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A-Z's of Prejudice in America PLAN TO ATTEND

Arizona's SB1070, Immigration, and Queer Rights
In the early years of the struggle for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and ★ State Fair Volunteer Training
Transgender equality in Louisville, we were called criminals, nonhuman, - Aug. 17, 6 p.m., Fairness office: Get
and perverts who had sex with animals. Opponents of passage of the briefed on working our booth at the
Fairness Amendment (Metro Louisville’s protection against discrimination KY State Fair. (Volunteers may pick up
in employment, housing, and public accommodations based on sexual admission tickets.)
orientation and gender identity) said that gay people did not deserve the ★ KY State Fair - Aug. 19-29: Reach
same rights as other “real” Americans, and went so far as to call for our out to supporters from across the state at
By Carla Wallace, imprisonment, and even death. our booth! Sign up to volunteer today:
Fairness Campaign
If you listen to the language being used to target immigrants, you or 502.893.0788.
Leadership Council
will hear similar language, similar attempts to scapegoat immigrant people,
and similar efforts to deny equality to people based on who we are. ★ Richmond March for Fairness
The Fairness Campaign is part of a broad based coalition of more than a dozen Louisville - Aug. 28, 9 a.m. carpool from Fairness
organizations launching the “People Not Profiles” campaign to protest a rising anti-immigrant office: March with the Statewide
atmosphere around the country and oppose legislation like Arizona’s SB1070. Based on the Fairness Coalition in Richmond!
Fairness commitment to justice for all and opposition to racism, we condemn such laws and ★ Dismantling Racism Committee
their particular impact on people of color and immigrants, including LGBT immigrants. We join - Sept. 1, 6:30 p.m., UofL Intersection
others in opposing anti-immigrant attacks here in Kentucky, and in supporting just immigration in the Red Barn: Further Fairness'
reform. The “People discussion on how we dismantle racism.
Not Profiles” campaign ★ Carla Wallace's Lawn Party - Sept.
will include community 5, 5-8 p.m.: Celebrate our social justice
education and action, community at the 13th annual Lawn
and a “Community Party; for invitation.
Conversation” on the
Intersections between ★ A-Z's of Prejudice, Community
LGBT rights and Conversation - Sept. 8, 6:30 p.m.,
Immigrant Rights Louisville Main Free Public Library, 301
spearheaded by the York St.: Discuss AZ's immigration law
Fairness Campaign’s and the LGBT community.
Dismantling Racism ★ UofL Pride Week - Sept. 20-25:
Committee. Features a Pride cookout, community
“We have to make events, and a keynote address from
the connections here. "Lady Haha" Kate Clinton;
As queer people we
know how it feels to be The "People Not Papers" march and street theatre action at 4th Street Live! in- ★ Statewide Fairness Summit - Sept.
cluded the ACLU-KY, the Hispanic/Latino Coalition, Jeff. Cty. Chapter of Kentuck- 25, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., UofL: Help develop
denied our rights," states ians for the Commonwealth, Jeff. Cty. Teachers' Assoc., Jobs With Justice, Fairness
Fairness supporter and Campaign, and nearly a dozen other Louisville social justice organizations. the strategy to win statewide Fairness;
immigrant rights activist meals provided. Free Registration:
Tiffany Gonzales. “These denials impact how we feel at work, whether or not we can be out, 502.893.0788
at work. We share the anxiety of being found out; no matter how ‘out’ we may be, in certain ★ Bellarmine Pride Week – Sept. 25-
ways we all have some parts of our lives where we carry that fear of being found out. That Oct. 1:
fear diminishes our spirit. It wears on our humanness.” ★ Louisville AIDS Walk - Sept. 26, 1
Gonzales points out that people who have migrated here and do not have documents are p.m. registration, The Belvedere, 5th &
also trying to live their lives, go to school, work, and support their families. “They carry Main St.:
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2263 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, KY 40206 . 502.893.0788 . .

