Ever since the dawn of Philosophy, there has been a

discord among the various schools regarding the
subjective/objective dilemma and whether one or the
other describes the nature of Reality. School of realism,
pragmatism and naturalism hold on the objective thesis
whereas German Idealism, Advaita Vedanta and Kashmiri
Shaivism propound the subjectivist theory. There has
been no agreement for over three thousand years over
this problem and it can well be said that the crux of the
problem lies not in the theories themselves but in the
nature and positing of the problem itself. The main thesis
of objectivists is that reality is objective by which they
mean that it has properties which can be verified by
senses of other individuals. Science in its modern sense
is based on this premise. It conducts experiments which
can be “verified” by peers and this gives the results an
“objective” standing which can then be taken to be
“truth”. The basis of the existence of objectivity is the
presence of senses common to everyone. This works well
for the physical plane of reality since existence and
cognizance of this level depends on the senses. But for
the realist thesis to hold, it must be assumed that the
physical plane is all there is. This is an assumption which
modern science makes without much proof, but on this
basis of which, it makes many claims, all of which are
based on this one fulcrum. The fashionable problem of
modern science, that of Consciousness, also called the
“hard problem”, is hard because Science is looking for a
material basis of Consciousness and in the absence of an
experimental proof of that, declares its helplessness. It

the consciousness aspect of things. This brings us to the question of the subjectivist thesis. and Eastern seekers and philosophers. which says the Consciousness is “created” by the molecules of the brain. Science works fine only as long as every assumption has a basis in reality but when they lack such a basis. the scientists have to evolve. But to be fair. such a statement would have appeared laughable since they could leave the physical body and travel to all corners of the universe in their subtle bodies. which means he is the sole witness to these movements inside his consciousness. not science. consciousness and will (motion). Reality in its true sense has three aspects. For every human being. Western philosophy has captured the matter aspect of things.also makes an absurd hypothesis which sometimes can be easily taken to be truth. Science is not run by the wise sages today but by fanatical cults of materialists who behave very much like the religionists and theologians who they decry albeit rightly many times. He cannot “show” them to anyone else. matter. how can experiments based on such assumptions give correct results ? The problem is. No one doubts that . So matter in the brain moves first and then we are able to think. his feelings and thoughts are what he calls subjective. For that. appear to their disciples in their dreams and do all sorts of miracles. some assumptions cannot be verified by Science in the present state of human evolution. For the Sages of the India right from the Vedic age.

then truly “man could live by bread alone”. Every Scientist is a subjective individual who lives a life of thoughts and emotions privately and argues against the existence of such a dimension in outward life. Every human being’s life is based on his inner thoughts and emotions and it can be said that this “subjectivity” is the very meaning of his life. is the idea that everything is Consciousness. Of course. A strange predicament indeed. this Consciousness is called Shiva. At the ultimate level. or Absolute. But one is forced to wonder if Spiritual accomplishments must necessarily entail a materially deplorable state of things. Brahman. it is always maintained that though Shiva is the highest consciousness and uses his Shakti to project the universe . Eastern wisdom has been much more true to the individual’s inner life than the west. life stunting existence. this very detachment has also produced a galaxy of saints and enlightened beings who have achieved the highest accomplishments in Consciousness too. The result of thousands of years of such a stream of thought has resulted in a form of detachment or otherworldliness in the land of India whose result on the physical plane has been an impoverished. In Tantra. Science tries to manage objectivity but the goal of that endeavor is ultimately the subjective fulfillment of Man. Objectivity matters only so far as it harmonizes with the demands of his subjective life.he is more than just his external body.  In the very DNA of the eastern man. The exclusive focus on consciousness in comparison to matter has a basis in reality but that basis is partial and not complete. If this were not the case.

