The very fact that already there exist six volumes full of FABC’s official teachings itself is a
testimony to the vigour and vitality of the Catholic Episcopate in Asia as a whole. We
should not forget that in these six volumes one finds not only a sort of historical record of
the doings and teachings of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences during the last 44
years, but they also bear witness to the Asian Episcopal solidarity.

At a time when Pope Francis keeps on reminding us of the importance of the unique and
indispensable role the local churches ought to play (as already mentioned by the Second
Vatican Council) in the Evangelization of the peoples, these documents of the FABC are the
concrete proof of the Asian bishops’ efforts during the past five decades to realize that call
in their own local churches. Perhaps, with the Holy Father’s special encouragement these
FABC documents can now be used not only to teach our Asian Catholics but they can also
be put into practice with greater intensity in our local churches.

† Oswald Cardinal Gracias
Archbishop of Mumbai
President – Federationof Asian Bishop’s Conferences

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