MSNBC's Brewer at Director’s Note – "NOH8 in Our State"
'Fairness Over Louisville' by

Chris Hartman
As more than 50 Fairness Campaign volunteers silently
marched down Main Street in the Kentuckiana Pride Parade
last month with their mouths taped shut and their faces bearing
the "No Hate in Our State" message, it became clear to me our
movement is growing, and it cannot be stopped. While our message
that day was a silent one, our voices will soon be loudly heard in
Richmond, Frankfort, and beyond as we prepare to demand local
and statewide Fairness ordinances be passed in Kentucky now.
For over a year Fairness has been stalled in Richmond,
where civic legislators continually promised passage of a local
anti-discrimination Fairness law, but now have halted efforts (l-r) Fairness Campaign
Co-Coordinator Keith Brooks
entirely due to fear of voter backlash in November's general with Hartman at Fairness Over
election looming before us. Last month local leaders and the Louisville atop the Frazier
Statewide Fairness Coalition decided the wait is over, and now is
(l-r) WHAS-11's Claudia Coffey with MSNBC Political the time to push for passage of the long-awaited
News Anchor Contessa Brewer (Photo by
More than 250 Fairness supporters
SAVE THE DATE! law. The Fairness Campaign and its Coalition
partners (ACLU-KY, Kentucky Commission on
took over the Frazier International History Statewide Fairness Summit Human Rights, Kentucky Fairness Alliance, and
Museum's Rooftop Garden for Fairness Over Lexington Fairness) are contacting constituents
Louisville 2010. Congressman John Yarmuth Saturday, Sept. 25, UofL right now to lobby Richmond lawmakers to pass
introduced our special guest, MSNBC Political
News Anchor Contessa Brewer, who shared E-mail the measure or face a heated public campaign.
Frankfort this session should be no
about her decision to speak at the event, "Gay different. The statewide Fairness law has lingered far too long on the state's legislative docket
rights are civil rights. Gay rights are human never to be heard. So after more than a decade of waiting, we feel now is the time to call for
rights and given the invitation to speak, I could a committee hearing on this vital bill that will protect all Kentuckians from discrimination
not, in good conscience, remain silent." based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Please help us develop the strategy to pass
This year's event raised more than statewide Fairness by registering for our Fall Statewide Fairness Summit Sept. 25 at UofL.
$8,000 for the Fairness Campaign's work to
win passage of a statewide anti-discrimination Call for Archive Materials!
Fairness law and to dismantle systemic The Fairness Campaign has finalized an archive agreement with UofL's Ekstrom
racism. Library, where our organizational materials will be preserved for the future. Those of
Special thanks go out to all the Fairness you who have records, photos or other memorabilia connected to the Fairness Campaign
Over Louisville 2010 hosts: Michael Aldridge, who would like to see them preserved in our archive, please bring them to the Fairness
Brent Beard & Dr. Steve Lebder, Brian Campaign office at 2263 Frankfort Ave. Photos should have a date, location, and names
Buford, Scott Burchett & Travis Myles, of people in the picture if possible. Please call 502.893.0788 with questions.
Shana & Hunter Cassady, Khalilah Collins,
Julia Crittendon, Rev. Aletha Fields & Rev. Y.
Loni Floyd, Greg Fischer, Ernie Flores, Brad
AIDS Crisis Continues Today
Hampton, Chris Hartman, Dennie Humphrey
& The Monkey Wrench, Tim King & Kevin
Walk with Fairness in the 2010 Louisville AIDS Walk
Noland, Carol Kraemer, Dr. Travis Lay & Ren The HIV/AIDS crisis is not over! We have hope but no cure
Scheuerman, Sam Marcosson, David Mills & or vaccine. Each year over 56,000 Americans become newly infected
Tom Trudgeon, Stuart Perelmuter, Gil Reyes, with HIV, and one in five Americans living with HIV are not aware of
Attica Scott, Dr. Kaila Story, John Tompkins, their status. More than 5,000 people have been diagnosed with AIDS
Jessica Underwood, Carla Wallace, Nick in Kentucky, which boasts the third largest waiting list for ADAP (the
Wilkerson, Dawn Wilson, and Sherry Yeager. AIDS Drug Assistance Program, helping people pay for HIV/AIDS
medications, which average $15,000 a year). Nearly half of our state's
HIV/AIDS cases are here in Louisville.
By Brad Hampton,
FCCC Member It is time to take a stand and make a real impact in the local fight
and Event Director against AIDS by joining the Fairness Campaign in the Louisville AIDS
for the AIDS Walk Walk Sunday, September 26. This is Kentucky’s largest annual HIV/
AIDS awareness and fundraising event, raising funds since 1993 to support direct client
services through 14 local non-profits with an impressive overall average expense rate of
11%. You can be sure your support will make a real difference in the lives of our neighbors
who are struggling with HIV/AIDS because all funds raised are spent locally.
Onsite registration, food, beverages, team photos, special guests and live
(l-r) Louisville Youth Group (LYG) Board Chair Alicia entertainment begin at 1 p.m. (the walk begins at 3 p.m.) on the Belvedere (5th & Main);
Pedriera, Ericka Holbert, and LYG Executive Director the 5K Run begins at 2 p.m. Make a donation or join the Fairness Campaign's walk team
Donald Taylor at Fairness Over Louisville 2010 today by visiting! For more information call 502.574.5947.

