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•It is the finest medieval building in Milan.Churches… Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio •The church is mostly built in brickwork of different origins and colors. consisted of a central nave lighted from the clerestory. between atrium and church. flanked by towers. atrium. •The pulpit consists of series of arches and carved with animals and birds. The current Romanesque church was begun around 1080. •The narthex opens to the vaulted nave and aisles at its ends. apse. •Belonged to the basilica type. with parts of stone and white plastering. Romanesque . •The nave and the aisles of the existing basilica correspond with those of the primitive church •Next is the narthex. 2 side aisles.

Churches… Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio Romanesque .


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Romanesque . all with apses. was later used for civil and The hut façade with the entrance portico. religious meetings. •Used for baptism later the portico. whose entrance has four blind arcades with an open one in the centre.Churches… Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio •The current appearance in the 12th century -.The basilica plan of the original edifice was maintained. and a portico with arches supported by semi-columns and pilasters preceding the entrance. with an apse and two aisles.

Churches… Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio Exterior •The hut-shaped façade has two orders of loggias: the lower one has 3arcades of same span. which are repeated also on the façade. which join the portico ones. The left and higher one dates from 1144. Romanesque . is from the 9th century and has a severe appearance typical of defensive structures. while the portico's upper frame is decorated with Lombard bands. the last two floors having been added in 1889. which are slightly higher. They have double archivolts. The right one. The upper loggia was used by the bishops to bless the citizens. called dei Monaci ("of the Monks"). flanked by semi-columns. •It has two bell towers. since it contains the same decorative elements. by the same architect of the Romanesque basilica. •The portico's arcade are supported by pillars. It was likely designed The Canons' bell tower.


•The ceiling features groin vaults. become a single pillar. as well as vegetable and fantastic motifs. each supported by its own semi-pillar. there is no transept. and are supported by lesser pillars. St Matthew (praying man) and John (eagle). The interior has the same size as the external portico.Churches… Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio Interior •The basilica has a semi-circular apse. in the lower section. depicting the symbols of two saints. semi-circular chapels at the end of the aisles. Romanesque . The galleries over the aisles support the vaults but preclude clerestory windows. and smaller. which. has nine small columns with decorated capitals and friezes. •The aisles' spans measure exactly half of those in the nave. •The third central span. on the left. is Romanesque ambon. The front of the ambon is decorated by two gilt copper reliefs. featuring animal and human figures.


Romanesque . who died in Lombardy in 875. located under the high altar. was built in the 9th century to houses the remains of three saints venerated here: Ambrose. Gervasus and Protasus. The crypt.Churches… Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio •The church also houses the tomb of Emperor Louis II.