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Serhan Balvan
stasyon Mahallesi
nar Sokak No:9
Kkekmece, 34303,
stanbul, Turkey

Mobile: +90 541 9250725

Career Summary

Investment analyst with 5 years of in-depth experience in financial markets. Has been performed in
various form of teams with different roles and acquired experience in fixed income and derivatives.

Five years of part time experience in supply network operations and logistics departments in
international organizations and in diverse team forms.

Areas of Expertise:

Financial Analysis & Modelling

Product Management
Portfolio Management
Securities Pricing & Operations
Data Analysis and Reporting


2014 2015 University of Edinburgh,

MSc, Financial Management
(Full Jean Monnet Scholarship Awarded)
Dissertation: What Moves German Bond Yields? Impacts of Economic and Financial
Variables from EU, US and Germany.
Dissertation Sponsor: RIA Capital Markets

2011 - 2014 Bogazici University, Istanbul MSc, Financial Engineering GPA: 3.10/4.00
(Project: Term Structure Models, Calibration and Implementation)
Skills Acquired: Optimization, Data Mining, Modelling, Valuation, Matlab, E-views, Solver

2007 - 2011 Marmara University, Istanbul

BA, Capital Markets GPA: 77.9/100
Skills Acquired:
Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Financial Analysis

Dec. 2016 Trkiye Bankasi A.., Istanbul

Derivatives Product Management Specialist
In this role, I am working on developing customized structured products to enhance yield levels of
HNWIs and corporate clients. My role also includes improving OTC derivatives products
integration and customization. The primary focus of this role is to enable tailor-made derivatives
products to the internal and external clients of the bank. Primary producst I am dealing with are
CCS, IRS, F/X Swaps, Forward, DCD, structured deposits, and different type of Options. Here I
have improved my project management skill in an environment of integration between IT
professionals, Sales people, traders, and credit and accounting teams.

Sep. 2015 Nov. 2016 Trkiye Bankasi A.., Istanbul

Capital Markets Division, Custodian Banking Specialist
I have supervised in the international custodian banking unit of Capital Markets division with a
vision to improve the quality of present work process. My target in this role has been to develop
projects to increase the portfolio and sustain being the largest national bank in international
custodian banking sector of Turkey as well as increasing client satisfaction at a remarkable level. I
have introduced and accomplished two projects to improve corporate actions processing quality. I
have volunteered to take additional responsibilities to develop managerial skills, such as
forecasting, budgeting and planning IT projects as well as works on acquiring new clients. My role
has enabled me to comprehend complete process of national and international financial securities

Sep. 2011 Sep. 2014 Trkiye Bankasi A.., Istanbul

Capital Markets Division, Investment Analyst
I have managed the diverse fixed income portfolio of the Capital Markets division which has an
average size of equal to 250 million dollars. The portfolio has been funded with money market
transactions and I have adjusted the portfolio structure to maximize positive carry. I was allowed to
trade for speculative purposes with a position limit equal to 2 million dollars and the net profit after
costs of my speculative positions has been 200 thousand dollars in last 6 months which was
exceeding any other colleagues profit. I have developed a comprehensive dynamic pricing file for
different type of fixed income securities connected to market prices at the same time. I have been
the owner of accomplishing primary dealership liabilities of the bank in treasury auctions and in
market quotations which is needed to follow every second of 6 hours market making session in a
day. During my ownership, the Bank hasnt charged any official warning or sanction due to market
making responsibilities. I have been executing mutual funds' and pension funds' trades according
to fund managers orders and sustained this relationship to maximise each parties satisfaction. I
have attended bond issuing process for the bank, for government debt securities, and for corporate

Sep. 2009 - Sep. 2011 DHL Supply Chain, Istanbul

P&G Operations Division, Inventory Reporting Specialist
During the ongoing studentship, I have taken a part-time role where I have analysed actualized
inventory flows versus forecasts. I have simplified and the day-to-day data collecting and filtering
process and created a time saving around one hour per day. As a consequence of new available
time created, my responsibilities extended to cover a wider geography, from CEMEA to EMEA
including Western Europe as well. Then I started to report EMEA office and I have taken over
another responsibility to report success rate of supplying demands. I have attended to determining
of targets and taking action plans with logistics manager.

Jul. 2006 - Sept. 2009 Procter Gamble, Istanbul (Contractor)

Supply Network Operations Division, Customer Service Reporter
I have worked in the distributor team of Supply Network Operations department. I have managed
order formation and shipment process with cooperation of customer demand, supply availability,
and transportation conditions. Number of customers I covered extended to 7 from 4. The whole
process was being achieved with a close team study including warehousing, production, sales and
logistics and I have contributed to achieve sales targets in my distribution points as the youngest
and less experienced member of the team.


LSI Paris - lmentaire avanc en Franais

ISE Futures and Options Market Member Representative - Istanbul Stock Exchange
ISE Bonds and Bills Market Member Representative - Istanbul Stock Exchange
Capital Market Act. Advanced Level License - Turkish Capital Markets Association
Derivative Instruments License - Turkish Capital Markets Association
Credit Rating Expertise License Turkish Capital Markets Association


Securities Operations Foundations Course, May 2016 Jun. 2016, ICMA Centre, University of
Language and Tools of Financial Analysis, Mar. 2016 Apr. 2016, Coursera (University of
Introduction to Financial Accounting, Dec. 2015 Jan. 2016, Coursera (University of
Pennsylvania - Wharton)
Improving Your Presentation Skills, Apr. 2015 May 2015 University of Edinburgh
Analysis of Assets and Liabilities in Banking Dec. 2013 - Turkish Banks Union
Summer School in Behavioural Economics - July 2013 - Corvinus University of Budapest
Monitoring and Interpreting Macroeconomic Indicators Febr. 2013 - Turkish Banks Union
Financial Statements Analysis Nov. 2012 - Fikret Zeki Saydam
Economy Politics Institute Programme - Sept. 2010 - Oct. 2010 - Economist Platform, Istanbul


University of Edinburgh Trading and Investment Club (2014 - 2015)

Programme Student Ambassador, MSc in Financial Management, UEBS (2015)
Derivatives Course Representative, Finance Masters Programs, UEBS (2015)
AIESEC Istanbul Marketing & Finance Team Member, Social Media Responsible (2010-2011)
Finance Club Member in Marmara University (2007-2011)


Computer Programming, Financial Applications, Behavioural Finance, Global

Macroeconomics, French, Rowing, Squash, Cycling.