The MAN B&W ME Cylinder Lubrication


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The MAN B&W ME Cylinder Lubrication

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5g/kWh This system gives a considerable saving over the older mechanical cylinder lubrication systems. DHTML Menu / JavaScript Menu Powered By OpenCube 2 of 2 06-02-2017 22:58 . For example using an algorithm of 0. depending on the cylinder bore. The feed rate cannot be set below 0. The servo piston is controlled by a solenoid operated shuttle valve which either allows pressurised oil to drive the servo piston or to drain from the space behind the piston.3 × 2 = 0. A feedback unit sends a signal proportional to the movement of the servo piston back to the control unit.marinediesels. driven through a crosshead by a servo piston powered by the 200 bar servo oil from the pressurised arranged radially in individual cylinders.The MAN B&W ME Cylinder Lubrication http://www.htm The Man B&W alpha cylinder lubricator consists of six. allowing it to return to its start position.3 and a sulphur content of 2% the feed rate would be 0. eight or ten The signal to the solenoid valve comes from the Cylinder Control Unit computer which can accurately time the injection as the ring pack passes the injection points. Oil is not injected every revolution.34. Each lubricator piston delivers oil at constant pressure from the cylinder oil tank through a non return valve to a lubricator quill mounted in the cylinder liner. Pre lubrication of the cylinder prior to starting is selectable and variation in feed rate can easily be adjusted for running in periods.26 and 0. The amount of oil injected is calculated using an algorithm multiplied by the sulphur content of the fuel expressed as a percentage. The algorithm is dependent on the BN of the cylinder oil and for a 70 BN oil is in the range between 0. but instead the frequency is based on engine load and quantity of fuel injected.