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LBS Research Series

People Monitoring and

Safety Solutions

People Monitoring and Safety Solutions is the third

consecutive report from Berg Insight analysing the latest
developments on the people tracking markets in Europe
and North America.

This report in the LBS Research Series from Berg

Insight provides you with 150 pages of unique business
intelligence including 5-year industry forecasts and
expert commentary on which to base your business

This report will allow you to:

Benefit from 30 new executive interviews with market
leading companies.
Identify key players on the European and North
American people tracking solution market.
Learn about the latest propositions from family locator
service providers.
Understand the opportunities and challenges on the
mobile telecare alarm device market.
Anticipate future drivers for uptake of mobile workforce
management services. Order now!
Predict future trends in lone worker protection services. Please visit our web site to order this
report and find more information about
Profit from updated regional market forecasts lasting our other titles at
until 2020.

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Berg Insights LBS Research Series
What are the real business opportunities for LBS on the global market? Berg
Insights LBS Research Series is a unique series of market reports published
on a quarterly basis. Each title offers detailed analysis of the most interesting
LBS topics such as LBS platforms, location-based advertising, mobile personal
navigation services and location-enabled content services. Once per year we also
publish a summary of our research with detailed forecasts for the major regions.
LBS Research Series

What are the latest developments on measure the pets activity to enable health monitoring. The product
category still suffers from lack of awareness among potential customers.
the people tracking market? The number of active users in Europe and North America reached about
100,000 at the end of 2013.
People monitoring solutions that enable third parties to locate a person
were introduced in the late 1990s. Today, most people monitoring Several device vendors have started to address the needs of people
solutions rely on GNSS and mobile communication technologies to caring for persons of all ages suffering from various medical conditions
determine the location of a person and transmit the data to a third party. such as autism and other cognitive limitations, epilepsy and cardiac
Technological advancements have enabled dedicated battery powered problems. Many of these companies are also addressing the market
GPS locator devices suitable for the mass market to become a reality. for systems that assist seniors living at home or in care homes. The
There are also a vast number of people locator apps that leverage the assistance systems are commonly called telecare systems or social
growing installed base of GPS-enabled smartphones. alarms in Europe and Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)
in the US. Berg Insight estimates that there are already 6.7 million users
Consumer-oriented people locator solutions range from family locator
of the first generation telecare systems in Europe and North America.
services that provide peace of mind for parents of children and teenagers,
The addressable market for the next generation mobile telecare systems
to solutions that assist caregivers of seniors and people suffering from
is therefore large, even though the number of mobile telecare systems
various medical conditions. Family locator services that have been part
in use in Europe and North America had only reached an estimated
of mobile operators LBS portfolios for many years especially in the US
200,000 units in Q2-2014.
are now facing competition from free apps. The willingness to pay for
operator services is declining as consumers awareness of free people People locator solutions addressing the needs of business customers are
locator apps has increased significantly in the past few years. Operators available from companies in industries such as fleet and asset tracking,
are therefore looking for additional revenues from related services, such as well as IT and LBS specialists. Mobile workforce management
as device management apps that monitor voice, data and app usage services aim to improve operational efficiency and focus on managing
on childrens handsets. Besides family locator services, there are many individual employees. Cost savings can be achieved through better
location sharing services that have similar functionality but focus on routing of employees as well as more efficient time verification and
slightly different needs and use cases by enabling the user to control data collection in the field. Mobile workforce management is frequently
exactly when the location is shared, with whom and for how long. There part of fleet management solutions for commercial vehicles. However,
were an estimated 35 million active users of family locator and location many companies now adopt more or less standardised workforce
sharing apps in Europe and North America at the end of 2013. management apps and services for smartphones. Industry sectors
leading the adoption of workforce management solutions include
Over the years, many companies have launched GPS-based locator
construction, distribution and field services. Lone worker protection
devices for parents that want to locate their children and teenagers. The
services primarily focus on ensuring the security of employees. Many
market has been slow to take off, initially due to low awareness, poor
lone worker protection services rely on dedicated GPS location devices
performance and high cost. Today, a handful companies have launched
featuring alarm buttons and man down detection sensors. Berg Insight
locator devices for small children that do not yet use mobile phones.
forecasts that the number of users of workforce management and lone
Several of the new devices focus on ease of use and are designed to
worker protection services in Europe and North America will grow from
appeal to children. Another consumer-oriented segment with large
1.6 million in 2013 to 5.2 million in 2020.
potential is pet monitoring. There are more than twice as many pets in
Europe and North America as there are children aged 018 years old.
Most pet owners are very passionate about their animals and consider
them as part of the family. There are now a handful companies that
develop GPS-based locators aimed at creating peace of mind for owners
of dogs and other larger pets. Many of these locator devices in addition This report answers the following questions:

Which market segments adopt dedicated locator devices?

