Tanda Couplets


$ = proven classic

$ Silver Dagger
Murlough Shores (acoustic or album?) - The Corrs
Notes: - Place another song in between there that's not quite in the theme, for
variety. Something mellower? Or less folksy sounding at least.
Energy: ^

Crystalize - Sterling
The Scientist - Tyler Ward, Sterling, Grannis
Demons - Tyler Ward, Grannis

Rain - The Corrs
Notes: A more dark night intimate set. I could imagine this being the last long of
the night followed by a violin/viola/cello cumprasita.

$ Too Soon - Hey Ocean

Unbroken - Missy Higgins
Notes: Pair with Too Soon?

The Sun
Notes: Darker, creepier. This set needs some positive balancing.

Matin du Cafe

Warm Whispers

Complicated - Vasquez Sounds:

Wreck of the Day - Anna Nalick
Notes: Carried by the vocal melody. Rythm is not at all dynamic.
Place with more dynamic songs
Energy: v

Milonga Set:
Boom Boom Ba - Metisse
Energy: ^

Wicked World - Laura Jansen
Notes: Comedic. Place with VERY light stuff. Don't rise up from or fall off into a
sheer drop in energy. This has to be built to.
I want a rolling energy in waves, with peak trends and valley trends, ending in
smokey intimate night music.
Energy: ^

Classics List:
Silver Dagger

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