Why start a math club?

There are many possible reasons to start a math club! A math club should be a
community for all students. Every student should have the opportunity to develop
their critical and creative thinking skills, regardless of their prior mathematics
experiences and background. Reasons to start a math club could include:

 Create an environment for students to have fun while learning math
 Learn about math topics not usually covered in school math classes
 Make new friends with similar interests
 Learn about degrees and careers that use math
 Have opportunities to interact with professors, industry professionals, and
many other individuals in the fields of science, technology, engineering,
and mathematics (STEM)
 Create a sense of pride and ownership over starting and sustaining a club

The simple three-step process for starting a math club

1. Recruit members and find a math club coach/sponsor
2. Have a collection of interesting math questions to work on
3. Schedule regular math club meetings, and enjoy doing math together!

Schedule regular meetings, and enjoy exploring math together:

 Find an appropriate room/classroom where your club can meet
periodically. Your math club sponsor/coach should be able to help you with
scheduling a room at your school. Consider a room that has
whiteboards/chalkboards, so you and your club members can easily share
ideas with everyone while you are having fun doing math!
 Consider weekly or bi-weekly (once every two weeks) meetings
 You could have a running theme for the entire semester or school year, or
have a different topic each meeting
 Balance individual work with teamwork, where members have the chance
to work on questions individually as well as with others
 Consider having members give a short talk on a math topic of their
 Consider inviting guest speakers, such as math professors, industry
professionals, undergraduate students, or graduate students. Some one
who is excited about math and wants to share that excitement with others

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