Million users

What is the potential market size for mobile telecare alarms?

Workforce management users How has the success of smartphones affected the family
Lone worker protection users
locator market?

2.0 What is the current status on the pet locator market in Europe
and North America?
Who are the leading providers of mobile workforce
management services?
What is the potential market size for lone worker protection
0.5 services?

Are smartphones suitable for lone worker protection
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 services?

Handset-based mobile workforce management and lone worker protection

service users (Europe and North America)
Table of Contents

Executive summary 3.4.13 Location Based Technologies: Creator of the 5.3.1 Lone worker legislation and standards
PocketFinder locators 5.3.2 Lone worker protection services
3.4.14 Location Labs: Leading white-label safety 5.4 Company profiles and strategies
1 Overview of people location app developer in the US 5.4.1 Actsoft: MRM pioneer expanding sales
solutions 3.4.15 PFO Tech: Fashion accessories featuring through app stores
1.1 Handsets and dedicated locator devices integrated personal alarms 5.4.2 Airclic: Specialises in software for logistics
1.1.1 Mobile phones and smartphones 3.4.16 Securus: Focusing on the US personal and field service companies
1.1.2 Dedicated people locator devices safety and security device market 5.4.3 Blackline GPS: Moving from consumer to
1.2 Market segmentation 3.4.17 Snaptracs: Developer of the market leading business location services
1.2.1 Mobile workforce management Tagg pet locator 5.4.4 ClickSoftware: Expanding to the SMB
1.2.2 Lone worker protection 3.4.18 SPOT: GPS locator and satellite messenger segment through Xora acquisition
1.2.3 Family locator services devices from Globalstar 5.4.5 CommonTime: Offers a platform for
1.2.4 Pet locator devices 3.4.19 Sygic: Leading navigation provider entering customisable enterprise mobility apps
1.2.5 Medical and telecare location solutions family locator and WFM markets 5.4.6 Contigo: Provides a hosted platform for
3.4.20 TeleCommunication Systems: Leading tracking and safety applications
2 Mobile location technologies provider of end-to-end LBS solutions 5.4.7 Econz Wireless: Specialises in hosted WFM
3.4.21 Tractive: Austrian start-up specialising in for the SME segment
2.1 Mobile network location architectures
devices and apps for pet owners 5.4.8 FleetCor: Enters WFM through Telenav
and platforms
3.4.22 Tramigo: TLD landmarks facilitates people business unit acquisition
2.1.1 Location architecture for GSM/UMTS
location without using maps 5.4.9 Genasys: LBS platform developer and
3.4.23 Whistle Labs: Pet activity monitoring vendor provider of MRM solutions
2.1.2 Location architecture for LTE networks
entering pet locator market 5.4.10 Guardian24: Pioneering lone worker service
2.1.3 Control plane and user plane location
3.4.24 WTS: Developer of the Trax locator device company enters the US market
for children and pets 5.4.11 Kings III: Expanding lone worker services
2.1.4 Handset client and probe-based location
3.4.25 Xh Mobile Solutions: WalkMeHome location through Connexion2 acquisition
sharing app for personal safety 5.4.12 Laipac Technology: Expanding from asset
2.2 Mobile location technologies and methods
tracking to people tracking
2.2.1 Cell-ID
2.2.2 Enhanced Cell-ID
4 Medical alarm, mobile telecare 5.4.13 Oysta Technology: GPS vendor focusing on
2.2.3 RF Pattern Matching and mPERS devices lone workers and telecare
5.4.14 Peoplesafe: Managed lone worker services
2.2.4 OTDOA and U-TDOA 4.1 Overview of demographics and common
for the private sector
2.2.5 GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and medical conditions
5.4.15 PocketMobile: Customisable WFM for
BeiDou 2 4.1.1 The ageing population
medium and large organisations
2.2.6 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi positioning 4.1.2 Medical conditions
5.4.16 Reach-U: LBS platform vendor offering a
2.2.7 Hybrid and mixed mode location 4.2 Telecare and PERS solutions
WFM service for all handsets
technologies 4.2.1 The telecare service value chain
5.4.17 Scandinavian Radio Technology: Leading
2.2.8 Comparison of location technologies 4.2.2 Telecare and PERS services in Europe
GPS locator vendor in Sweden
and North America
5.4.18 SecuraTrac: New focus on lone worker,
3 Family locator and consumer 4.2.3 Mobile telecare and mPERS devices
mPERS and healthcare solutions
