Attached are the supporting drawings, data sheets for new office facility.

Please download and handover to siva and violet.

This project we have to complete on fast track basis

Client wants design and detailing within one week.

So, let siva can model the structure, as a Parallel action violet can start preparing GA drawing
as we did for Galvanizing Yard.

For Calculation outputs: As same as the outputs provided for galvanizing yard to be issued by
siva, please handover to calculation report to him for reference purpose.

For Drawings: this time violet should prepare neat by avoiding additional dimensions.

1)Client want to avoid conical roof, they want only flat roof, design to be carried out as we did for
galvanizing yard basement floor.
2) Client wants to avoid columns by H beams, instead they want to use Pipe 200NB, we
proposed to use Hollow section 8”x8” for the column and intermediate columns 6”x6” for the
basement and 1st floor.
3) For the beams use UB section.
4) as per GA the vendor provided sizes are indicative and we have to reduce the structure
weight by preparing economical design.
5) All connections are bolted.

Hope you understand the task start tomorrow by coordinating with all staffs please.