As one goes into the deeper levels of reality. Shiva and Shakti are ONE and the SAME. In the same way. there is more Shakti with Shiva “sleeping” deep inside and as we go to higher levels. matter stops being the dominating principle and becomes the servant of Consciousness who can shape matter as it wants. Shiva reveals himself more. what is the nature of matter as the physical plane is transcended ? What does the eastern adept see as he travels upward in the higher planes of reality ? And what is the nature of “refined matter” that sages don’t even mention its presence ? This . We should then ask. As we come closer to the material aspect of reality. This very static nature of matter made the scientists assume that matter is all there is. matter is completely negated or stops existing. at every level of creation. Ultimately matter is the carrier of Consciousness. It simply becomes more refined and less rigid. In the physical plane. The only difference is in the dominance of one principle over the another. But it is not the case that as Consciousness is attained in its pristine brilliance. the focus of Consciousness for the eastern adept is based on his desire to escape from this covering of matter by which. This staticity is also the basis of the “objectivity” which Science takes to be the rasion’d’etere for its existence. this is not possible for the ordinary man who sees the immovable sternness of matter confronting him with irresolute will in every aspect of life. he will be able to realize the true dominance of Consciousness over matter.outside himself.

the lustful gets to meet his fellow fornicators and the innocent stays with similar souls. They are instead an automatic reaction within us which we don’t have much control of usually. This automatism of emotions in response to outer events is the source of much of the misery in Planet Earth right now. A jealous individual gets to meet other similar jealous beings. This is the level of reality where for many human beings. attributing it to the actions of someone outside of us. Mahar Loka. reality has seven “lokas”. life is a kind of real Hell because there. This is because emotions “control” you in that plane. In esoteric terms. emotions are all there is.brings us to the question of Death. we “justify” that expression of emotion. After death. he leaves his physical and etheric sheath and travels in his emotional body to the Emotional Plane of Reality. After death. The ancient descriptions of Hell and Heaven were exaggerations with a kernel of truth. Hell and Heaven are not some planets where a Dark and Horrible Being boils you in a cauldron of molten Iron. Swarga Loka. . They do so in the physical plane too but in ignorance of the true nature of life. Janah Loka. Bhuvar Loka. It is only after death that most human beings realize that emotions are not “natural” expressions of life. Its the nature of the vibrations in which you find yourself after death which “subjectively” feels like Hell since there is no way out of that. man travels in his subtle body to the Bhuvar Loka. Tapah Loka and Satya Loka. In the ancient Puranas. starting with the Physical or Bhu loka.

These are realities in the emotional plane which in a physical plane cannot be seen by an embodied being. This kind of a maxim fundamentally depends on the assumption of “one life to live”. is being advocated as a worthy philosophy to live by. He considers them “subjective” until after death. Matter in that plane is “dependent” on the expression of emotions. but life hereafter will certainly not be. Many of the ancient descriptions of emotions in literature were actually based on this aspect of reality. anguish and so does Love and Compassion. The question of the automatic nature of emotions which is revealed after death will be answered a bit later. Sages . So anger has a particular color. it is realized that emotions are very much “objective” but only in that plane of reality. lust. Thus they called jealousy green and anger red. Actually hereafter is the more pressing reason for cultivating such controls since life on earth might well be prosperous with a maxim that says “do whatever you feel like”. Today we live in an age where expressing emotions in every color is the fashion of the day and in spite of all the horrors it unfolds. Only Science really bases itself on such a materialistic thesis because throughout history. we can understand the wisdom of all the injunctions of the sages who asked us to practice self-control of emotions and even thoughts for a good life on earth and hereafter. so does jealousy.this truth is revealed with a chilling horror. What is subjective on earth is objective on the plane beyond earth. So we come to an understanding that the subjective/objective divide is as aspect of consciousness and not some absolute truth. But before that.

By everything is meant the structure of reality composed of mental matter. This matter is even more refined than emotional matter.and spiritual souls have talked extensively about the after life. This also shows the dominance of mainstream Science in the cultural sphere today. This is a very blissful state of existence since all the negative thoughts. Such purity is the real meaning of the ancient “Swarga Loka” desired by all hindus. which are invariably connected with emotions have been left behind in the emotional plane and only the purest thoughts have accompanied the soul in to the mental plane. The mental plane by its very definition is the plane where thoughts are everything. We come back to the situation of the hapless newly dead entrant in the emotional plane who can do little now except cavort with the “emotionally familiar club” he meets. The problem is. After a sojourn there. It just happens to be the case that the dream here in intensely real and blissful and so there . the emotional “cloak” is taken off and the soul enter the mental plane in its mental body. There is some respite though because residence in this place is not for long. Therefore consciousness is even more dominant here and every thought shapes reality instantly into the shape conceived. These thoughts that play themselves out are like a dream where one is not in control of anything. Here is the place where all the purest thoughts of benevolence and truth live themselves out in an enchanting panorama of dazzling light. An assumption of science has negated the testimony of many thousands of saints and sages. the soul is actually not conscious in the way on earth he was.

