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Before I begin I need to state the obvious truth that none of the content uploaded here in the
above link is my own. It was for free distribution and it is free for all!

There are no audio, or video files in these folders. The vast majority of files are in pdf.
However there are other types of files too. There are some non-text files also (like exe files).

There are text files in European languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish and
Portuguese) and Asian languages (Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese, Hindi, Laotian, Nepali,
Sinhala, Thai and Tibetan). Almost all folders have some content in English.

Over here you will find various text documents on Buddhism. Most of the files uploaded here
are in pdf format. The folders are named according to the website from which I downloaded
the material from.

Beware that some books can appear on more than one folder. This is because they were
available for download in more than one website. I have made some effort to remove
unnecessary repetitions. But some of which I have intentionally left in case if there is a
damaged file there always the possibility of coming across the same content in a different

I took some time to remove any files that were damaged (i.e. which did not open). I couldn’t
check this for all the files (there are more than 14 000 files over here!). If you happen to
come across any then I offer my apology and I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the
content online.

I have included a special folder named ‘Buddhist Websites’ which has a list of as many
Buddhist websites that I found all over the internet. I have also uploaded them as
‘Favourites’ files so you can copy-paste it on to your ‘Favourites’ folder.
Some subfolders may be empty. I will remove them with time.

Unfortunately some of the websites which give free downloads of Buddhist content are no
longer available online. But their downloadable content is available for you to see in here (so
it hasn’t gone to waste).

All content from the respective websites were legally available for free download and free

Please feel free to share my link
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s0eux17wyv055sw/AACTkc8dpux5dzsn6divAdjEa?dl=0 with
anyone who is interested on the topic of Buddhism. If you intend to frequently visit this page
then I suggest you could save this link as a ‘Favourite’.

I have made available text material from different types of Buddhism but mainly Mahayana
and Theravada. If you are looking for a particular sect of Buddhism or documents in
particular language, then please take a look through the list of websites and their description

Ebooks are in English language. Most files are in pdf format. Ebooks are in Thai and English and are in pdf format.aimwell.ancient-buddhist-texts.5000-years. Amaravati http://www. Spanish.aathaapi.net/ Website contains translations/transliterations on sections of the Pali Canon (Tipitaka) in English and South Asian languages. Website contains html format of teachings in European languages (English. Contains a complete translation of the Pali Canon (Tipitaka) in Thai. Files are in pdf and doc format. Abhayagiri https://www. Indonesian. Folder contains ebooks in English and Sinhala. Association for Insight Meditation http://www.accesstoinsight. .org/ Theravada Buddhist website which contains ebooks (including Tipitaka) in Cambodian and English.amaravati. Berzin Archives http://www. Aathaapi http://www. Files are in pdf format. Portuguese. Bodhi Monastery http://bodhimonastery.org/ Includes works of reputed Burmese Theravada Buddhist monks including Mahasi Sayadaw. Ajahn Chah. Access to Insight http://www.org/ Theravada Buddhist website which has the complete Pali Canon (Tipitaka) translated in Sinhala.org/ Official website of the Amaravati Theravada Buddhist Monastery. Thai and Sinhala).budismodrba. UK.org/ Folder has a few files on Buddhism. Hertfordshire. USA. Las Vegas.org/ Official website of the Bhodhiyana Buddhist Temple.List of Folders 5000 years http://www. Italian. Japanese and Hindi. Polish and Slovene) and Asian languages (Chinese.org/ Website of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association in Spanish. Files are in pdf format.berzinarchives. Files are in pdf format. Files are in pdf format .ajahnchah.org/ Official website of the Thai Theravada Buddhist meditation master. Ancient Buddhist Texts http://www.abhayagiri.org/ Theravada Buddhist website with e-documents in English. Dr Alexander Berzin. Files are in pdf format. Ajahn Chah http://www. Czech. Contains e-documents in English. Asociación Budista Reino del Dharma http://www. Files are in pdf format. Files are in pdf format.bhodhiyana. Folder contains pdf documents in Spanish. Folder contains excerpts from the Pali Canon (Tipitaka) in English. German. French.com/ Official website of the Tibetan Buddhist scholar. Folder contains ebooks in English. Bhodhiyana http://www.org/ Official website of the Abhayagiri Monastery which is based on the Theravada Thai Forest Tradition.

