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Dear Mrs.

Ilma Valkema,

I am writing this letter in response to the internship opportunity at Heerema Marine

Contractors as mentioned on the website. At this time I am pursuing my bachelor degree in
Ocean Engineering Program at Institut Teknologi Bandung. Within this program, I am focusing
my studies on the offshore engineering especially structural and construction method. Hence, I
am very interested in the bachelor internship structural engineering program that available at
I personally believe that internship program is necessary especially for engineering students.
By doing the intern, students can engage in professional activities in the field, learn, and get first-
hand experience of the problems which they face only at the class before. In this activity, students
will do practical works and also have the opportunity to implement the knowledge that has been
gained in the course to the real field. Internship program also allow the students to meet up with
the expertise and professional worker so they can get the knowledge and experience from the right
person. Beside to enhance the knowledge and experience, internship program also one of the way
to prepare the qualified graduate students.
I do believe that my experiences and education make me become a strong candidate for this
particular internship opportunity at Heerema Marine Constructions. For three years of my study I
have learned enough for structural engineering, such as statics, mechanics of material, structural
analysis, and structural dynamics. Along of my study for structure, Ive also gained experience
working on project design a steel structure in a team. Several software such as SAP2000 also had
learned during my study.
Beside implement the knowledge, I also believe that internships at Heerema Marine
Contractor will provide me an opportunity to gain further experience and upgrade my skills and
knowledge. Preferably, I would like to do my internship during summer as I do not have any
obligations at the University.
Thank you very much for your consideration and time,

Best Regards,
Irfan Muhammad Yusuf