The much more spiritually relevant thing is that we are NOT our thoughts. Very rarely do we plan to seek out the truth of our thoughts. The dreamy nature of this plane is not of much concern since no one minds such a vividly real and blissful dream.is only joy and happiness. These are your own ideas and thought forms which are akin to fictions and may not have any correspondence to reality in the physical plane when they were formed. On earth. The content of the dream is based on the life he left behind. is the mental plane just a subjective world ? The answer is. So one can live out the most joyous events in the life gone by with the most loved ones simply by thinking. In fact the possibility of this Objectivity raises the question of the “fictitious” nature of thoughts. Thus one can say this is “selfish” in a very good way. Life in the mental plane is pure subjectivity. has recorded every waking impression with perfect replicability and this is used in the mental plane to relive those moments. This is revealed most clearly in the mental plane where the very . Just like the emotions controlled the soul in the last plane. But here there are no fellows with similar “thoughts” like the emotional plane. we endlessly spin yarns of thoughts on all manner of things. But this is not Real. The subjective aspect here raises a question of the possible objectivity on this plane. The question is. so does thoughts do on this plane. One can create any individual’s persona by thinking about the person. it is NOT. people and events. Often driven by emotions which then capture our thinking process. Our subconscious which never forgets anything. we think our thoughts are all that matter to us.

the thought forms get more and more energized. As more and more people think on the same lines. The brain actually receives a certain percentage of this mental body movements. Thoughts are like waves which fly about in the mental plane which humans “catch” like receivers. Thoughts have energy which is why one needs extensive force and will to remove them. Germany for example in World War 2 was colonized by a certain Spirit which Carl Jung called Wotan who fed and sustained the murderous rage of the Germans. This is why every nation has a certain dominant thought pattern which defines it. The physical world affects us and we start thinking automatically. This feature of the mental plane reveals many truths of racism. Thinking is done in matter of extreme refinement even in a physical body. Culture as we know it is essentially the dominance of these waves of thought matter over a geographical area. suicide bombing and all manner of mass thinking . the mental body is not an isolated space but a shared one. Entire nations can be colonized by thought forms of intense vitality.dominance of our thought life is revealed in the dreamy nature of that plane since we do not consciously control that dream. Much more importantly. The usual saying that “I can’t get it off my mind” hides very deep physics about the nature of the thought plane. It is difficult to extricate oneself from such waves because “energy follows thought”. It was as impossible in that age to think freely as its impossible to rescue yourself from drowning in a sucking whirlpool. This matter is also an automatic matter and is normally outside our control.

do not contain our essential self. One can well say that there is nothing wrong in living in these planes of “illusion” since it is still some way of living. More importantly. that releasing yourself from the fetters of attachment to . It also reveals the importance of the arduous processes of Yoga which essentially is the stoppage of all involuntary thoughts as Patanjali speaks in the 2nd sutra of the Yoga Sutras. This question has always had a standard answer historically. In the after- death planes. they do not correspond to reality. This is the first plane where one is truly free of all emotional illusions and mental fictions. Bias is what defines the usual man who is driven by his subconscious drives and tendencies which were called Samskaras and Skandhas. As we saw. They are both aggregations of matter which activate on the slightest perturbation. every thought and emotion is a living reality completely defined by individual opinions. Only when one is able to control all automatic thoughts and emotions. does one travel past the emotional and mental plane and land in the planes of Nirvana.patterns. To get objective consciousness on the mental plane is possible only for enlightened beings who are no more controlled by thought and so can investigate it without any bias. Yoga seeks to take the seeker to the Ultimate Truth which in the preceding description of planes. lies beyond the mental plane. is a sojourn in these planes of emotion and thoughts after death. One can build all sorts of day dreams and fictitious ideas about the world and all that will amount to. emotions and thoughts are both composed of bodies of matter which are automatic in nature and being bodies.

