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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data
Name: Madan Paudel
Date of Birth: 1996-04-13 Cell No: 9805402756/9867010043
Place of Birth: Kopawa-6, kapilvastu, Lumbini
Current Address: kopawa-6, kapilvastu, Lumbini
Height: 170 cm Weight: 55 Kg

Year Performance
School/Institute Degree
(% )
Since(MM-YY) To(MM-YY)

Kapilvastu Gyanjyoti S.L.C 2010 2013 79.25%

Shiksha Sadan

Korea Nepal Institute Of Diploma In 2013 2016 80.76%

Technology Automobile Eng.

Official Record Actual
Language Level
Name of test Score/Level Year(MM-YY)

English Fluent

Hindi Fluent

Korean Not-Fluent

Actual level: Fluent , Average, not-Fluent etc.

Computer Skill
Program Remarks
Excellent Average Low

Power Point

MS Office



Type Period Job/Content

Since (MM-YY) To (MM-YY)
Auto-villa 2016-01-24 2016-02-01 General Mechanic

Auto-Gandaki Trading Pvt. Ltd. 2016-07-07 2016-08-31 supervisor

(Sipradi, TATA)

Technical Skills

Air Conditioning (Refrigerant refilling, Compressor assemble and disassemble, leakage

On board Vehicle Diagnosis (OBD-2) by using Scanner (CARMAN V64).
Engine Assemble and Disassemble (Petrol and Diesel Engine).
Maintenance and Repair of Various System of Automobile Transmission.
Capable in welding Works (Arc , Mig,Gass.)

3 Months Graphic Course (Auto-Cad).

3 Months 2D and 3D designing Course (CATIA).

Reference Letter
Classification Contents Classification Contents
Personal Data Name Madan Paudel Date of Birth On record 1996-04-13
Dept. Automobile Actual 1996-04-13
Year Admission 2013 Place (of) Birth Kopawa-6, Kapilvastu
(of) Graduation 2016 Residence Kopawa-6, Kapilvastu
H.P. 9805402756 e-mail
Admission Type Open competition
Recommendation Classification Excellent Good Average Need to improve
(Mark ) Sincerity
Positive Thinking
School Record 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Average
(Personal Grade /Total) 75.08% 82.65% 84.80% 80.76%
Excellent acedemic record with average 80.76%.
Good personal behaviour and hardworking.
Good moral attitude and disciplined student.

Reference : Title : Name : Sourav Kumar Signature : Date : 2017-03-16
KNIT(Korea Nepal Institute of Technology)