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Applying on behalf of (organization name):

Address (provide business address if on behalf of organization): Contact Number (mobile number

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REQUIREMENTS (Please  accordingly)

Event Type Premise Required Equipment
Meeting Level 2 Auditorium AV Equipment

Training Basement/ Multi-Purpose Hall Microphone (Qty: )

Lecture Level 1 Main Prayer Hall Tables (Qty: )
(for solemnisation only)
Workshop Youth Corner (15 pax) Chairs (Qty: )

Solemnisation Training Room A (15 pax) Flipcharts (Qty: )

Wedding Training Room B (10 pax) Markers (Qty: )

Others (Please specify): Training Room (A+B) (25 pax) Laptop

Single Classroom (35 pax) Others (Please specify):

Combined Classroom (70 pax)


I declare that the above particulars are true and I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions governing the use of
Masjid Assyakirin premises and facilities.

Signature of Applicant & Organisation Stamp Date

5 5 0 Y U N G A N R O A D S I N G A P O R E 6 1 8 6 1 7 | T e l : 6 2 6 8 1 8 4 6 | F a x : 6 2 6 8 9 7 2 5 FACILITIES RENTAL FORM
a s s y a k i r i n @ a s s y a k i r i n . m o s q u e . o r g . s g | w w w . a s s y a k i r i n . s g revised 20 JUL 2017
Security Subsequent > 6 hrs usage
# Space for Rent Capacity Rates Remarks
Deposit Hour ( Package)

Level 2 Auditorium S$800 for a. $150 for use of
200 S$300 S$160 S$980
(Air-conditioned) first 4 hrs changing room
Setup/Rehearsal/ $75 for any
S$250 for
Teardown (1 day prior to rehearsals/session
6 hours of max 2.5 hrs
or 1 day after Event day)

Basement/ Presentations and
200 S$100 S$230 S$80 S$650
2 Multi-purpose Hall talks

For solemnisation
Level 1 Main Prayer Hall 50 - 100 S$100 token as donation for 1 hour usage
3 only

Training Room A
15 S$30 S$25 S$145
4 (Air-conditioned) -

Training Room B
5 10 - S$20 S$15 S$85

Training Room (A+B)
6 25 - S$50 S$40 S$230

Foyer Level 4 For presentation
7 50 S$50 S$120 S$50 S$300
(Air-Conditioned) and talks

Conference Room For meetings and
8 20 S$50 S$110 S$40 S$300
(Air-Conditioned) presentations

9 Youth Corner 20 - S$20 S$10 S$70

Single Classroom
10 35 - S$150 S$70 S$460
For classes,
Combined Classroom
11 70 - S$220 S$80 S$520

Round table for 8 pax S$28 (inclusive of tablecloth)
Square Table S$20 (inclusive of tablecloth)
Chairs (max 200 units) S$3. Complimentary for first 50 chairs in auditorium.
Chairs with foldable table attached (45 units) S$2.50
Microphone (limited quantity) S$10 Complimentary 1st mic.
Microphone Stand S$5
Whiteboard with markers S$10 (inclusive of 3 markers)
Flip Chart S$15 per roll
Portable Projector & Screen S$70
Laptop (WINDOWS OS) S$100

On-site Technician S$20/hr. 4hr standby at AVA Room between 12 & 6 pm
PA System S$150/day
Maintenance Fee S$60
Cleaning Fee S$200/event

5 5 0 Y U N G A N R O A D S I N G A P O R E 6 1 8 6 1 7 | T e l : 6 2 6 8 1 8 4 6 | F a x : 6 2 6 8 9 7 2 5 FACILITIES RENTAL FORM
a s s y a k i r i n @ a s s y a k i r i n . m o s q u e . o r g . s g | w w w . a s s y a k i r i n . s g revised 20 JUL 2017
Terms & Conditions Governing the Use of Masjid Assyakirin's Facilities

a. All applications are subject to the terms and conditions contained herein.
b. b. Booking must be made online or via counter staff at the mosque.
c. All applications should be submitted at least 2 months prior to event date. Applications with less than 2 months
or more than 3 months notice will be subjected to approval.
d. The booking is strictly non-transferable. Each booking date is treated separately.

a. The period of rental is between 8.00am to 7 pm daily. No rental is available on Friday.
b. Minimum rental period for auditorium is 4 hours. For other facilities, minimum rental period is 2 hours,
except for main prayer hall for solemnisation (nikah) which is limited to only 1 hour.

a. Basic rental charge for facility is computed based on rental rate as stipulated above.
b. A security deposit is required to be made within one week of booking or it will be considered void.
c. Full payment must be made at least 30 days before the event or booking will be considered void.
d. Payment must be made at the mosque counter via cash, NETS or crossed cheque payable to LPM Assyakirin

a. No refund of rental shall be made for any period that is not made use of.
b. No refund will be made unless the booking is cancelled by Masjid Assyakirin.
c. Applicants may cancel their bookings in person. In the event of cancellation, the refund agreements will be as
- More than one (1) month prior to event date > 100% refund of event fee and security deposit.
- More than two (2) weeks prior to event date > 100% refund of event fee, no refund of security deposit.
- Less than two (2) weeks prior to event date > No refund of event fee and security deposit.

d. Masjid Assyakirin reserves the right to cancel the booking, due to unforeseen circumstances, by giving one (1)
month’s notice to the applicant via email. In such circumstances, the amount paid will be fully refunded and
applicant shall not have any further claims against Masjid Assyakirin
e. Masjid Assyakirin shall not be liable for any loss to the applicant by this cancellation.