physical plane life presents us with a laboratory called objective life where we learn to . Its only on earth. Its not only a question of the ineradicable havoc and suffering that blind emotional urges and fanatically resistant thoughts bring upon man when on earth. All Hatha Yoga is based on the impact that certain postures of the physical body have on our thoughts and emotions. After death. as an embodied being that we can transcend emotions and thoughts.emotions and thoughts is the goal of life on earth. If man were just emotions or thoughts. we are bound by what we attained in life on earth. we can learn to control our emotions. The illusory nature of the emotional and mental planes explains the tremendous importance of the physical plane existence. More importantly. On earth. use our will to change patterns of thoughts. This is partly because the physical body is a great help from the spiritual point of view. But is that true ? Any beginner in meditation is asked to “observe” thoughts and it is well known that thinking people can control their emotions to a great extent. What this reveals is that reason can unravel the blind and illusive structure of emotions and also that the rational process of reason can be observed as a movement separate from the observing individual. We give ourselves over to the automatic bodies of emotions and thoughts which life can be called a sort of rest from earthly life since there is nothing we consciously control. This shows that beyond thoughts and emotions is some aspect of existence which is neither of the two. its also the question of the real identity of man. the after death life presented here might well have been an acceptable one.

Now this is the experiential aspect of truth. that we are forced to live in bodies of emotion and mind and then asked to transcend these very bodies through struggle and renunciation concerns the esoteric structure of evolution on planet earth. we can take the experiential description and proceed. Then we are stuck with our automatic emotional bodies and their vibrations and have no will to transcend that level of vibration. The aspect of truth beyond emotions and thoughts have to be transcended only in a physical plane birth. Philosophy is essentially complex movements of matter in the mental plane. What that aspect is. The post started with the question of Philosophy and will end with it. The mental plane can be considered one super-complex laboratory where one can create prototypes of external reality and dive deeper and deeper into that created structure which will reveal more .master outer events through inner control of thoughts and emotions. is the goal of all Yoga and all seeking after Truth. Such a laboratory is missing after death. For now. The objective aspect as to why reality has been structured like this. Why couldn’t God just let us live in the planes of reality beyond the mind itself ? Why did we have to come down to this coarse material plane of reality and then travel all the way up giving up these cherished planes of emotion and thought ? The answer to this question will involve a detailed explanation as to the purpose of Life and existence and in a future post I shall do that. One can ask if all this was necessary.

It can create elaborate fictions which can at most approximate reality upto the mental plane as Hegel shows but its reach is limited. To the extent.aspects than the initial impression. This is why metaphysics is essentially a flawed discipline. Science does a very good job of explaining most of every day life because its hypotheses can be verified. one cannot even describe that plane properly. Only a . But the problem is. the truth lies beyond it. But because the mind is a subjective plane of reality. hides the truth. the mind can reveal it. All metaphysical problems are insoluble for the non-realized man. Thought takes an impression from external reality. unless one has objective consciousness on the mental plane. Its consciousness examining consciousness. But when it comes to the emotional and mental planes. These supra-mental planes are structures where pure Intuition reigns which is a reality where Oneness is realized without the sequential nature of logical thought. Subjectivist Philosophy tries to explain the reality of the seven planes of reality through a mental plane description. tries to go beyond the appearance. there is no way to give an objective description of that reality. All inference and deduction are such movements. churns it in the mind and reveals aspects which are completely new. unless the topic of churning is the physical reality. And planes beyond the mental do not even have a structure of reality that the mind can fathom. It can do so because appearance by its very nature. Philosophy looks at the external reality of appearances and in the mental plane. there is no way to verify whether the conclusions of the mind are true or not.

. how the “oneness” spoken of by mystics and sages is a lived reality. can then undertake the task of explaining the true nature of the mind. Only realization gives one the true access to one’s own and the universe’s reality. Such a realization for her children has been the goal of evolution on planet earth ever since the planet appeared in the mists of antiquity. plants and human beings and also the meaning of “Maya” or the illusory nature of reality. The universe is actually one single block of consciousness which appears separate only in appearance. these are all intractable questions for the logical mind. or reality is One or many. Abstraction is a way to travel up though subjectively. Realization gives you the first understanding of how reality is truly structured. the mind itself is incapable of understanding. Creation ex-nihilo. And for the nirvanic planes. This has done only one good thing which is that the philosopher and his readers have travelled to the more finer realms of the mental plane. how every inch of creation is bursting with consciousness starting from the rock to the entire planet with its billions of animals. All philosophers have given many descriptions of reality according to their own subjective fictions created in the mental plane. This is the reason why so many of the mystics say things which appear inexplicable to reason.self-realized being having travelled beyond the mental plane. One realizes that all forms of separation is an illusion. which are abstract planes.