. Buddhist Publication Society http://www.com/ Official website of Buddha’s Light – the Buddhist publishing group.info/wbd/ which is a database of Buddhist centres worldwide. No pdf files in this folder. Folder contains the setup file to install but does not function in 64-bit. Buddhist Information Various documents of Buddhism in English.com/ Website contains English translations of Sutras from Mahayana and Theravada. Content is in English.org. Files are in pdf format.buddhanet. Files are in pdf. Buddhanet http://www. Buddha Station http://www.budsas. Buddha Sasana http://www.buddhastation. All files are in pdf format. Buddha’s Light Publishing http://blpusa.net/ Official website of the Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc. Folder contains ‘Wheel of Dharma’ (the official publication of Buddhist Churches of America) from 2005 – 2014 in English. Buddhist Churches of Canada http://www.my/ E-documents in English language in doc format.buddhanet. Both files are in pdf format.com/ A Buddhist video-sharing website.bps. Files are in pdf format.Bodhilankarama Buddhist Temple Folder contains pdf files in English. Buddhist Churches of America http://buddhistchurchesofamerica. doc and docx format.org/ Mahayana Buddhist website of the Jodo Shinshu sect. Buddhist eBooks Folder has files in exe format. Ebooks in Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism. Files are in pdf format. E-documents from the website are in English.ca/ Mahayana Buddhist website of the Jodo Shinshu sect. Buddhist Canon Contains files from Chattha Sangayana CD-ROM Version 3.org/ Website by Binh Anson which has Buddhist resources including ebooks and essays in English. Files are in pdf and doc format. Buddha Sutra http://www.buddhasutra. The website has a World Buddhist Directory http://www. Website contains resources on Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism. Buddhist Missionary Society of Malaysia http://bmsm. E-documents are in English.lk/ Official website of the Buddhist Publication Society based in Sri Lanka.bcc. Folder contains a pdf file in English. All files are in pdf format. Folder contains two documents in English.

All files are in pdf format. Both are in English. Italian. Please keep in mind that some websites may no longer exist online. Files are in doc format. There are 3 different versions of the Pali Canon (Tipitaka) in Burmese but not complete.com/ Theravada Buddhist website which contains e-documents in English and Burmese. Cambodian. Contains two pdf documents in English including the Lankavatara Sutra Database of Chinese Buddhist Texts http://chw. Vajrayana and other types of Buddhism. Thai. Laotian and Vietnamese). Spanish and others) and Asian languages (Chinese.ac. Tibetan. Most of the files are in English and all are in pdf format. .dhammadownload.org.org/ Official website of the Cakkavala Meditation Centre. Contains a ppt slide show file and a pdf file. Hindi. Singapore. Folder contains two ebooks written in English. Dhamma Download http://www. Contains works of well reputed Burmese Buddhist monks (including Mahasi Sayadaw) in Burmese and English.Buddhist Websites’ file which has a list of Buddhist websites including Mahayana. Indonesian. Mongolian. Dhamma Moon http://dhammamoon.jp/~chris/can/ Folder contains Romanized Pali and Vietnamese translation documents of the Pali Canon (Tipitaka) (not complete). Documents are in English and in pdf format.com/ A Theravada Buddhist website. Cambodian. Vietnamese.dhammaaid.thedhamma. Chakkavala http://www.au/ Official website of the Dhammaloka Theravada Buddhist Centre in Australia.cakkavala.org/ Website of the Theravada Buddhist priest Ajahn Abhinando.Buddhist Society of Western Australia http://www. Website contains ebooks on Buddhism from Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism.org/ Website on Zen Buddhism.org/. Files are in pdf format in English. Nepali.budaedu.zinbun. Bengali and other Indian languages) Dark Zen http://www. Assamese. Dhamma Aid Asia http://www.drba.kyotou. Buddhist Text Translation Society http://www.darkzen. Burmese. Theravada. Dhamma http://www. This folder can be copy-pasted into your ‘Favourites’ folder so that they appear as favourites when using Internet Explorer. There is a ‘Buddhist Favourites’ folder which contains files in URL format of Buddhist websites. Various pdf documents available in European languages (English. Lao.dhammaloka. Buddhist Websites Folder Folder contains a doc and docx ’01. Sinhala.org Official website of The Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation based in Taiwan (Republic of China). Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation http://www. Folder contains pdfs in Asian languages (Hindi.org/ Official website of the Buddhist Text Translation Society which is a subsidiary of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association (DRBA) http://www.org/ Website dedicated for free distribution of Theravada books.buddhisttexts.

