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QuickSet, a Moog Company, is the industry leader in rugged, precise positioning systems. Founded in 1933, QuickSet
established itself early as the principal supplier of heavy-duty tripods and pan and tilt positioners. QuickSet’s recent
Golden Anniversary is a testimonial to its continued commitment to provide the best products and services available.
Based in Northbrook, Illinois, QuickSet International, Inc. was purchased by Moog, Inc. in 2007. Moog is the world’s
leading supplier of precision control systems for aerospace and commercial applications including: military
and commercial aircraft, combat vehicles, missiles and launch vehicles, satellites and industry. Moog offers
many types of actuation technologies including: hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical systems. The
combined technology and expertise of QuickSet and Moog maximizes our capability to meet customer
demand for precision pointing and systems integration.
Moog QuickSet leads the way with technological innovations that satisfy the demands
for larger payloads, remote controls and greater pointing accuracy. Our application
engineers evaluate your specific requirements and define a cost-effective solution
for your application. We offer the best value by supplying durability, reliability and
state-of-the-art technology suitable for the harshest environments. We are
proud of our reputation among companies and government agencies
as a full service supplier of dependable, high quality products.




n Maximum efficiency and proper distribution of functions
n Wide range of controllers, pan and tilts, tripods and imagers
n Standard data interfaces


n Operate under severe shock, vibration
and temperature conditions
n Durable for extreme weather
or environmental conditions

n Multiple configurations for positioning systems
n Multiple camera options
n Multiple sensor interfaces
n Supports multiple communication protocols
n Video stabilization for fixed or mobile platforms
n Complete integration of intelligent nodes
Moog QuickSet products are ubiquitous
on sea, land, and in air and space. For
these harsh environments, we offer
positioners and integrated systems
that protect against water intrusion
and thermal extremes. We support
a variety of applications for border
security, intrusion detection, and
secure communications. We also
supply rugged all-weather antenna
positioning systems for mobile or
fixed mount applications for broad-
cast communications. Durable
pan/tilt control mounts and tripods
are used for the most demanding
payload conditions.

Key Markets:
n Critical Infrastructure
Protection (CIP)
n Border & Surveillance
n Port & Maritime Security
n Force Protection for Fixed
& Mobile Assets
n Military & Department of
Defense (DoD)
n Department of
Homeland Security

An Array of Product Offerings:

n Complete Sensor &
Surveillance Systems
n Intelligent Sensor
Node Subsystems
n Highly Integrated


Based on years of experience, we offer various system integration options to meet the requirements
of your application. We incorporate COTS components to maximize overall system efficiency, reliability
and component availability. Our applications engineers are readily available to select and integrate
components into a complete turnkey system.

Integration of High Performance Components

Positioners Controllers Power Stages Communication Interface Sensor Suites

Applications and Support Mechanisms
Thermal and Visible Cameras Lasers and Infrared (IR) Illuminators Instrumentation Sensors Antennas
Communications & Control Systems Acoustic Nodes Global Positioning

With more than thirty years of experience supplying positioning

systems for high-stakes video security systems, Moog QuickSet
has unique perspectives and experience with increasingly
IT-centric architectures.

n Incorporates Various Sensors on a Pan/Tilt System

n Embeds Processing & Software tasks at the source

To simplify command protocol design, the node handles all of the distinct
sensor interfaces, platform dynamics, pointing automation and
camera lens control. Using COTS Pan & Tilt platforms with embedded
microprocessors and auxiliary motor drivers, it is possible to control
multiple dissimilar devices entirely through commands implemented
at the node. Stored in the node memory are various preset pointing
coordinates and touring routines that control automated motion
functions when operating without operator control. The systems
can also be commanded to respond to specific intrusion alarms.
Moog QuickSet products provide several tangible benefits:

n Reduce Network Bandwidth Requirements

n Increase Real-Time System Performance & Supports
n Reduce System Control Software Complexity
n Lower Lifetime Expense & Greater Reliability

n Visible Light Cameras
n Cooled or Un-Cooled
Infrared Cameras
n Automatic Zoom/
Focus Controls
n Microwave Radar
n Illuminators
n Laser Range Finders
n Global Positioning Devices





RUGGED PAN & TILTS n Mobile and Fixed Applications

Moog QuickSet’s family of Pan and Tilts address a wide variety of customer n Low Total Cost of Ownership
needs, from basic sensor positioning to complex payload mission requirements. n Analog or Digital Control
Finding a solution is as simple as matching your payload to the capabilities of our n Mounting for Multiple Accessories
other positioners. We will help you select the right COTS pan and tilt to achieve
n Hidden Wire Table with
the best match for your sensors, communication dishes and radar systems. Sealed Connectors

