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REAL WARP DRIVE By: Rodney Kawecki What is warp drive? What is a warp bubble? What does it means?

Rodney Kawecki of Los Angeles California, non-fiction advance modern physics writer has developed the first sound literature explaining how, what and the effects of faster then light space travel. His work is the first of its kind and is based on the standard model of the Universe. You might ask - if the standard model does not accept the theory of faster then light space travel then how could Kawecki's theory be within the standard model's acceptance perimeters? Kawecki has developed a new theory that explains faster then light space travel within the standard perimeters because his theory illustrates an extension to relativity and E=Mv2 (c2) where he is able to show how faster then light speed space travel are possible and within the perimeters. His discovery illustrates this extension in Einstein's equation based on the natural laws and perimeters of space which Einstein nor Maxwell Planck did not research the area of space that would lead to the conclusion. If they would have modern physics would have looked a little different then it does today and the infinite future of relativity would not be a single time destination as relativity demonstrates it in modern physics today. But the fact of the matter is warp space drive and what is it? A lot of physicists that write about warp drive illustrates the warping and bending of space in a more radical state and flexibility that they illustrate a space craft traveling through it as a warp drive. But what is warp drive really? In Quanta Physics the study of warp drive is called " Kaweckian Warp Drive " Its formally based on the ability to travel faster then light under the conditions of his formula E=Mq2T-1sec. (Energy equals mass q2 (372,000 m/s) time minus one second). Within these perimeters is the Kaweckian Warp Drive Formula. The reasons for this extension of propulsion and energy capacity are based on the reality of interstellar space.


Interstellar space is warp not the matter of the object or craft that travels through it. Because it is warp due to the presents and weight vector of massive planetary bodies the void that is filled and called dark matter warps. You can vision empty dark matter space like a big sprung. You out something atop it and its weigh curves the sprung compensating for its weight. The compensation part was never taken into consideration in 1906 by Einstein but the fact renders that this curvature is massive enough that the space between the galaxies and ever more so possibly multiple Universes that This curvature is enough that a strange warp bubble is formed as a massive terrain of dark empty space. A space some physicists believe to be of a negative nature. But is it? AS large as the Universe is its nature warp perimeters between material bodies is great enough that the specifications between positively charged masses the planets inside the solar system and the solar system inside a galaxy and so forth. The space we precieve to be empty is actually a vast vacuum or warp bubble acting as a terrain between bodies. The negative energy field experiment in 1903 called The Casmir Effect ' is an experiment that shows an empty space perimeter field effect between positively charged bodies one atop one on the bottom. `With the Casmir Effect and exaggeration of warping space we have the Michael Alcubierre Warp Drive. But his theory is based on a positively charged virtual energy space. Contradictions from Quantum Mechanics and empty space measuring 10 -33cm illustrates that the emptiness between planetary bodies is exactly that negative and what I am trying to show why? Negative means less the positive or not positive so is it negative. Defining dark empty space resorts to two possibilities. One negative energy type or neither and is an element also known as cosmic background radiation left behind by the big bang. It is filling in the void between material bodies or is it? Quanta Physics believe it is not an energy type negative or positively charged but is an element that existed before the big bang and the place for the Universe's birth. But what about the vacuum space? Warp space curvature could create a negative vacuum empty space as in the Casmir Effect. Negative pressures another idea holds that it recedes as a free element and the matter


Universe is in action atop it extending from the big bang effect. These descriptions within the standard model also include faster then light velocities because they affect the big bang. It was a lot greater then light. Empty space shows an infinite perimeter of space terrain but relativity tells us speed is finite to light. Taking the light constant out of the equation we discover that infinite space allows for infinite capacity rendering material exploration technology. The ability to having the capacity to push something faster then light. The gravity that asserts the speed light speed limit is taken out of the equation - isn't it? If a space vessel travels out of the light equation through space so does the vision of light begin to diminish also. Of what I have told you about REAL WARP DRIVE Theory we can examine furthermore about how it works and adds into its perimeters TIME. When we review time travel we discover that at faster then light speeds the earth’s rotation starts to rotate backwards. This is the purpose of relativity and travelling at speeds close to light as Einstein examples and supraliminal speeds as Quanta Physics suggest. But a factor remains. That factor is time. What about time? Traveling through space at real warp drive velocities as I have explained earlier in this paper that warp drive acts like a spring – force or pressure pushes against space and it bends. At light speed this is warp drive. Such a force is enormous. What actually happens is the ship is driving against the pressure of the dark material fabric space that element which Einstein refers to as being gravity at the interstellar level. This pressure by space acceleration in a spacecraft pushes against the fabric due to its force to travel and causes it to warp even more then the planets have already warp it with its impressions. These are permanent impression because a planet is a permanent objects. A spacecraft isn’t. Because of this like a spring pushed against by an object at infinite speeds a space vessel traveling at such velocities will cause a force equivalence with the fabric itself. This pressure equivalence equals with the ships’ speed. Due to acceleration at speeds relative to be faster then light – according to relativity if the fabric flexibility is also limited to light speed and due to the Kaweckian Extension of twice light speed. Then the fabric will resist. This resistant will act simultaneous


with the speed the ship is traveling that is faster then light speed perimeters. Velocities under or close to light speed are not affected. But at greater speeds between light speed or c1 and q2 quanta physics perimeters then the fabric haven created a resistance equivalence with the ships acceleration will precisely within the metrics when the acceleration pressure is released and the ships rescinds from acceleration. The fabric will automatically rescind as well. The ship will decelerate or slow down from its speed backwards to a light speed velocity again. Where at light speeds the pressure of the ship acceleration force is no more affected in the fabric. Because of this time is affected. Also what is affected is deceleration of the vessel. If the rate of deceleration and speeds of ascending if equivalent with acceleration then the time it took to travel into the universe’s past will ascend back to the close to the time it assented from or the presents of launch. Traveling into the infinite future is affected in the same manner. Traveling at light speed into the earth’s future and deceleration if equivalent will rescind the ship back to close of the day of launch. All this and more have to be taken into consideration when we speak about space technology and modern physics. There are some physicists that believe nothing is perfect. Einstein seems to have developed a well design science in his studies as a patent clerk. More so – Quanta Physics Study that shows as an extension to relativity that modern physics is not as advance as it can be with it. Read my book. In a future book about Gravity I illustrate the physically facts behind vacuum empty space warp drive environment. The possibility that makes this dilemma true is the proportional nature of the Universe as a singularity entity.