Verb To Be – Simple Past

He was Were
She wasn’t Weren’t
Was he at home? Yes, he was. / No, he wasn´t
Were they at home? Yes, they were. / No, they weren´t.

1. Complete with the Simple Past of the verb to be.

a. How old __________ Richard last year? __________ he ten or eleven?
b. When __________ Susan’s baby born?
c. In what season __________ they born?
d. They __________ (not) born in Spring, I’m sure.
e. Uncle Tom __________ (not) at home yesterday evening.
f. Bob __________ at the beach with his friends. They __________ all very happy.
g. Where __________ you at 11 o’clock?

2. Complete with the was / were.

A Where __________ Shirley last Saturday?
B She __________ at the stadium.
A __________ you there, too?
B No, I __________ at home. And you?
A My brothers, my sisters and I __________ at the exhibition.
A By the way, where __________ your brothers that day?
B I don’t know where my brother Jim __________ .
He __________ at home with me but the others __________ .

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