The majority of files are in doc format. Theravada and Vajrayana Buddhism in English.forestdhamma. .Dhamma Talks (. Spanish. Ajahn Sumedho. Beware of empty folders! Forest Dhamma Books http://www. Dharmaweb. Mahasi Sayadaw. Dhamma Talks (.net Contains a single word document in English.org/ Website based of the Theravada Thai Forest Tradition of Achaan Maha Boowa. Portuguese and Spanish. E-documents are in English and Sinhala and most are in pdf format. Catalan. Swedish. English. All files are in pdf. All files are in pdf format. Folder contains ebooks. Hungarian.dhammikaweb. Dhammika Web http://www. Dhammanusari http://www. Italian and Slovenian) and other languages (Hebrew and Swahili). Indonesian and Sinhalese) and European langugages (Portuguese.dhammatalks.dharmatranslation.net/ Website on Theravada Buddhism. essays. French. The Dharmafarers http://dharmafarer. Japanese. Folder contains a Romanized Pali chanting book in pdf format. Dharmaweb.org Folder contains information on Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism (including Tibetan and Zen Buddhism). Russian. Dharma Translation http://www.org/ Website on the Theravada Thai Forest Tradition. Bhikkhu Bodhi.org/ Teachings on Theravada Buddhism in English. Vietnamese. Please check website for updates.dhammanusari.org/ Website dedicated to translation of Buddhist learning material. Folder contains e-documents in English. Ajahn Brahm. sections from the Pali Canon etc in English.org/wordpress/ Folder has contents from the Pali Canon (Tipitaka) in English.dhammatalks. The files in the folder are in English and in pdf format. Forest Sangha Publications http://forestsangha. Chinese. Malay. German. All files are in pdf format. Czech.org) http://www.net) http://www.com/ Website based on Theravada Buddhist teachings. Dutch. Polish. Contains teachings of well-known Theravada Buddhist priests such as Ajahn Amaro. Folder contains English ebooks in pdf format. Thai. All files are in pdf format. Korean. Sri Dhammanando and many many more! Website has articles in Asian languages (Burmese. Tamil. Dharma Date Folder contains a few pdf files on Mahayana.org/ Website based on the Theravada Thai Forest Tradition of Thanissaro Bhikkhu of the Metta Forest Monastery.

izauk. but if you wish to access the pdf files without the software then please click through the following folders. Hidden Dhamma – A Tiny Drop of Sri Saddhamma http://www. German.org. Just Be Good http://www.or. Tamil and Vietnamese.greatwesternvehicle.uk/ Official website of the Lam Rim Centres.buddhisttemple.kmspks.hiddendhamma. Theravada and Vajrayana Buddhism.org/ Official website of the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery which is one of the largest Mahayana Buddhist temples in Singapore.org/ Official website of the International Zen Association. British Columbia. Hieizan http://www. The folder has Buddhist ebooks from this website including ebooks from Mahayana. Romanian.ca/ Official website of the International Buddhist Temple in Richmond.com/ Official website of Lama Yeshe. Also contains a folder which has parts of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon (Kangyur and Tengyur) in pdf format in Tibetan language. Russian and Spanish) and Asian languages (Chinese and Vietnamese).lamayeshe.htm A non-Buddhist website which contains a link about Buddhism and Pali texts. Content is in pdf format in English and Romanised transliteration. Grand Sutras > Tibetan Buddhist Canon > Tibetan > Texts > KANGYUR > PDF Grand Sutras > Tibetan Buddhist Canon > Tibetan > Texts > TENGYUR > PDF Great Western Vehicle http://www.org/pali/index. Journel of Buddhist Ethics Contains various doc files on Buddhism including sections from Pali Canon (Tipitaka).net/ Theravada Buddhist website. Contains pdf documents in Chinese. Kong Meng Sang Phor Kark See Monastery http://www. Files are in English and pdf format.com/ A multireligious website which have religious textbooks to download from.net/ A Theravada Buddhist website in Sinhala language. Folder contains two pdf files in Sinhala.jp/ Website on Buddhist cultural heritage site in Japan. Folder contains pdfs and ppt files in English.holybooks. Canada. International Zen Association http://www. All files are copy-pasted from a software.hieizan.lamrim. All files are in pdf format. Lam Rim is based on the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. Folder contains English documents in pdf format. . Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive http://www. Portuguese.justbegood. Holy Books – Buddhism http://www. There is folder within which has ebooks in Hindi. There are also ebooks on topic related to Buddhist themes. Folder contains a pdf ebook in English. Lam Rim Buddhist Centres http://www.Grand Sutras Contains an iso (CD print) file on the Mahayana Tripitaka. Folder contains documents on Tibetan Buddhism in European languages (English. International Buddhist Society http://www.