'A-Z's of Prejudice' continued from page 1 Keith Brooks Named
that fear of being found out, like queer people still do," she states, “and we have to remember
what it has taken to win the rights we have won as LGBT people. I see these youth without
Fairness Co-Coordinator
documents getting arrested for the right to an education in support of the Dream Act. They
more than a year of
have been here their entire lives. The risks they are taking are huge, and our struggle as queer
leadership, Keith
people, our history of struggle, binds us to them and to that struggle, too.”
Brooks has been
Both LGBT people and immigrant people are denied equality and targeted with hate
named the new Co-
violence because of who we are and whom we love. Both face discrimination on the part of
Coordinator of the
employers who see unprotected workers as more easy to exploit, not promote, or fire. Both
Fairness Campaign's
are denied family rights, with LGBT people denied marriage, partner benefits, and in some
cases parenting rights, and immigrants separated from family and unable to access basic
Committee! Keith
services others take for granted. Both LGBT and immigrant people face verbal harassment
replaces long-time
and bullying, physical violence, and even murder when an atmosphere of bigotry is reinforced
Fairness leader Jeff Keith Brooks
by unjust policies and inequality under the law.
Rodgers, who recently
The similarities and connections do not stop there. Immigrant people are LGBT people,
completed two three-year Committee terms.
and LGBT people are immigrant people. It is estimated that there are over 500,000 LGBT
Keep watch for a special upcoming event to
immigrants who will be impacted by the attacks represented by SB1070, the law passed in
honor Jeff Rodgers' outstanding service!
Arizona, and efforts to duplicate it surging around the country. These are our sisters and
brothers who must matter in any definition of equal rights. New FCCC
Laura Reece was six years old when she and her family had to camp for hours outside
San Francisco’s immigration offices and pay thousands of dollars to be allowed to join her
American step-father. Reece, the Fairness Campaign's Administrative Coordinator and a The new class of
permanent resident originally from the United Kingdom, sees the issues of immigrant rights Fairness Campaign
and LGBT rights as interconnected. “Both groups face oppression,” she shares, “and any form Coordinating
of oppression is wrong." Reece points out that despite the privileges granted to her family Committee
because of white skin and money, it was still extremely challenging to come here. “So many members is rounded
people believe the lies about immigrants getting access to services for free and taking jobs, out this month with
Julia Crittendon
but even as a permanent resident, I am not allowed Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, or the the addition of Julia
right to vote.” Crittendon, our eighth in a string of new
The fact is that undocumented workers contribute over $8 billion per year to Social campaign leaders.
Security and Medicare (National Immigration Law Center). The majority of undocumented 36 year-old author Julia Crittendon,
workers pay federal and state sales taxes, but benefit from few of the services paid for with an Ohio native, has called Louisville her
their earned dollars. The 14th Amendment of the Constitution states that all “persons” are home for the past 11 years. She is a wife,
equal before the law and should receive the same rights and protections. It specifically does mother of three, and self esteem coach. Just
not say all “citizens.” recently, Julia was laid off from a company
The provisions of the Arizona law and its clones are particularly dangerous for people downsizing, but her unemployment has
of color, both LGBT and non-gay. In the current atmosphere of "tea party"-stoked racism, not been in vain! She is the Founder
incidents of hate violence are on the rise. Institutional racism continues to plague every facet and Director of Louisville’s only Youth
of our lives, as unequal sentencing fills the prisons with disproportionate numbers of brown Literacy Arts Organization, “Generation
and black people, and racism in the financial and housing crisis disproportionately impacts iSpeak,” and is now a District Director on
communities of color. Anti-immigrant sentiment and the lack of political will to address the Greg Fischer for Mayor Campaign.
inequality furthers racial and economic injustice and threatens to cultivate a larger and larger Julia lives “self awareness” and “self-
following for policies that make us all more vulnerable. love,” and motivating those around her to
For our immigrant LGBT brothers and sisters, US immigration policy is unfair and stay in touch with their inner being is her
tears families apart. It essentially bars HIV-positive individuals from getting a green card or passion. Losing her hair due to Alopecia
even a temporary visa unless they meet very strict criteria for a waiver. And because LGBT at the age of 28 was a devastating time
immigrants cannot legally marry their partners, they do not have the same path to legalization for Julia, however her story now is both
that straight couples do. Loved ones are separated without recourse. In an attempt to address inspiring and uplifting! In her spare time,
this, the Uniting American Families Act, reintroduced in Congress last year by Rep. Jerry Julia has forsworn most TV since the series
Nadler (D-NY) and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), would allow a US citizen or green card holder “24” was taken off the air, which has given
to sponsor a same-sex partner for immigration benefits, but it still has not become law. her more time to spend with her family.
“We have to keep challenging ourselves and each other. Who benefits from these
false divides, from denying the full identity of who we are?” Gonzales asks, “Fairness has to Diane Gaidry
be about Fairness for ALL of us, including LGBT immigrants, whether here, or in Arizona. Star of Loving
Our movement is about justice and it cannot be a narrow picture. There has to be room for Annabelle and Outfest
everybody.” 2006's "Best Actress,"
Diane Gaidry, will
Blues & BBQ Fundraiser Oct. 8 speak on Fairness at Hotel Louisville
Lamont Gillispie & 100 Proof Blues Band
C-Fair will host a "Blues & BBQ" fundraiser Fri., Oct. Sat., Sept. 11, 8 p.m. during a screening
8, 7 p.m. at the American Legion Highland Post, 2919 of her film The Dogwalker. Visit
Bardstown Rd. Tickets are $15: Call 502.893.0788. for tickets.