Moog QuickSet border surveillance Camera Housings are used in the n Pressurized
world’s harshest environments providing amazing durability in coastal spray, n Heaters & Coolers
blowing desert sand and arctic conditions. As with all Moog QuickSet nodal n Window Options
products, these housings are compatible with most current long-range E-O
camera systems today.

n Foot Operated Break Locks

DURABLE TRIPODS n Compact for Easy Transport /Storage
Moog Quickset’s Tripods are of the highest technical standards, while keeping n Quick Release Adapter
customer needs at the forefront. We offer Tripods of unsurpassed quality and n Payload Range up to 500 lbs.
durability capable of installation on rough terrains. Moog QuickSet has three n Industrial/Military Grade
highly qualified tripods: Gibralter, Hercules and Samson Series. n Adjustable Leg Locks with
Built-In Carrying Handles

Moog QuickSet offers a variety of hardware and software controller options. n Real-Time Pan & Tilt Setup & Control
Pan & Tilts employ a binary-based protocol providing sensor control integration n Basic & Advanced Camera Control
for real-time control of the system-node. The wide variety of options allows us to n Automated Pointing Using Coordinates
tailor our products, providing solutions that are ideal for integrators seeking to n Serial and IP Communications
deliver and install modular solutions. n Scalable for Singular or
Multi-User Systems

Moog QuickSet offers many accessories from Cables and Power Supplies to Tripod Heads, Adaptors,
Bore Sighting Mechanisms and Video Stabilization Units.


The demand for high performance day/night We can customize our control interface to
surveillance is calling for smaller, smarter, meet non-standard communication requirements.
less expensive products. Responding to hostile The wide variety of protocol options allows us
environments, the GeminEye not only embraces to tailor our products, providing solutions that
high performance in a small package, but it is are ideal for integrators that seek to deliver and
designed to be configured for many applica- install modular solutions. Moog QuickSet employs a
tions. Our extensive family of Pan and Tilts range standard binary-based protocol. IP communication
from the small dual-band GeminEye imaging is also available as a standard option.
system with a payload capacity of 10 lb-ft to the
n Analog & Digital
work horse QPT-500 with a payload capacity of
500 lb-ft. n IP Addressable
n User Friendly Drop & Drag
n Modular Operation to Construct Tours
n Continuous Pan Rotation n Multiple Control Protocols
n Serial Command & IP n Variable Speed
n Single or Dual Camera &
Auxiliary Instruments
n Image Blocks
n IR Illuminator

Moog QuickSet has several facilities available that

PAVING THE WAY TO SECURE provide an array of environmental testing sup-
port on all hardware. We also have contracts
BORDERS AND PORTS with various service-based testing laboratories lo-
cated throughout the United States and Canada.
SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT The Moog QuickSet team offers test facilities in
Moog QuickSet has a strong mix of engineering talent ready to support support of Development Testing, Prototype/Proof
customers over the entire life of a product or program: of Concept Evaluation, Environmental Testing, Highly
Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), and EMI validation.
n Application Engineers work with your team from the start We routinely use load stands to provide real-life
to define solutions for your performance requirements simulations of the hardware under use during tests.
n Program managers and engineers conduct comprehensive
Design Reviews with customers
n Experienced product technicians are available for Field Support:
Installation and Resolution of any problems in the field

Moog QuickSet’s continuous high-volume production ensures a reliable level of
inventory for spare parts and repairs. Our technical support staff provides the Our Development Laboratories have equipment and
level of support required to ensure field success over the life of your program by: technical staff to operate thermal & vacuum chambers,
vibration tables and Acceptance Test consoles. If
n Tailored, Flexible Aftermarket Plans your application requires Environmental Testing
and/or Qualification, Moog QuickSet engineers
n Manufacturing, Engineering & Sales Support strategically can develop a complete Environmental Test Plan
located worldwide
to meet your application needs.
n Extended, Premium Warranty Packages
n Global Repair Facilities in Convenient Locations
n Ample Supply of Spare Parts, Overhaul Instructions,
Test Equipment & Tools/Training
n Spare Components Exchange Program to ensure
minimal downtime
n Depot Support
3650 Woodhead Drive
Northbrook, IL 60062-1895 USA
Telephone: + 1 847-498-0700 Fax: +1 847-498-1258

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