Meetirigala Nissarana Vanaya http://www.eu Website based on teachings of the Theravada Thai Forest Tradition monk.luangta.uk/ Official website of the Theravada monastery.com/ Website on Theravada Buddhist teachings in Sinhala. . Aruna Ratangiri in Northumbaland UK.nissarana. PDF Dharma Folder contains pdf files in English including the hard-to-find Vimuttimagga (Path to Freedom) which is thought to be the precursor to Visuddhimagga (Path to Purification). Pali Text Society http://www. Na Uyana Aranya http://nauyana.Lapis Lazuli Folder contains excerpts from the Mahayana Tripitaka in English.com/ Official website of the Pali Text Society in UK. Folder contains pdf files in English. Also contains a setup (exe) file. All files are in pdf format.org.tipitaka. Pariyatti http://www. Sri Lanka.com/ Folder contains files in English on the Jodo Bukkyo school of Mahayana Buddhism (known in the West as ‘Pure Land Buddhism’).nissarana.org/ Folder has a single pdf file on Mindfulness Meditation in English. Folder contains pdf document about the monastery and application forms.org/ Official website of the Pariyatti Buddhist bookstore. Folder contains the pdf set of Pali Canon in Devanagari and Romanized transliterations. Ratangiri https://ratanagiri.org/ Official website of the Theravada Buddhist forest monastery in Pansiyagama.lk/ Official website of the Meetirigala Meditation Centre in Sri Lanka.palitext. Ratanaram Buddhist Temple http://ratanaram. Has two pdf files in English. Folder has a pdf catalogue of the items which can purchased from the Pali Text Society. Pure Land Buddhism http://www.luangta.purelandbuddhism. Pali Tipitaka http://www.maharahathunwadimaga. Folder contains few pdf documents in English including the application form. Based on the Theravada Forest Tradition of Sri Lanka. The folder also contains an English translation on one of the chapters. Nissarana Noble Sharing http://www.pariyatti. Maha Rahathun Wadimaga Osse http://www. Ajahn Maha Bua (also known as Luangta).org/ Website contains transliterations of the Pali Canon (Tipitaka) mainly in Asian scripts. All ebooks are in English and in pdf format.org/ Folder contains pdf documents in Sinhala and English on Buddhism.com/ http://www. Meth TV Folder contains pdf documents in English. Luangta http://www. Folder contains a Dhammapada software setup.

Documents are in English.com/ Website contains Buddhist material from Mahayana and Theravada traditions. Chinese and Tibetan). SGI Library http://www. Shantideva Folder contains pdf e-documents in English. Source Of Light http://www. Sanskrit. Chinese and Indonesian) and European languages (Italian. the founder of the Appamada Vihari Meditation Centre. Sayalay Susila http://sayalaysusila. Folder contains pdf files on Triratna teachings in English.shabkar. Folder contains the Mahayana Tripitaka in Chinese in pdf format.com/bud/index. Live Dhamma discussions are broadcasted here.org/ Official website of Urgyen Sangharakshitha of the Triratna sect of Buddhism. Contains parts of texts from Theravada. Folder contains pdf files in Sinhala on Theravada Buddhism including the complete book set of Venerable Rerukane Chandhawimala Thero.net/ Website which has translation of the Pali Canon (Tipitaka) in ‘Traditional Buddhist langugages’ (Romanized Pali. Shwehinhar Folder contains pdf ebooks in English. Seeing through the Net http://www.org/ A non-sectarian Buddhist website on relationship between Buddhism and vegetarianism.org/ http://www. Folder has pdf files in Asian languages (Thai.org/ Mahayana Buddhist website in Chinese. Suttapitaka. The entire Pali canon can be downloaded from the website where the files are in html format. Russian and English).sacred-texts. Savanata Sisilasa http://www. All files are in pdf format and are in English. Shabkar http://www. There is also a different sections where fragments of the scripture in Prakrit.nichirenlibrary. .sgi. Sangharakshitha www. Sutta World http://www.savanatasisilasa.suttaworld. French and Spanish and all are in pdf format.htm Sacred Texts is a multireligious and multiphilosophical website. Folder contains pdf files in English on Buddhist vegetarianism. The content in the folder is from the Buddhist section. The languages of the different sections may vary.net/ The official website of the Theravada Buddhist Nun Ven Sayalay Susila.Sacred Texts – Buddhism http://www.org/ Website based on Nichiren Buddhism (sect within Mahayana).sangharakshita.org http://suttapitaka.sourceoflightmonastery. Folder contains English translations of the works of Nichiren Daishonin.seeingthroughthenet.org/ A Theravada radio website in Sinhala.net/ Website which contains Theravada Buddhist material. Mahayana and Vajrayana. Sutta Central https://suttacentral. All files are in pdf format in English.org/ Folder contains a single pdf file.