a. The applicant shall only use the address of Masjid Assyakirin for the sole purpose of indicating the
location of the facility.
b. The prohibition shall apply during the period of rental of the facility as well as at all times thereafter.
c. The applicant shall not associate Masjid Assyakirin, its staff or Management Board with the activities unless with
prior consent

a. The facilities should only be used for the purpose as stated in the application.
b. Access to the use of the area and facilities will be granted according to the period of time as per booking. Any
extension of time required must be informed prior and subject to availability and prevailing charges.
c. Smoking is strictly prohibited within Masjid Assyakirin premises.
d. Due to limited parking spaces, reserved parking is not allowed as priority is given to jemaah performing prayers
at Masjid Assyakirin. Please advise your participants to park at the designated HDB carparks nearby
e. No Disc Jockey / DJ music and equipment are allowed within the facilities unless with prior approval
f. Applicants are also prohibited from playing other than Islamic songs / nasyid.
g. Kompang and/or Hadrah group performance is limited the main entrance of the mosque. It should only be
performed during non-prayer times. No playing of instruments are allowed upon entering the mosque
premises. This is to minimize disturbance to other congregants in the mosque.
h. No food is allowed inside all facilities except in designated area with prior approval and payment of fees.
i. Sales of any materials, books, food and drinks are not allowed except with prior approval and payment of fees.
j. No form of cooking is allowed inside the Masjid Assyakirin premises.
k. No washing or cleaning of crockery, pots, food warmers sets etc is allowed.
l. Food waste must be properly disposed in waste bags and into the allocated bin. No food waste is allowed to be
disposed through the drains and/or water outlet. Applicant will be levied an amount of S$200.00 for disposing
such waste into the drains or water outlets.
m. Except for the room/facilities allotted for use, all other rooms are out of bounds. The applicant must ensure that
the participants do not enter the said Rooms.
n. Collection of donations during the event is not allowed without the written permission from Masjid Assyakirin.

5 5 0 Y U N G A N R O A D S I N G A P O R E 6 1 8 6 1 7 | T e l : 6 2 6 8 1 8 4 6 | F a x : 6 2 6 8 9 7 2 5 FACILITIES RENTAL FORM
a s s y a k i r i n @ a s s y a k i r i n . m o s q u e . o r g . s g | w w w . a s s y a k i r i n . s g revised 20 JUL 2017
a. Applicant shall not temper with any electrical, PA system and other equipments belonging to Masjid Assyakirin.
Applicant shall be held liable for the cost of repair or replacement of any damaged facilities, furniture, fittings
and equipment that may be incurred during the use of such facilities. All costs shall be deducted from the
security deposit and shortages, if any, shall be paid to Masjid Assyakirin within 14 days of notification. Should
there be no damages incurred, the security deposit will be refunded 30 days after the event.
b. Applicant shall be responsible for the arrangement of the layout and to seek approval for additional items
and/or furniture required.
c. The applicant shall conform to any fire safety precautions required and not obstruct the passageways,
emergency exits, fire hoses and extinguishers in the facilities.
d. Applicant shall not conduct any activities repugnant and contrary to Islamic principles, the Syariah or any
activities inciting social, religious and racial disharmony. Masjid Assyakirin reserves the right to terminate and
ask the applicant to cease such activities immediately. Applicant is advised to keep the noise level low at all
e. All activities shall cease 15 minutes before azan and 15 minutes after the congregational prayer ends
f. Where applicable, the Applicant shall seek prior approval/permit from the relevant authorities for foreign
speakers and/or presenters which is required by Law. The Applicant shall ensure that the terms and conditions
as stipulated by the authorities are fully complied. Applicant is also to provide Masjid Assyakirin with a copy of
such approval/permit within 7 days prior to event date.
g. The Applicant shall be responsible for the supervision, safety, security and preservation of orderliness and
decency in the facilities.
h. Applicants shall be responsible for the behavior of their guests and congregation, including their dress code.
Those who dress inappropriately or behave in an unfavorable manner may be asked to leave the premises
and/or the event may be asked to cease and desist.
i. Applicant must inform and consult the officer in charge if they wish to bring in any decoration, props,
equipments, apparatus which will likely affect the present set up of the facilities.
j. No nails, stapling, adhesives or tapes should be used on walls. Applicant shall keep the area tidy and dispose of
any posters, banners, backdrop etc at the end of the event.

a. Masjid Assyakirin and/or its staff reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of rental, with or
without prior notice to the Applicant and at any time to impose any special conditions before allowing
the applicant to use the area and its facilities.
a. Masjid Assyakirin reserves the right to forfeit or deduct from the security deposit, if rules and regulations
are not observed.
b. Masjid Assyakirin may in its absolute discretion, grant, refuse or withdraw its approval for use of its
facilities without giving any reason.
c. Masjid Assyakirin and its staff shall not be liable for any loss due to any breakdown or unavailability of
equipment, failure of supply of electricity, leakage of water, fire, Government restriction, acts of
terrorism, acts of GOD, interruption or cancellation of supplies which may cause the facilities to be
temporarily closed.

5 5 0 Y U N G A N R O A D S I N G A P O R E 6 1 8 6 1 7 | T e l : 6 2 6 8 1 8 4 6 | F a x : 6 2 6 8 9 7 2 5 FACILITIES RENTAL FORM
a s s y a k i r i n @ a s s y a k i r i n . m o s q u e . o r g . s g | w w w . a s s y a k i r i n . s g revised 20 JUL 2017