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bellavista 1000 neo

for our most sensitive patients the art of ventilation

Highest precision in volume and pressure

control with a unique user experience
Reliability and safety are key in ventilation. One of the most de-
manding challenges is to ventilate neonates, where you need high-
est precision in volume and pressure control. bellavista combines
the latest technology with precise delivery of flow for our smallest
patients. bellavistas software design supports adding new features,
simply by software updates. All in all, this leads to a safe, complete
and future proof ventilator with an unique user experience.

13.3 color touch-screen interface
Precise delivery of tidal volumes from 2 ml with
TargetVent mode
nCPAP and nIPPV with choice of pressure or flow
based mode
High frequency nIPPV with a rate up to 200 breaths
per minute
Burst Backup gives more safety in non-invasive
Sensitive and precise triggering with a proximal
flow sensor
Configurable FiO2 delivery and duration for
Oxygen Flush
Compact and lightest high-end neonatal ventilator
Internal batteries ensure uninterrupted operation
for up to 6 hours
the art of ventilation

Invasive Ventilation Weaning

TargetVent PSV Target
Newborn patients ventilated with volume targeted modes are more Our mode that can be used for convenient weaning with a pressure regulated
likely to survive without lung damage. Ventilator assistance is needed volume guaranteed PSVtarget and adaptive pressure support.
for a shorter duration and target controlled ventilation helps to pre-
vent pneumothorax and leads to more stable carbon dioxide levels.1

bellavistas neonatal TargetVent provides a full ventilation platform with

target volumes for extremely low birthweight patients, from 2ml tidal vol- Neonatal O2 Flush
ume. Our Target Vent Modes can also be used for Non-Invasive Ventilation. Customizable O2 flush capability allows the user to set the maximum of FiO2
required and the duration of delivery.

Non-Invasive Ventilation
Target controlled ventilation for pressure supported, spontaneous and
non-invasive modes are possible, due to our precise and fast auto.leak leak
compensation and our proximal i.flow40 flow sensor, which scans with a
very high sampling rate for changes in ventilation flow patterns. This gives
you more ventilation options at hand with bellavista at any time.

nCPAP and nIPPV Mode

The bellavista nCPAP can be applied a flow or pressure based mode. The
nCPAP Mode features a breath rate detection and gives you additional safety
through apnoea alarming.

With our biphasic non-invasive mode nIPPV, you can ventilate with high fre-
quencies up to 200 bpm.

Burst Backup
Our Burst Backup feature gives you maximum safety in nCPAP ventilation.
By adjusting a number of breaths you can prevent apnoea without changing
the mode to apnoea ventilation. The neonate will keep its own spontaneous
breathing rhythm.

Sensitive Triggering
To detect spontaneous triggering signals from neonates you need absolute
precise sensors. Our advanced proximal i.flow40 flow sensor is robust and
precise to detect the tiniest and finest signals with a high sampling rate.

1 WheelerKI, Klingenberg C, Morley CJ, Davis PG. Volume-targeted versus pressure limited ventilation for
preterm infants: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Neonatology 2011; 100(3):219-227.
the art of ventilation

bellavista Marmot Mounty

the art of ventilation

Accessories for Neonatal Technical Data bellavista 1000 neo

i.flow40S flow sensor with Advanced Option
The worlds most advanced flow sensor. Our proximal flow sensor ensures
most sensitive triggering and flow measurment. Specification Specification
bellavista 1000 neo Advanced Option
Patient Types Neonatal Pediatric (Option)
Technology High performance turbine
Ventilation Modes
Using the Sidestream CO2 option and our monitoring features in bellavista
Pressure controlled CPAP, PSV, P-A/C, PC-SIMV CPAP, PSV, P-A/C, PC-SIMV, beLevel, APRV
enables you to display, store and export important ventilation monitoring
parameters for further analysis. Volume controlled P-ACtarget,PC-SIMVtarget, PSVtarget V-A/C, VC-SIMV, P-ACtarget, PC-SIMVtarget, PSVtarget
Non Invasive Modes CPAP, PSV, P-AC,PC-SIMV, P-ACtarget, PC-SIMVtarget, CPAP, PSV, P-AC,PC-SIMV, P-ACtarget,PC-SIMVtarget,
PSVtarget, nCPAP, nIPPV PSVtarge
Adaptive Mode AVM
Diagnostics Package Pulse Oximetry Apnea Ventilation P-AC, PC-SIMV, nIPPV P-AC, PC-SIMV,V-A/C,VC-SIMV
The neonatal diagnostic package pulse oximetry measures the SpO2 (partial Backup Modes PSV, Burst backup PSV
blood oxygen) saturation, which provides valuable information detailing the Inspiratory pressure 0..45mbar 0..60mbar
neonatal condition and quality of ventilation which enables a more reliable Psupport 0..45mbar 0..60mbar
diagnosis and higher quality ventilation. PEEP 0..20mbar 0..50mbar
Tidal volume 2ml..250ml 40ml..500ml
Inspiratory time 0.1..2 sec 0.1..10 sec

nCPAP Accessories Respiratory rate 0..150bpm 0 ..100 bpm

for our nasal CPAP ventilation we offer a broad range of prongs, masks and I:E ratio 1:59; 5:1 1:599, 299:1 (biphasic) 1:59; 5:1
bonnets, so that you can adjust perfectly for your small patients. See also Inspiratory Trigger Flow 0.1..20l/min, Pressure 0.1..15 mbar, Trigger off
our nCPAP Flyer for the whole range of nCPAP Products Expiratory Trigger 5..90% auto.sync 5..90%
Rise time auto.rise, 0..400ms manual auto.rise, 0..2000ms manual
Leakage Compensation auto.leak, full In-and Expiratory compensation Auto.leak, full In-and Expiratory compensation
Curves Pressure, Flow, Volume, SpO2, etCO2
These accessories only represent a selection from our bellavista product
Loops Pressure Volume, Pressure Flow, Flow Volume Pressure Volume, Pressure Flow, Flow Volume,
Monitoring 45 online parameters 59 online parameters
Maneuvers Inspiratory Hold, Expiratory Hold, NIF (Negative Inspiratory Force), Vtrapped, P0.1 (Occlusion
Pressure), AutoPEEP, Manual Breath
O2 Flush FiO2 and duration configurable FiO2 1.0 for 2 min
Graphics TargetVent view TargetVent View, AVM TargetView, Animated-
Lung, VentSummary
Trending Monitoring Parameters and Curves
Oxygen 21% to 100%, high and low pressure oxygen inlet
Options Sidestream Capnography Sidestream Capnography
SpO2 Plethysmography Mainstream Capnography
Auxiliary Pressure SpO2 Plethysmography
Auxiliary Pressure
Patient circuit types Single Limb and Dual Limb Circuits
Dimensions (w h d) 350 220 330 mm
Screen 13.3 Colour, full Touchscreen operation
Battery time 6h (internal)
Interfaces 2 RS232, 2 USB, Can Bus, Ethernet, CO2, SpO2, Nurse Call, VGA
Weight 13.7kg
Power input 100240 VAC/5060 Hz, low voltage input 24 VDC/3.5 A
T +41 81 750 66 99 .
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