re. Urban Dharma http://www.jp/english/index. Italian. Content is in Chinese and English in pdf format. Bosnian.urbandharma.Tendai http://www.jp/ http://www.N. Watthainet Folder contains doc files on Buddhism in English within zip folders. Slovene and Spanish).tendai.or.or. Hindi.org/ Website of Theravada Buddhist teachings.net/ Official website of the Tusita Hermitage (a Theravada monastery). Vietnamese and Indonesian) and European languages (German. Vipassana Dhura Meditation Society http://www.re. Laos.org/ Website on Buddhist teachings from Theravada. Same document in Japanese and Korean. Theravada Dhamma http://www.theravada-dhamma.sutra. Cambodian. Ven K Sri Dhammananda Folder contains pdf documents of the teachings of Venerable Sri Dhammananda. German.com/ Folder contains teachings on Vipassana meditation. Bengali. Nepali. Japanese.vipassanadhura. Russian. Folder contains two files. . Goenka. Tipitaka. Tripitaka Koreana Project http://kb.wikipedia. There is a special pdf file about the ’32 parts of the body’ where the different parts are named in Asian (Burmese. All files are in pdf format and in English. Vipassana Fellowship http://www.do Contains a pdf file about the Tripitaka Koreana project.kr/ritk/index.tendai. All pdf files are in English.org Folder contains sections from Pali Canon (Tipitaka) in Devanagari script in pdf format.vipassana. Serbian. Chinese. Korean.org/ Website of the Vipassana meditation as taught by S.dhamma. Folder contains documents on Triratna Buddhism mostly in English in pdf format.do http://kb. http://en. Croatian. Tipitaka Nepal Folder contains sections from Pali Canon (Tipitaka) in Nepali script in pdf format.sutra. the Theravada Buddhist priest. Tusita Hermitage http://tusitainternational.org/wiki/Tripitaka_Koreana Triratna Buddhist Centre https://thebuddhistcentre. Vipassana Meditation https://www. Thai. English. Dutch. Folder contains pdf files in English about Vipassana meditation from various Vipassana meditation masters. French and English). Sinhala. Folder contains a pdf documents in European languages (Czech.com/ Website on Vipassana meditation.kr/ritk_eng/index.php Website on Tendai Buddhism about Dengyō Daishi life and teaching. In English language.com/ Official website of the Triratna Buddhist movement. Folder contains pdf document on code of conduct during retreats.

Zen Study Society http://www. Hope you will find at least one good book or document among the 1000s of files on this domain.yellowrobe.org/ Contains pdf document in English of the newsletters published from the Zen Study Society.thezensite.com/ A Theravada Buddhist website. USA. Yellow Robe http://www. New content will be added from time to time. I wish you good luck on finding the right one. All pdf files are on Zen teachings in English. Other Buddhist Texts Micellaneous.wikipedia. May the blessings of the Three Treasures be with you! .com/ Zen Buddhist website. Folder contains pdf files in English. New York.zenstudies.org/wiki/Portal:Buddhism Folder contains pdf of Wikibook of Buddhism which contains various useful articles from Wikipedia on Buddhism in English. Zen Site http://www.Wikipedia Buddhism http://en.