: If Skilled Professionals Don’t Succeed. and how not to get lost in the noise of the market. Expect volatility. develop the emotional disciplines to sit out the worst of Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Achint bear markets.” You can check more in our article: Top 5 investment books you need to read by Holborn Assets . Know what kind of investment style suits you: active or passive. really great book that looks at why investors make decisions.Holborn Assets I hope this helps! 3.5k Views · View Upvotes Upvote 37 Downvote Comment 1 Thomas Schaefer. The . This is one of my long time favorites and can be a little be easier to read than some of the texts by Graham and Dodd. #4 The Successful Investor Today by Larry Swedroe Main Ideas of the book: Here are five of Swedroe’s “14 simple truths you must know when you invest:” “Truth 1: Active Investing is a Loser’s Game: It Must Be So. Global Macro + Tech | macropolitics.wordpress.” “Truth 12: Knowledge of Financial History is Critical to Successful Investing. Except as Written Sep 1.” “Truth 10: The Forecasts of Market Strategists and Analysts Have No Value. It Is Unlikely That Individual Investors Will.

the evolution of Wall Written Dec 30. Not strictly about stocks. In my opinion.1k Views · View Upvotes · Answer requested by Daniel Kalish Upvote 3 Downvote Comment Dhananjhay Gangineni." in the words of Taleb. and the beginning of beginning of big money. 2015 Related Questions . this is great manual for teaching aspiring traders how to be critics.blogspot. and should be read by those who are entering the stock market for the first time. For cynics: The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable. For market history: Liar's Poker. 1.annotated edition has many great notes from other investment greats. I like this book because it gives a lot of context for stock market beginners. Saloman was an important player in Wall Street's history. or those who are interested in understanding value based investing. www. to show the roots of the financial crisis.dhanfinacademy. this is very highly underrated book in the financial field. like Klarman Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Achint and Greenblatt. or "Skeptical Empiricists. and heavily criticized for some of Taleb's ideas. and I think it's important to see the role it played in the evolution of modern financial markets.

 2015 One up on wall street by peter lynch. 769 Views · View Upvotes Upvote 6 Downvote Comment Vishwas Joshi. Ajay Shah & Susan Thomas on India's Financial Markets 12. Permanent Value by Andrew kilpatrick.. Fuller & Farrel on Investments 16. An ICAI Student Written Apr 22. Victor Niederhoffer on SPECULATION 7. Bodie. Chris Brooks on Financial Econometrics 13. Elton & Gruber on Portfolio Theory 15. former Privilege Banker at ICICI Bank (2006-2012) Written Apr 14.More on the Behavorial aspect. Which books and websites should I really read and study to accumulate knowledge about investing in stocks and conducting investment in it? What should I read to gain knowledge about investing in the stock market? During my approx 20 years of fascination for the subject of Finance & Markets . Marcus on Investments knowledge about the stock market. N N Taleb on Hedging & Randomness 9. J R Verma on Derivatives & Risk Management 19. Mark Hirschey on Investments . Kane. Poor charlie's Almanack by Charles T. Anderson & Sweeney on Statistics 10. FX Diebold on Forecasting 17. Larry Harris on Trading & Exchanges 6. finance and investment? 2. 2015 .. I came What books give good knowledge about India's stock market to a person with zero knowledge on it? across many fantastic authors which I will try to recollect here. Fabozzi on Fixed Income 11. Munger.S. Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications What are some basic books about finance (stock Achint market and investing) for an entrepreneur with a science background? What are some books to read for knowing about stock markets and finance? How do you start on this? Where can I find a list of books that I can read in order to get a basic knowledge about the various terms used in stock markets and investing. Snedcor on Statistical Methods 18. 1. Brett Steenbarger on Trading Psychology 8. Aswath Damodaran on Investment Valuation 5. Paul Willmott on Derivatives & Quantitative Finance and finance related topics? 4. Luenberger with Investment Science What are some books to learn about stock markets 3. Whom should I follow on Quora if I want to gain 1. Hull on Options & Futures 14.  Greatest trade ever on John Paulson shorting the housing market in the U.3k Views · View Upvotes Upvote 6 Downvote Comment Meet Jagani.

