MARCH 5, 2017

8 privacy tools to stay secure
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This high-tech
This free software will keep your online activity and personal data safe and out of the reach of snoops
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Y big distances
of websites keen to
ou d o n’t n e e d t o b e sell you their prod-
E dw a r d S nowd e n t o ucts. That’s where
want privacy protection. Ghostery comes
You might not like your in. It’s available for The wearable comes in pairs and allows
entire life mined by ad- Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari,
vertisers, you might be planning to Android and iOS. You can simply the wearers to send a gentle touch to each
sell a hard drive and want to wipe install the privacy software and let
its contents, or you might want to it get on with its job. Ghostery also other, no matter where they are
keep your personal information tells you exactly what each com-
secure when using a public WiFi pany is looking at and likely to do businessinsider.in
hotspot. with your data, so if you’d rather
The privacy software here cov- not share every click with market- Anyone who’s been in a long-
ers everything from secure web ers, it’s a must-have. distance relationship knows that
browsing to secure file erasing. not being able to touch your
Take a look: 4. KeyScrambler partner for weeks or months at a
Personal time is one of the toughest parts.
1. Tor Browser KeyScrambler While technology has caught
T he Tor net work Personal is a tiny app up in other arenas — video
(short for The Onion (under 1.5MB) designed to do just chatting has never been easier
Router, which de- one thing: encrypt every letter you and apps that help you find cheap
scribes its multi-lay- type into your web browser to pre- travel are a dime a dozen — long-
ered privacy technology) was de- vent it being intercepted by keylog- lets you disable advertising IDs, distance touch is essentially the
signed to enable anonymous inter- ging software. If you worry about SmartScreen filtering, whether final frontier.
net browsing. The Firefox-based keylogging or suspect that you’re apps can access your camera and To help solve that problem, a
Tor Browser is by far the quickest being logged whenever you type, so on. Dutch tech company called House When you order a set, it comes
and simplest way to start using it. this free privacy software is a good of Haptics has created the Hey with two bracelets (one for you
You browse the web as normal, way to frustrate the watchmen. 6. GnuPG bracelet, a wearable that lets you and one for your partner) plus a
and the browser uses thousands GnuPG is short for GNU Privacy send touch over long distances. charging cable for each bracelet.
of relays to disguise where your 5. AntiSpy for Guard, and it’s the open source ver- It’s worn on your wrist and is The bracelets pair with the
data’s coming from. It’s also handy Windows 10 sion of the venerable PGP (Pretty meant to simulate a “gentle phone via Bluetooth. When you
for accessing geoblocked sites that Windows 10 is the Good Privacy) tool for encrypting squeeze”. send a touch to someone, it’s
block IP addresses from specific most personal ver- files and emails. It The Hey bracelet launched on sent to the Hey app on your
countries. sio n o f Wi n d ow s enables you to en- Kickstarter about a month ago, phone, which is then transferred
yet, but Microsoft’s crypt and digitally and is not yet available to to your partner’s app and the
2. CyberGhost VPN efforts to get to know you better sign data and docu- purchase. While there’s no other bracelet.
CyberGhost VPN is a virtual pri- have alarmed many privacy ac- ments with technol- guarantee it will ever come to In order to send a touch,
vate network app that re-routes tivists. AntiSpy for Windows 10 ogy that’s effectively fruition, here’s how the House of you have to press two places on
your internet traffic Haptics team envisions it working. the bracelet.
to hide your location unbreakable. If you’re sharing The Hey bracelet will come in It takes about 30 minutes
and identity. The pri- data that simply can’t fall into the 8. Wise Folder Hider two colours: white and rose gold, to charge, which, the company
vacy software has wrong hands, GnuPG is an impor- Desig ned for Windows X P on- or black and anthracite. The claims, is enough to last for
six elements: anony- tant tool. wards, free pri- company plans to add red, blue, three weeks.
mous browsing, un- vacy software Wise and green if it reaches its goal of The company has raised more
blocking streaming sites, protect- 7. Tails Folder Hider do es 2,000 backers on Kickstarter. than $94,000 of its $132,026 goal.
ing your internet connection, tor- The free privacy soft- what the name sug-
renting anonymously, unblocking ware bundle is based on gests: it hides things
websites and choosing which VPN Debian GNU/Linux and on your PC. If all you
server to use, but the free version is includes a browser, in- need is a way to hide
ad-supported and runs much more stant messaging, email work files from the kids, or the
slowly than the paid-for premium and of fice apps, all of novel you’re working on from the
service. which have been configured spe- boss, then it’s a good little app, al-
cifically to protect your privacy. though if you’re truly paranoid
3. Ghostery As the Tails website puts it, you you’ll want to invest in the Pro
You may not realise it, but your can use it anywhere and leave no version to scramble the files as
surfing habits are probably being trace. Snowden says it’s great. well as hiding them.

