CACC-HQ 23 January 2009

MEMORANDUM FOR all California Cadet Corps personnel and units

SUBJECT: Change #5 to CR 1-8.

1. Effective immediately, Cadet Regulation 1-8 is amended. Add paragraph 9-15:

9-15. Nameplate.

a. Issue. An authorized item not provided by the HQCACC.

b. Specifications. The nameplate is a U.S. Army-style, black, laminated plastic plate, 1 inch by 3
inches, 1/16 inch thick, with a white border not to exceed 1/32 inch in width. Lettering is block
type, indented white lettering, 3/16 inch in height, and centered on the plate. Only last names are
used on the nameplates. Gloss or non-gloss finish is authorized on the nameplate. Modifications
to the nameplate to add other insignia or information are prohibited.

c. Manner of wear. On the cadet service shirts and on the dress service coat, the nameplate is
worn centered left to right on the flap of the right breast pocket, and centered between the top of
the button and the top of the pocket. (See illustrations in individual uniform chapters.)

2. Add to paragraph 2-4(c): (11) Nameplate (para 9-15)
3. Add to paragraph 3-5(c): (11) Nameplate (para 9-15)
4. Add to paragraph 4-7(c): (11) Nameplate (para 9-15)
5. Add to paragraph 5-4 (c): (11) Nameplate (para 9-15)
6. Add paragraph 6-4, subparagraph c(10): Nametapes. A tan nametape embroidered with the cadet’s last
name in Air Force Blue block letters may be worn centered on and immediately above the right breast
pocket seam. In lieu of an embroidered nametape, the cadet may wear a nameplate as specified in para 9-
15. A tan nametape embroidered with the organizational name CA CADET CORPS in Air Force Blue
block letters may be worn centered on and immediately above the left breast pocket seam.
7. Proponent for this change is HQ, CACC.
8. File this change in front of the regulation in all regulation binders.


/s/ signed electronically
Assistant Executive Officer