oriented locator solutions 4.3 Company profiles and strategies
5.4.19 Skyguard: Provider of end-to-end lone
4.3.1 Doro: Leading vendor of handsets for
3.1 Family locator services marketed by worker safety solutions
seniors increases focus on telecare
mobile operators 5.4.20 Sonim Technologies: Manufactures the
4.3.2 Emporia: Emporia4CARE enables
3.1.1 The European market worlds most rugged handsets
positioning of handsets for seniors
3.1.2 The North American market 5.4.21 TrackaPhone: Device agnostic platform for
4.3.3 Everon: Developer of GPS wristwatches for
3.2 Handset location apps and services WFM and lone worker services
telecare and lone workers
3.2.1 Network-based handset location services 5.4.22 Tsunami Solutions: Leading lone worker
4.3.4 GreatCall: Leading vendor of mPERS and
3.2.2 People locator apps for smartphones safety company in Canada
handsets for seniors in the US
3.3 Consumer oriented locator devices 5.4.23 Twig Com: Complementing TWIG devices
4.3.5 KMS Solutions: Develops wristbands for
3.3.1 General purpose locator devices with RF alarms, tags and beacons
vulnerable children and adults
3.3.2 Pet locator devices 5.4.24 ViryaNet: WFM solutions for field service
4.3.6 Limmex: Swiss telecare watch vendor
3.3.3 Child locator devices companies
ramping up sales globally
3.4 Company profiles and strategies 5.4.25 Vismo: Developer of security apps for
4.3.7 LoJack: Leading SVR provider enters the
3.4.1 Amber Alert GPS: Specialises in locator international workers and travellers
telecare market
devices for children
4.3.8 Lok8u: Specialises in GPS wristwatches for
3.4.2 Bipper: Develops the bSafe safety app for
seniors and children
6 Market trends and forecasts
4.3.9 LOSTnFOUND: Swiss asset tracking vendor 6.1 Market trends
3.4.3 CareWhere: UK-based developer of the 6.1.1 Family locator services shifting to free apps
entering the telecare segment
Retrieva and Dog Tracker Plus collars 6.1.2 Low market awareness is now the main
4.3.10 MobileHelp: PERS technology provider
3.4.4 dondeEsta: Family locator developer barrier for pet locator devices
serving customers in 50 US states
focusing on Spain and Latin America
4.3.11 Numera: Developer of emergency response 6.1.3 Ageing population will drive sales of mobile
3.4.5 Filip Technologies: Developer of the Filip telecare solutions
and connected care solutions
child locator wristwatch
4.3.12 Numerex: Enters people monitoring markets 6.1.4 Rise of smartphones boosts workforce
3.4.6 Garmin: Navigation device vendor entering management service adoption
through acquisition of Omnilink
the personal location market 6.1.5 Legislations and corporate policies drive the
3.4.7 Glympse: Leading cross-platform location
5 Workforce management and lone worker protection market
sharing service 6.2 Market forecasts
3.4.8 GTX Corp: GPS device and app developer lone worker safety services
6.2.1 Family locator services and consumer
for asset and people location 5.1 Employment statistics oriented people locator devices
3.4.9 hereO: Start-up set to launch the hereO 5.1.1 Employment by industry 6.2.2 Pet locator devices and services
family locator watch and app 5.1.2 Vehicle fleets, mobile workers and lone workers 6.2.3 Mobile telecare, mPERS and medical alarm
3.4.10 Kippy: Developer of the Kippy pet locator 5.2 Mobile resource management solutions devices
device 5.2.1 Mobile workforce management services 6.2.4 Enterprise workforce management services
3.4.11 Life360: Leading family locator app 5.2.2 Workforce management business models 6.2.5 Lone worker protection services
developer adds broader utility functions 5.2.3 Market segmentation and key market players
3.4.12 Loc8tor: Tagging and tracking devices for 5.3 Lone worker protection devices and
locating assets, pets and people services Glossary
LBS Research Series
About the Author

Andr Malm is a senior analyst with a Masters Berg Insight offers premier business intelligence to the
degree from Chalmers University of Technology. He telecom industry. We produce concise reports providing key
joined Berg Insight in 2006 and his areas of expertise facts and strategic insights about pivotal developments in our
include location-based services, personal navigation focus areas. Berg Insight also offers detailed market forecast
services and wireless M2M markets. databases and advisory services. Our vision is to be the most
valuable source of intelligence for our customers.

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