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Duties and Responsibilities :

** Formulate means to achieve Company Goal of Zero LTI.

** Conduct daily monitoring of site activities.
** Direct reporting to the HSE Manager for all safety concerns.
** Identification of hazards and taken the controlling measures.
** Supervision for all Safety, Health, Environmental.
** Supervision for all works at site containing high residual risk like confined
space, rigging & lifting activities, hot works in client controlled facilities
** Accountable for providing information on health and safety to employees
** Implementing the health & safety policies like declaration of management
commitment, piece of internal law, legal requirement, organization & procedure,
role and decisions
** Overseeing the health & safety measures for Self Employed Personnel and Safety
Practitioner as well as taking precautions for visitors
** Assessing effectiveness HSE Committee, promoting positive health and safety
culture including various factors
** Taking part in risk assessment, identifying hazards and elevating the risk
** Formulating the standard operating procedures / chart of duties for Safety
** Coordinating the occasional HSE campaigns
** Preparing general construction & waste management inventory report and
submitting it to the client
** Interfacing with Engineering & Maintenance Sections with respect to compliance
of safety & health standards
** Helping the Manager in conducting Safety Committee Meeting & preparing the
minutes and report
** Starting immediate stoppage of any operation that can cause fatal / injury /
medical attention/ extensive damage to property
** Notifying the Supervisors and workers for taking immediate corrective measures
to eliminate hazards
** Proposing disciplinary action to Safety Violators for preventing the injuries
and damage of property
** Interacting with the management for making the required revisions in the
existing procedures, practices, rules and regulations
** Keeping an efficient Accident Record System and taking action to eliminate the
accident cause
** Assuring the implementation of Monthly Colour Coding System
** Preparation of JSA for method of job statement
** Handling disciplinary cases when works in unsafe condition/act.
** Handling the calibration of Communication Equipment and Testing Devices
** Strict implementation of client safety standard procedures at site, so far as is
reasonably practical.
** Participate routine safety inspections; safety audit & safety walk through.
** Participate the senior staff safety meetings.
** Conduct the meeting for site workers weekly.
** Participate the client safety meeting.
** Accident and incident investigations.
** Highlighting safety compliance during the HSE Dept.
weekly coordination meeting including incident reporting, job hazard recognition,
evaluation and control.
** Participate in promoting awareness to all personnel regarding their importance
in the development of JHA, JSA and Risk assessment for such critical works at site.
** Suggest & prepare such training modules and lectures to the HSE Manager that
will help increase personnel awareness and commitment to effective safety rules
implementation at site.
** Monitor all lifting equipment and accessories/tackles are certified and have a
valid color code.
** Ensure that all Operators, Drivers and Riggers have a valid license and third
party certificate.
** Ensure that lifting plan is available during the installation of precast and
area is isolated to avoid un-authorized entry
** Ensure that all power tools are well maintained, in good conditions and colour
coded as per company/client requirements.
** Ensure Near Miss Incident is reported promptly and ensures investigation is done
and recorded in case near miss incident inspection/audit.
** Recommend employees for incentives such as safety merits as part of the
companys effort of effective safety promotion that will motivate others in putting
safety as a way of life. Evaluations normally done in a monthly basis.
** Evaluate the performance of all construction supervisors and foremen to HSE
policy on a weekly basis as per client policy for awards and merits.
** Maintaining of safety and environmental reports and records.
** Document and data control.
** Communicating legal and other requirements.