2263 Frankfort Avenue

Louisville, KY 40206

"NOH8 in Our State" –

Volunteer at the KY State Fair Aug. 19-29!

Don't Miss Carla's Lawn Party

YOU'RE INVITED--13th Annual Affair Held Sept. 5
Be part of celebrating a community building
tradition at Carla Wallace’s 13th Annual Lawn
Party on Sunday, Sept. 5 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
In a continuing tradition that honors the long-
standing relationship in the work for equality
and justice, the Lawn Party benefits the Fairness
Campaign, the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist
RSVP to Carla Wallace's 13th Annual and Political Repression, and the Carl Braden
Lawn Party Sunday, Sept. 5! Memorial Center. Everyone is invited, and you
Name: should receive an invitation to the event soon--
your RSVP will be greatly appreciated!    C-FAIR Co-Chair Dawn Wilson, Carla Wallace
Address: and Monica Roberts at the 2009 Lawn Party
To receive a formal invitation for a friend, or
for more information, please e-mail Laura at the Fairness Office (
City/Zip: or call 502.893.0788. We look forward to seeing you at our annual affair!

Super Volunteers!
Alan Bornstein and
# of Attendees: Nanci Moore
$20 $50 $100 $250 Over the past year, Fairness
Campaign volunteers Alan Bornstein
and Nanci Moore have donated
Please make your check payable to more than 100 hours each to further
Fairness Campaign, 2263 Frankfort Ave, equality and justice for all! Thank
Louisville, KY 40206. you, Alan and Nanci, for all you do!