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Code No: ME16325


BE (Mech) III/IV II Sem (Main) Examination May 2016
Machine Design
Time: 3 Hours Max Marks: 75
Note: Answer all questions from Section-A at one place in the same order
Answer any five questions from Section-B

SECTION - A (25 Marks)

1 List different materials used for mechanical springs. (2)
2 Derive the expression for energy stored in the springs. (2)
3 Write the expression for load-life relationship of Rolling Contact Bearings and explain the (2)
terms in it.
4 Differentiate between straight beams and curved beams. (3)
5 Explain the classifications of chains. (2)
6 What is the use of Lewis equation in design of gears. (3)
7 Explain the causes of dynamic loads on the gears. (3)
8 What are the different lubricants used (2)
9 Explain the design considerations of IC engine piston. (3)
10 What is the whipping stress. (3)
SECTION - B (50 Marks)
11 A vertical spring loaded valve is required for a compressed air receiver. The valve is to (10)
start opening at a pressure of 1 N/mm2 gauge and must be fully open with a lift of 4
mm at a pressure of 1.2 N/mm2 gauge. The diameter of the port is 25 mm. Assume the
allowable shear stress in steel as 480 MPa and shear modulus as 80 kN/mm2. Design a
suitable close coiled round section helical spring having squared and ground ends.
Also specify initial compression and free length of the spring

12 A two stage reduction drive is to be designed to transmit 2 kW; the input speed being (10)
960 r.p.m. and overall reduction ratio being 9. The drive consists of straight tooth spur
gears only, the shafts being spaced 200 mm apart, the input and output shafts being
parallel. Calculate the module, pitch diameter, number of teeth, and face width of the
gears for medium heavy duty conditions, the gears are of medium grades of accuracy.

13 A pair of helical gears with 30 helix angle is used to transmit 15 kW at 10 000 r.p.m. of (10)
the pinion. The velocity ratio is 4 : 1. Both the gears are to be made of hardened steel
of static strength 100 N/mm2. The gears are 20 stub and the pinion is to have 24
teeth. The face width may be taken as 14 times the module. Find the module and face
width from the standpoint of strength and check the gears for wear.
14 Design a journal bearing for a centrifugal pump running at 1440 r.p.m. The diameter (10)
of the journal is 100 mm and load on bearing is 20 kN. The factor ZN/p may be taken
as 28 for centrifugal pump bearing. The bearing is running at 75C temperature and
the atmosphere temperaturic is 30C. The energy dissipation coefficient is 875
W/m2/C. Take diametral clearance as 0.1 mm. P.T.O.
:: 2 :: Code No: ME16325

15 A ball bearing subjected to a radial load of 5 kN is expected to have a life of 8000 (10)
hours at 1450 r.p.m. with a reliability of 99%. Calculate the dynamic load capacity of
the bearing so that it can be selected from the manufacturer's catalogue based on a
reliability of 90%.
16 Determine the dimensions of an I-section connecting rod for a petrol engine from the (10)
following data:
Diameter of the piston = 110 mm; Mass of the reciprocating parts = 2 kg;
Length of the connecting rod from centre to centre = 325 mm;
Stroke length = 150 mm; R.P.M. = 1500 with possible over speed of 2500;
Compression ratio = 4 : 1; Maximum explosion pressure = 2.5 N/mm2.

17 A crane hook has a trapezoidal section at A-A as shown in Fig. . Find the maximum (10)
stress at points P and Q.