Work on your social network,
It’s men who wear their not on aimless networking
heart on their sleeves A master networker explains how to single out the most interesting people at any event
businessinsider.in STYLE SOCIAL NETWORK
Men, and not women, are the real hopeless romantics, and NETWORKING
Jon Levy overcame a fear of introducing him-
there is research to prove why they fall hard first self a long time ago. Over the past six years,
These are the three little words that The paper explained that unlike he has built a network of 900 people who have
can make or break a relationship. women, who are taught to question attended one of his Influencer events, a forum
And it’s a common perception that every thought and feeling, men go for interesting people from a range of fields to
women are almost always the first with their gut. They don’t have to ex- meet each other.
to say ‘I love you’. plain their feelings or second-guess He has a penchant for travelling the world,
But research shows that not only them. Thus, men don’t second-guess and his book, The 2 AM Principle, is a collec-
Pic: Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images

are men most likely to fall in love when they’re in love. tion of what he’s learned as a student of hu-
faster, but also declare their feelings T her e wa s a l s o a r a n g e o f man behaviour. In it, he outlines his tips for
to their partner. evolutionary and biological ele- finding the most interesting people. The next
A recent study published in The ments brought up in the paper. Jennifer Lopez’s time you are at a networking event and don’t
Journal of Social Psychology, showed Men have stereotypically been ex-husband want to awkwardly stand by yourself, look for
that men were more likely to fall in the ‘assertive hunters’ and are Marc Anthony the following, from The 2 AM Principle:
love within a few weeks, while most thus keen to ‘mark their terri- had said he
women said it took several months. tory’. So, it would make sense that Who are laughing and enjoying
According to Marissa Harrison, they would take the first steps in
fell in love
with her at
1 themselves the most? Is there a group
a psychologist from Pennsylvania securing a mate. first sight that is giggling and laughing and having
State University, women are much Researchers also said that a wom- more fun than everyone else? Go have some who has the most style. Who has assembled
more cautious when it comes to love. an, being the one who gets pregnant, fun with them. an outfit that stands out? It might not be your
Harrison interviewed 172 college thinks harder about her choice be- style, but the fact that they are so put-together
students on whether they had ever fore she makes it, considering the Who is the one person people are probably means they are up to something and
been in love and, if so, whether it had welfare of future children.
2 pretending not to look at? Scan the are interesting.
taken days, weeks or months to real- — AGENCIES room and pay attention to who people stare
ise they loved their partner. at every few seconds while pretending to talk 4 W hen people are standing in a
They were then asked how far to their friends. If a lot of people are dart- circle, where are their feet point-
into a relationship they got before ing looks at the same person, there is a good ing? Feet tend to be directed at the person
they declared their feelings. chance he or she will be interesting to speak with the most social clout or the leader
In her findings, Harrison said, to. of the group.
“Men reported falling in love soon-
er and three times as many men as 3 Who is the most put-together at 5 Who is dressed very loud? If this per-
women said ‘I love you’ first to their the event? It doesn’t mean one who is Jon Levy son didn’t want to talk to others, they
partners.” dressed sexy or proper. It means the person would have likely worn something subtler.

How to train your brain for success
Here are six tricks to lift your cognitive fog and sharpen your memory, helping you to stay ahead
Pics: BCCL, Getty Images

businessinsider.in and allowing your brain to lose its men- 1 Pick up a pen
tal edge with routine [life activities] This is the most basic and the most ef-
Ever walked up to a colleague and rather than innovative thinking has ficient way to memorise anything. You
realised you’ve forgotten what you unnecessary and deleterious economic, will remember more if you write it down
need? Or ever been introduced to social and personal ramifications.” than type it out. Scientists say people
someone new only to forget their Take a look at six science-backed who write down do better than people
names within minutes? tips to boost memory that could who type. Writing by hand harnesses
While you may not be alone, help you become successful: large parts of the brain associated with
having a good memory is an language and memory. So, switch off
important factor at the work- the phone or computer and make time to
place. Even though there are write to keep your brain active.
planners, alarms and alerts to
remind you of important tasks, 2 Take a break
During a talk it is also important Most of us spend the majority of our day
show, Shah to memorise dead- at our desks, staring at our computer
Rukh Khan li nes, present a- screens. Breaks, even five-minute-long
revealed that tions, names of ones, are one of the best things you can Avani Davda, MD,
Alia Bhatt can colleagues, cli- do during your workday. You will Godrej Nature’s
memorise ents, etc. This recall the information easily. Basket, disconnects Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock
scripts w i l l not on ly Taking a break helps in memo- from work on creates a mind palace to store
and even keep your brain ry consolidation and retention. weekends and access information
remembers her active and less Also, make it a point to detach
co-stars’ lines dependent from work and the work space
on external to recharge your internal re- 4 Memory palace job requirement. Research shows that
sources, you sources. Why not learn a thing or two from the human mind isn’t meant to multi-
will also feel Nokia CEO Sherlock Holmes? If you practice creat- task. When you multitask, you cannot
empowered Rajeev Suri has 3 Break it up ing a memory palace and create a room concentrate on one activity fully and
and confident. a photographic Amazon’s Jeff If you chunk up informa- in your mind, you will remember every- you are always distracted. Focus on one
A s p er S a nd r a memory Bezos prefers to tion in parts, you will re- thing. Just create a house in your mind thing at a time.
Bond Chapman, PhD, write down ideas in member it, just like mobile and place things and information in that
founder of Center complete sentences phone or bank account house. 6 An emotional connect
and paragraphs
for Br a i n He a lt h , nu mbers. Make sma l l Scientists say you are able to recall bet-
“Neg lecti ng you r groups of information 5 One thing at a time ter when you make an emotional connec-
c o g n it ive he a lt h you want to retain. The ability to juggle work is a standard tion. You create stronger memories.