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Network Construction And Maintenance Departm

Period Department Current Week Target

1. On air site Macro: 1, Mini BTS: 7, Wifi: total finished On air 304/304 , Xinwei Pole BTS On air
2. Under installing: No. 111, 114, 115
3. P.O Remaining 41/125
4. Finished P.O No. 26, 112, 113, 120, 001, 002
5. Continue to inspect the installation pole along national R.4. 2 6. Process Power connection for
Pole site Along Road No. 1, 5,7 , PP, KC, SV, KR

Project Mangerment Department

1,Done Pole site road 5 data planning.

2, Finished New Frequency and SID planning.
3,Went Kampong Speu Province to ask permission for 14 pole sites and Sovle issue 5 pole site at SV
region blocking.
4. Done New site at KCS data planning+ transmission which have been done BTS installation along

Wireless Network Planning 5, Microwave hop planning for new site 2015.
andOptimization 6. Done EMS area re-planning.
1. Make planning for Road#6
2. Project for ACLEDA
3. VIP customer site survey and Design everyday.
4. Support team for MiniBTS on Road#3&4.
5. SI City Meeting project support .
6. Corporte with channy for the new bankbone project ,send BB guys survey ,now start to make
document for requesting the agreement from local EDC .

Fiber Network Planning and

1On air pole site of all road;

2On air PP mini BTS;

Network Construction
16-22 Department

VIP Constrauction and N/A
Maintenance Department
BB Region
1/ Have 2VIPs customer fiber was cut between ODF3 of site BMX001. now already lay new fiber
optic 4C, 1000m and activated.
2/BMS016PT AC power breaker trip (one
module of rectify is faulty ) now this site use only 1 module of rectify for temporary

3/ To lay fiber optic 24C, 350m from Closure Box of site BBS028 to site BBS139 and lay
AC power cable (Smart Change location from BBS028 to be BBS139
4/ Active 3 customers.

SV Region
1/ site SVS022 AC low voltage ( some time 120V ~130V )Smart unplug our relay contactor then
plug in now is OK and rectify module just keep only 1 module for active.
2/Fix link MCW site SVS067 Link disconnect
( working link )change network cable and redo connector now is OK ( working Link SVS071-
3/ Fix link MCW hop SVS067-SVS071 Regarding from DATA department request us to suit
down Air-Grid ( Stand by )

Network Maintenance Department
SI Region
1/ Lay fiber 4F from SIS116 to Le Meridien Angkor Hotel ( governmentt meeting ) .
2/Trouble shooting Link Backbone disconnected from site KTS001 to
KTS053 ( Lay fiber and Splice two Closure ) 3/ Completed KHA link backup on road 6.
4/ completed lay fiber 2
VIP customers lay fiber and acive one customer .

Network Maintenance Department

KC region
1/ Completed survey location of Acleda Bank totally 12 branchs
2/ Lay fiber and acvite 2 customers at KR
3/ Completed survey location of Acleda Bank
PP Fiber/ Transmission backbone
1/ Fix link NTC and backone on road 1.
2/ fix ring backbone PP117- PP119, -PP120-PP122. ( EDC remove
pole ) 3/
Fix link PP500-PP010 ( EDC pole got born )
4/ Fix link PP112-PP117 ( EDC remove pole )
5/ Clear db loss

And Maintenance Department Weekly Report
Current Week Progress Next Week Planning Existing Issue/Supporting Required

1Follow up pole site P.O 103, 114, 115, 117, 119 1Finishing P.O 119 Existing:
2Start implement P.O 003, 005-2015 2Issue new P.O
3Follow up Mini BTS install on Pole at Province no 3Continue P.O 103, 114, 115, 117, 003, 005
progress 4Continue to survey and connect the power
4Issue new P.O 004, 005-2015
5Finished 123 site power can lay cable, Surveyed
6. Fisihed Erition pole: 254/256 along R1: 11/12, R2: 18/18,
R3: 32/32, R4: 44/44, R5: 65/65, R6: 52/52, R7: 32/33

1. Continue to do Planning pole site road number 6,7 1, Finish data planning road number 6,7 Existing Issue:
2, .Continue to cooperate with project management team to 2, Pole site phase1, solve the problem just like 1, Many cells and sites down long time need
solve problem with both neighboring and authority for Mono- KD, TKG, SVG, KSG...etc. fix.
pole sites construction. 3, SAG5000_4 site located planning. 2. site down of power
3, Network Microwave link monitoring 4, Wifi testing.
work content 1. Daily VIP customer design Requirement:
1. Make planning for Road#6-continued. 2. Panning for Road#_6 will be finished next
2. Project for ACLEDA week.
3. Support team for MiniBTS on Road#3&4. 3. PO Planning
4. This week get VIP design request total_87_. 4. Support team for MiniBTS on Road#3&4.
Finished 58 at PP 5. Send guys to SI City meeting to protect the
12 at province; links.
now pending 14 in PP 3 at provinces
5. For SI City meeting ,transmission part finished ,test already

1Pole site on air: 7 sites Existing issue:

2Relocation & on air BTS 1 site; (close PO1.2015) Waiting EMS for pole site road 5;
3MW installed 10 hops; Requirement:
4Trouble shoot MW 2 hops; 1On air pole site of all road;
5Trouble shoot mini BTS wifi 18 sets; 2On air PP mini BTS;
6On air mini BTS 3 sites; 3Start install pole site road 5;
7Trouble shoot 1 mountain mini BTS;
8Trouble shoot 2 mini BTS of PP;
Existing issue:

1/Link disconnect from site BMS008-BMS009 ( OTDR to test and Existing:
fix it )
2/ BM001 the Monitor of rectify for control alarm is faulty
(pending) Requirement:
1/Continue remove Optic cable from EDC pole (EDC changed new
pole for road construction) SI city
1/ Clear db loss of NTC link form our office to NTC office
/ old Solution new Solution
New Existing Issue/Supporting Required

1,give the site list down cos of power

2, Next year and existing site plan for
new BTS version division.
Existing issue:
1Car or Tuk Tuk for BM
2Tool using
Old Work arrangement after meeting New Work arrangement after meeting

Work Arrangement:

Work Arrangement:
1, provide the list transmission of
number need
2. create the rule and training
document for department
3, Wifi testing
4, discuss with dongxu about the
Work Arrangement:

Work Arrangement:
Work Arrangement:
1, Next week when solyda go to check
the closer where have Metfone join
our closer, Ask Mr. Dongxu guy go to
check and confirm this issue.
Summary meeting
Department Requirement

Department Car recruit people

3 2
Project Mangerment Department

Wireless Network Planning and 1 2

Fiber Network Planning and - -

2 6
Network Construction Department

VIP Constrauction and - -
Maintenance Department

1 -
Network Maintenance Department

Equipment tool other Splice Machine total 17

- - 3

- -

- -

2 set Need more Splice machine.

1,Access go into site sharing for laying

24C permission, ASAP.
- 10
2. Service support 24/7H
3. Peer to game online

5 OTDR big Need more CF card, now out of stock 4

5 splice machine