Peter Lynch Reminiscences of a Stock Operator . Did you read (or for that matter..Roger Lowenstein One Up On Wall St .Steven Nison The Little Book That Beats the Market ..Jack Schwager Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom . Security Analysis .. Around 15 years of Capital market experience including Mutual Funds Written Dec 5 Some of my personal favorites are: Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist . etc. Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Achint This answer is purely based on my outlook.Van Tharp The Intelligent Investor .. or at least point you to the right direction. 144 Views Upvote Downvote Comment Aashish Rathi.Burton Malkiel The Little Book of Common Sense Investing .William O’Neil Market Wizards ... 2016 I think that the following books will help you learn about these topics. PPF. 1.Benjamin Graham 2.Edwin Lefevre How to Make Money in Stocks . 514 Views Upvote Downvote Comment Prakarsh Gagdani.Benjamin Graham A Random Walk Down Wall Street . 2015 . ETF.Thomas Bulkowski and many other. The Intelligent Investor . REIT (near future)..Joel Greenblatt Liar’s Poker .John C Hull 3.Benjamin Graham Not necessarily in the same order. Futures and Other Derivatives . just like that 'Direct Investing in Stock Market' is also natural (it is not purely based on 'Company Financials'. SIP.Michael Lewis Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns . and my experience of 5 years as 'Investment Banker' and bringing up in 'Ahmedabad': the un-official capital of 'Grey Trading'. 'Calculated Investing' is altogether a different ball game.Thanks for A2A.) Yes. Options..Jack Bogle Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques .it's natural right. etc. 530 Views · View Upvotes Upvote 1 Downvote Comment Nicholas Galarnyk Written Sep 1. Enthusiast Written Jan 2. did you ever heard) some book to learn 'Walking' or 'Living' or 'Eating'. I'd personally suggest you start with 2. 'Vision'...

but you really cannot learn until you feel true loss. 439 Views Upvote Downvote Comment Matt Zeltser. You will likely lose this money. cash flow statement and income statement good luck1 415 Views Upvote Downvote Comment Abhishek Kumar.Educating the world about finance . 736 Views · View Upvotes Upvote 1 Downvote Comment David Oak. Owner Robur Investment Resources Written Sep 2. 10+ year in the financial industry. Start with business channels and magazines. Wish I read it earlier in my career. 2014 You could start by browsing the website: Investopedia . Subject matter expert at United Health Group (2011- present) Written Mar 26 Hi. Once you feel comfortable with the technical terms.just be aware that they are not light reads and they were written some time ago. These helped me to understand the 3 main statements all investors need to get to grips with . Highly recommend it. On top of that I would read basic accounting books to begin with. 485 Views · View Upvotes Upvote 2 Downvote Comment 4 Answers Collapsed (Why?) . You can find book recommendations here: Books . 2015 My favorite book is Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham.The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Achint A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel The Little Book that Beats the Market by Joel Greenblatt Read those then use a small amount of money to practice strategies. 16 Views Upvote Downvote Comment Abhishek Behera.balance sheet. Written Sep 2. buy any book to start with. works at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Written Oct 12. 2015 Security analysis and the intelligent investor are the 2 'go to' books on value and fundamental investing . but it gives you a good starting point and foundation on the market and companies. It might seem redundant.

yes bank. Read In Feed Read In Feed Read In Feed . SBI. Ask or Search Quora Ask Question Read Answer Notifications Achint Top Stories from Your Feed Answer written · 1h Answer written · 4h Answer written · Apr 6 Which are some stocks which I Why has the the share price of Is it true that Lord Shiva was can buy on a monthly basis with RBL Bank been falling for the captured in Saudi Arabia? a period of 3-5 years? last few days in spite of being Falak S. TCS.. from last 2 days.. but you didn’t saw . bhel etc.. Following Adiguru Ravi-EQS. I hv listed. As you said Fundamentally strong share far. and Kaba. icici bank.. However once market setteled understand so down u can invest in ITC. ONGC. it's not right time to Management Written 4h ago could invest. and same time your are saying its falling He is captured in Berger paints. . That’s not correct way to Saudi Arabia. yes it is true. DLF..adani ports. Independent Techinical fundamentally very strong? Written Apr 6 Trader Divish Saini. and Kashi. studied at Institute of Based on what I Written 1h ago Information Technology and believe and Nifty is above 9300.. Matter of fact in the thoughts. and watch fundamental stocks by just everywhere else where He is worshipped. movement of 2 days.